Fabric8 Finalist Profile | Ceri Staziker

JUL 8, 2014

Today's Fabric8 finalist, Ceri Staziker, comes from a small town in Wales. Read on to learn how she spends her day as a freelance graphic designer and what inspired her to create her top 8 design!

Describe your typical day as a designer.

I live in an old cottage in the countryside on the outskirts of Cardiff (the capital city of Wales), with my husband and daughter. Working from home as a freelance graphic designer, I spend a lot of the day sitting down at my computer. So I usually start my morning (weather permitting) with an early walk down the lane and sometimes across the fields to an ancient Neolithic burial chamber. It’s a very picturesque walk. I enjoy the thinking time, the fresh air and a little bit of exercise before my working day begins. When I get home I check my diary and emails and plan my day accordingly. Working on my own, there are few distractions and I usually manage to plow through quite a lot before my daughter gets home from school. Then it’s always a mad rush to cook dinner and hurry off to ballet lessons or whatever happens to be on that evening.

Where do you interact most often with your design community?

I love interacting with the online Spoonflower community, which is always so supportive, and I also enjoy reading sewing blogs. I’ve recently started to use Instagram, which is a really fun way of linking up with other sewers and designers.

What do you do to meet a tight deadline?

My life revolves around tight deadlines. Being a graphic designer means I am always racing to finish something on time. It sometimes means working late into the night which can, annoyingly, interfere with my Spoonflowering time! 

Far Away Folk

How did you come up with your Fabric8 design?

I created my first pattern less than a year ago, so this is the first time I’ve entered the Fabric8 contest. When it comes to the Spoonflower challenges I try to give the subject matter an unusual twist. My idea for ‘Far Away Folk’ started with a doodle of a space girl. For some reason I gave her a folksy dress, which was so ridiculous it made me laugh. Then I gave her the winged boots, and somehow the concept started to make sense — and then I was off!

What's your favorite art medium?

I always start designing with pencil and paper. I’ll sketch and doodle until my ideas start to take shape. I also work out my rough repeat at this stage. Then I scan my drawings and digitize them, and play around with arrangements and colour on screen until I’m happy. The last minute tweaking stage is always my favourite part.

Who is one of your favorite visual artists, textile or otherwise, and why?

I couldn’t possibly choose just one. I really admire Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler — they are such masters of pattern and colour. I also adore Heather Ross’s whimsical children’s patterns. I aspire to create effortless-looking drawings like hers one day. Another firm favourite of mine is Orla Kiely. I am always trying to find ways to fit her amazing patterns into my home.

What is your favorite song, album, or artist? Do you listen to music when you design?

I always have the radio on while I’m working. It keeps me company and I do love to have a bit of a sing-along. I have a very wide taste in music and will pretty much listen to anything. At the moment I’m repeat-playing Lana Del Rey, Sophie Ellis Bextor and the Fleet Foxes on my iPod.

If you could meet any character from a film, who would it be?

If I could meet any character from a film it would be Edna Mode, the indomitable superhero fashion designer from The Incredibles. I think we’d get along!

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere, and what is one thing you'd most like to see or do there?

I’ve always wanted to visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I’d love to take a ferry ride to Capri or visit Pompeii. 

What do you think next year’s theme should be and why? 

A fun theme for next year’s contest might be ‘Bohemian Dreams’. There would be a lot of scope for some very colourful and ornate patterns and I’m sure we’d see some beautifully eclectic collections.

What are your plans if you win?

If I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll probably visit every fabric shop in my area until I find my collection on the shelves. To see that would be such a thrill.

  1. Favorite color: Emerald green.
  2. Spirit animal: Bear
  3. Favorite food: Lobster
  4. Place you’d most like to visit: Amalfi Coast
  5. Hometown: Port Talbot. Wales is a tiny country with a very small population, but despite that, it seems to produce an awful lot of talent — especially of the Hollywood variety. My small hometown alone, has produced Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins and most recently Michael Sheen.
  6. Favorite movie: Top Gun
  7. Dog or cat: Very sadly allergic to both, even though I am an animal lover.
  8. Favorite season: British summer (i.e. not too hot) but preferably less rainy!

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