SpoonChallenge: Your Drawings From Week 1

AUG 8, 2014

Thank you all so much for joining us for our very first SpoonChallenge: A Month of Drawing! We’ve been thrilled and amazed to see your drawings this week, and we wanted to share just a few. Enjoy, and we hope you’ll stay tuned to the blog this weekend for even more creative inspiration! Keep drawing, and we’ll bring you more prompts starting on Monday. If you haven’t signed up for the SpoonChallenge yet, follow the link after this week’s drawings to join in! 

Clockwise from top left: Homeimaya | 2birdstone | Berlynhubler | Amy_isis

Kellydrawspictures | Solveigakerhielm | Rebelchallenger | Simakery

Emilybluestar | Libbylevi | Tabularosi | Licoline

Clockwise from top left: VictoriaCasson | Blossomsnbillows | Mintybaxter | Floatinglemons

OohoodesignsBecky_long1 | Bethanjanine | Mossandyarn

Cocorely | Katiehatfield | Madelinetrait | Renfromelissa

Clockwise from top left: Ruusulampi | Paperwitheverything | Artfullyminded | Smp_or_die

Bonibon180 | Rach_elle_ | Jennbirch | Nwpb

Bymeeni | Mokoandco | Saroy | Saraberrenson

Clockwise from top left: BulanLifestyle | Threadedpixels | Elhawtho | Laura_the_drawer

Cynthiafrenette | RobyrikerDesigns | Jackiep824 | Renateandtheanthouse


Inspired by what you see? It’s not too late to jump in to our very first #SpoonChallenge. Follow the link below to sign up for our daily emails.


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  • Thanks Darci, but I actually meant a summary of the Spoonflower fav drawings for each prompt, like you see here and for cats 🙂

  • It would be great to see a summary of all 5 prompts like this each week. I know you can go to tagboard, and there were a couple on an email, but it was super cool seeing what the spoonflower team shared after the week was done (and it’s motivating for the designers, I’m sure!).

  • Hi Darci!
    I got it to work on an alternate email address and received the email prompt today, but I’ll send an email with my other address just so it can get sorted out. I am glad that the prompts were also posted on the website because I was happily able to use the page to keep up with the prompts despite not receiving the emails. 🙂 I don’t always remember to check the site though, which is why I wanted the email prompts as well. Thanks for the help!

  • I haven’t gotten a single email prompt and I feel like I’m lagging behind as a result. I’ve tried submitting multiple email addresses and I’ve checked my spam folders but I have gotten NOTHING. Is there something wrong with my account?

  • I was so excited to see my landscape painting here! 😀 Thank you for putting on this challenge, it’s been inspiring and fun so far!

  • A bit late, but I’m joining the challenge. Can’t beleive I missed the start. I love doodling, drawing, painting. It’s my new passion after spending years telling myself that I couldn’t draw. I’ve learned that I can, everyone can! So let’s draw.