Join The 30 Day SpoonChallenge: A Month Of Drawing

JUL 31, 2014




Want to start a new creative habit, get inspired to make new surface patterns, or spend more time creating art?


WHAT: We’re kicking off our very first SpoonChallenge: A Month of Drawing. Participants will receive daily prompts via email to guide their creative journey, as well as design inspiration and tools, interviews with top designers and illustrators, and tips for creative working habits throughout the week. Will you accept the challenge and create a doodle a day with us?!

HOW: All you have to do is create a sketch or doodle each day and feel the creativity start to flow! Snap a picture of your drawings and use the #spoonchallenge hashtag each day to share your progress. You can use this hasthag on any social media site (or just hashtag in your heart and keep your drawings to yourself!). We’ll be rounding up our favorites each week to share on the blog and spread the inspiration.

Are you ready?



*Missed the start of the challenge? Feel free to jump in to the challenge at any point! Sharpen those pencils and get doodlin’. Email prompts start 8/4.


Day 1-3 – Gather your materials, and start doodling.

Week 1 – The theme of this week is Open Spaces. Inspiration here. 


OpenSpaces_Cactus (1)

 Interview with artist Leah Duncan.

OpenSpaces_Mountain OpenSpaces_Tree
A roundup of just a few of our favorite week 1 drawings.
Prompts_Lemon (1) Prompt_Book

Prompts_Toast #11_Prompt_Email

#12_Prompt_Email #13_Prompt_Email #14_Prompt_Email

#15_Prompt_Email Prompt_16_Skyline




Prompt_Selfie_20 (1)


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