10 Marching Band Fabrics For Band Geeks & Music Lovers

SEP 18, 2014

Band of Majorettes by Logan Spector was voted the top fabric this week! Band geeks and music aficionados everywhere rejoice–our top 10 fabrics are a celebration of the instruments and uniforms that make marching bands so gosh darn delightful. Join the fun. 

  SEE THE TOP 10!  

Here are the voting results:

1. 505 votes for Band of Majorettes by logan_spector 
2. 428 votes for Marching Band Instruments by jillodesigns 
3. 411 votes for Woodland marching band by cjldesigns 
4. 373 votes for Parade Red Cheeks Factory by redcheeksfactory 
5. 361 votes for Cheers and Fanfare by brynashields 
6. 313 votes for Mid-Century Marching Music by christinewitte 
7. 283 votes for Pomp and Circumstance by runningriver 
8. 282 votes for Brass and Drums by katerhees 
9. 265 votes for Mid Century Band Color 5 Large by vinpauld 
10. 245 votes for Tinplate Toy Band by spellstone 

11. 238 votes for animals on parade by oliveandruby 
12. 213 votes for Marching Band by zapi 
13. 208 votes for underwater_marching_band by violette's_doodling_fun 
14. 207 votes for drums by ottomanbrim 
15. 204 votes for self-marching band by sef 
16. 197 votes for Marching Band by jjtrends 
17. 188 votes for All American Marching Band by vo_aka_virginiao 
18. 179 votes for March in Place by smashworks 
19. 164 votes for Marching Band by arorascorpa 
20. 164 votes for Marching Band Uniforms by marketa_stengl 
21. 156 votes for Marching Brass by mariaspeyer 
22. 153 votes for I Love a Parade Blue by jenimp 
23. 144 votes for Marching Band by lisakubenez 
24. 139 votes for Follow the Flute. by cecilymae_handmade_ 
25. 135 votes for Beautiful noise (vertical 1/4 yd repeat) by walkwithmagistudio 
26. 134 votes for Novelty Vintage Marching Band by lexid 
27. 125 votes for All_Together_Now_ by ottdesigns 
28. 121 votes for Drum, March and Be festive! by meliszawang 
29. 120 votes for Sounds of Music by missy_warp 
30. 118 votes for Brass_Band_Music by art_on_fabric 
31. 117 votes for Marching_Band_Pattern_Design-luisamleal by luisamleal 
32. 116 votes for Tons o' Tubas by elramsay 
33. 115 votes for birds_of_a_feather_march_together by mel_de_abella 
34. 113 votes for animal marching band by scrummy 
35. 104 votes for Ready for this jelly by annaboo 
36. 102 votes for Foot Guards' Bands by season_of_victory 
37. 101 votes for London marching band by gemmacosgrove-ball 
38. 100 votes for Marching Band for Spoonflower! by pattyryboltdesigns 
39. 100 votes for Drummer Boy Marching Band Music Sheet by doucettedesigns 
40. 99 votes for Cats in a Marching Band by margreetdeheer 
41. 94 votes for marching band uniform by mezzime 
42. 83 votes for Bandemonium by charldia 
43. 82 votes for fanfare by kimberlydiane 
44. 77 votes for JOLLY GOOD SHOW by bluevelvet 
45. 76 votes for Folk Band from Sudtirol by acquarello 
46. 76 votes for Silver Band Instruments by pond_ripple 
47. 70 votes for modern marching band by trueindigo 
48. 67 votes for SOOBLOO_DRUMS_4-01 by soobloo 
49. 67 votes for A Marching Band Halloween by bags29 
50. 67 votes for Serengeti Marching Band by fossan 
51. 66 votes for Band March by pamela_hamilton 
52. 65 votes for When The Saints Come Marching In by whimzwhirled 
53. 58 votes for marching_band_doodle by katesbeads 
54. 58 votes for marching_band by froobyloop 
55. 57 votes for Little Mikey and His Magical Marching Band by deeniespoonflower 
56. 56 votes for marchingband by amy_isis 
57. 55 votes for Majorette by graceful 
58. 53 votes for Many Men Band by momshoo 
59. 53 votes for Marching girls on yellow by creativli 
60. 52 votes for Trombone Marching Band by shelleythomson 
61. 51 votes for London parade by kociara 
62. 50 votes for band6 by belana 
63. 50 votes for Jazzy Instruments blue by amy_g 
64. 49 votes for horns marching on sand by suzhar 
65. 49 votes for Marching Band Baton Twirler by cozyreverie 
66. 48 votes for Sheet of music by toveform 
67. 48 votes for Patriots by tracy_y 
68. 48 votes for bom bom bom!! by ana_e 
69. 47 votes for The Patriots by carlotaatlee 
70. 47 votes for Marching: Highway, Track, and Field by bobgreenwade 
71. 45 votes for Marching Band by svaeth 
72. 44 votes for Marching Band_Red & Yellow by medamade 
73. 44 votes for Marching (Ants) Band by babysisterrae 
74. 43 votes for Let's Play! by katwithak 
75. 42 votes for T
wirling_Baton by b2b
76. 41 votes for Aerial View by keshah 
77. 41 votes for Marching band in musical formations by mongiesama 
78. 39 votes for boys and girls by zandloopster 
79. 37 votes for Wind up band by tldesigns 
80. 36 votes for Wildboy_and_The_Rockettes_crop by artbynancy 
81. 34 votes for Bastille Day Parade with Helicopter Flyover, Paris 2012 – 2 by susaninparis 
82. 32 votes for Marching Band by orangefancy 
83. 32 votes for ZiggyDancetotheBand3 by grannynan 
84. 31 votes for soundscape – brass band by jennifurryrabbit 
85. 29 votes for bandfinal by shennefer 
86. 27 votes for band geek by cornie 
87. 25 votes for image by heckadoodledo 
88. 25 votes for rubber marching band by checcola 
89. 23 votes for marching_lyres by roxiespeople 
90. 21 votes for stars srtipes and music by lclare_ 
91. 20 votes for GA_Band-ed by bethadams 
92. 18 votes for Toy Soldier by samsstuff 
93. 8 votes for Band, abstract by miamaria 
94. 7 votes for BAND PEOPLE by g_s_ 


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  • Rosemary Cavanagh

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to make this request- but here goes! I have been making baby quilts with Star Wars kids fabric that was offered at Spoonflower, as of today it is no longer available. These quilts are really adorable, and have been my best selling item. I have an Etsy shop, and feature geek-inspired items- and there is a serious market out there. But I have been searching for any appropriate kids/baby fabric for Star Wars/Trek, Dr. Who actually has more than others. I would love to see some new choices for geek baby quilts-check out nixongraphics. Thanks!!