Dad + Dude-Friendly Fabrics

JUN 13, 2014

Father's Day is coming up this weekend, and to celebrate all the dads, we've rounded up some of our favorite dude-friendly fabrics by independent designers in the Spoonflower Marketplace. These manly fabrics might be just the thing for DIY gift making year-round!

For the mustachioed dads: The Bristle Barons: A Mustache Bonanza! by KaylaKing

For the outdoorsy dads: Roughing It by TheBoerWar
For the fashionable dads: Century City Plaid – Lime & Teal by PeacoquetteDesigns
For the biker dads: Motorcycle Print by MariahGoldenDesign
For the grilling dads: My Summer Utensils by VeryCherry
For the road tripping dads: Retro Vacationing Campers by Babysisterrae

For the cycling dads: Vintage Cruiser Bikes by TwoBloom
For the coffee-loving dads: Coffee – Cup by StudioFibonacci
For the vinyl-loving dads: Needlework for the Ragpile by Zoebrench
For the fixit + builder dads: Tools of Yore by MBSmith  
For the fisherman dads: Boats and Pelicans by Raul 
For the coolest dads around: Dudes by Scrummy           
Happy Father's Day!

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  • I’ve recently purchased one of my very own fabric prints. It had turned out great! I’ve just done a print of light bulbs…which I am utterly proud of. I just love coming on Spoonflower to do different designs. I just think it’s fun to do such innovative artwork…especially when working with fabric!
    I love Spoonflower! It’s an incredible website, where you can create your very own custom fabrics…and try to sell them. I’ve not had any luck selling my designs, at all! I’ve made business cards with Vistaprint.