Announcing Performance Piquè

MAY 27, 2014

We're excited to introduce a sporty new fabric called Performance Piqué. Just in time to sew a golf shirt for Father's Day, or whip up a stylish running top for your summer fitness routine! 


Design: Mod Tree Orange by Paper Pie

Performance Piquè is a soft, 100% polyester fabric with a fine diamond-like knit structure, perfect for projects that require a comfortable, breathable, fabric with a nice drape. Wicking properties and a soil release finish make this fabric the best choice for athletic apparel, like beach wraps, running tanks, yoga tops and more! Read on for sewing tips (plus more great pictures of Piquè projects!)

  Golf shirt in Perforance Pique

Design: Golf Balls & Yellow Tees on the Green by Luv2silkpaint


Design: Bikes Blue Green by Curious Nook


Left: Design: Turquoise Branch by Christiem. Right: Design: Art Nouveau18-green by Guylas Coastal Creations

Performance Piqué Sewing Tips:

Ironing: If required, use an iron with a light touch on a synthetic setting only.
Fraying: The edges of Performance Piqué can be left raw, the fabric will not fray! 
Sewing Needle: We had the best luck sewing with a regular universal needle. But, since Piqué is a knit fabric, a new thin ballpoint needle that is size 9/65 or 10/70 is a great alternative.
Thread: Use 100% polyester thread for best results, but you may find success with a cotton-wrapped polyester thread as well.
Stitch:  Piqué stretches along the crosswise grain 50%. Use a narrow stitch length with wider zig-zag stitch setting or a serger or overlock machine.
Lining and Interfacing: For lightly colored or white designs it may be helpful to add a lining fabric. A light interfacing will help give structure to shirt and dress collars.
Hemming: An unfinished cut hem stays flat (doesn’t roll when cut/not hemmed), but we found that Steam-a-Seam was helpful to prevent slipping.

**Always take care to test your machine settings on a scrap of piqué before starting your project.

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  • Hi. I have just tried sewing up some Performance Pique – with more just arrived for my next projects – and I am having so much trouble with my stitches. I have tried so many different needles, tensions and stitch lengths as well as re-threading multiple times. It feels like the needle has trouble piercing through the fabric and the stitches are constantly skipping. It is worse when sewing a hem but better with extra thickness – like elastic or a binding being attached. Any more tips?? Thanks!!

    • Hi Rebecca,

      For pique we use a Schmetz stretch 70/75 needle with Güterman thread, check out this guide for more on recommended needles! We also like to use a walking foot on the machine for sewing with all knits to help with an even tension. Hope this helps!


  • Hi Kamekoknits! If you’re referring to the sewing pattern for the fitness top, I didn’t use one – instead I took a top I already owned and liked a lot and traced it. Especially when sleeves are not involved I found this to be pretty easy and definitely fun!