9 Bead Fabrics for Mardi Gras

MAR 3, 2014

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, and while we hope you're planning to make merry — maybe with a masked party? — for our Mardi Gras celebration we're reveling in some of our favorite beaded fabric designs from the Spoonflower community! 

Ottomanbrim-beadsMardi Gras Beads by Ottomanbrim

808809_rrrSTONE_STRIPE.aiStone Curtain by Trcreative

  Boris beadsMod Chaplet by Boris Thumbkin

1752721_rbeads_beads_beadsBeads, Beads, Beads by Heleenvanbuul 

Fall12colorsTrend Colors Beaded Pearls by Wren Leyland

1792173_rrrbeads_and_basketBeads and Baskets by Blondfish

Bead_curtainBead Curtain by Hollycejeffriess 

Beaded_burlap-02 Beaded Burlap by Darcibeth

Mardi grasMardi Gras Beads by Leighr


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