Fabric8 Finalist Profile | Virginie Ozanon

JUL 15, 2014

Meet Virginie Ozanon– today's Fabric8 finalist from Lyon, France. Virginie shares what inspired her Cosmic Voyage-inspired design along with what music she listens to get her creative juices flowing. Check back tomorrow for our last finalist profile! 

Describe your typical day as a designer.

I begin each day by getting up early and drinking at least three coffees. What I appreciate about my work as a surface and textile designer is that each day is unique. One day I draw, another I take photos, and another day I write articles for my blog. My work is a huge passion, I am never counting the hours.

Where do you interact most often with your design community?

For the moment, I don’t have a personal website, that’s why I’m very active on Spoonflower. It’s a place of exchange where I've made beautiful relationships with other desginers. I also use my blog to share my crushes, trends, and current events. Finally, I interact a lot on Facebook and Pinterest.

What do you do to meet a tight deadline?

As a whole, I try to anticipate but given that I’m perfectionist, I always work until the last moment to improve my work. Occasionally I stay up all night and drink a lot of coffee in order to finish a pattern on time!


How did you come up with your Fabric8 design?

According to me, there are stars and constellations on a cosmic voyage. I imagine that as something sparkling, dynamic and blazing. I’ve tried to work on scale changes and depth to create movement. My color palette reflects a happy and colorful milky way with a childish spirit.

What's your favorite art medium?

At the beginning I always sketch by hand, or I take a photo for inspiration. Then I scan it and modify it with my digital drawing tablet, and rework it using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Who is one of your favorite visual artists, textile or otherwise, and why?

I’m very impressed by Henri Rousseau for the exuberance of his paintings and sceneries, his naive side, and his color work. I’m very partial to Italian designers belonging to the Memphis Group. They are a great inspiration for me based on their uses of color and geometric shapes.

What is your favorite song, album, or artist? Do you listen to music when you design?

I don’t spend a day without listening music, especially when I work. It motivates me and helps me to concentrate. My favourites artists are The XX, Arcade Fire, Black Keys, and more generally electro pop. I admit to being partial to 80’s music, even kitsch songs…

If you could meet any character from a film, who would it be?

I would like to meet Mary Poppins, as I was fascinated by the movie. I’d like her to take me on her fantastic adventures, and sing while flying over London.

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere, and what is one thing you'd most like to see or do there?

I wish to go to India, Japan, and Canada, but the country which tempts me the most is Iceland, for its fabulous landscapes, and its houses.

What do you think next year’s theme should be and why?

I think next year theme should be tradition and folk, because the participants are native of various countries in the world. It could be interesting to discover traditional patterns adapted to current tastes. It’s a very strong trend for 2015.

What are your plans if you win?

It will be an awesome chance to win this contest, because I could develop my own collection, and then my own website. I dream about opening my e-shop with stationery, accessories and home decoration made in France.


  1. Favorite color: All pastel colors
  2. Spirit animal: Dragonfly
  3. Favorite food: Vegetarian food and cheesecake 
  4. Place you’d most like to visit: Iceland Lakes
  5. Hometown: Lyon, France
  6. Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Michel Gondry
  7. Dog or cat: Cat
  8. Favorite season: Spring

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