DIY: Two Map Fabric Pillow Tutorials

JAN 7, 2014 updated Aug 6, 2021

Remember these amazing map throw pillows from Emma Jeffery’s how-to? She created these gorgeous and personal cushions with Google satellite view images of the countryside near her home in England, and shared how to design your own one-of-a-kind treasure.

This January she’s created a new map cushion tutorial, using the Google map view instead. In this how-to Emma created for the Fiskars blog, she teaches you how to prepare and upload your file to print at Spoonflower, and even how to sew up a neatly finished cushion with piping and an invisible zipper!

Use either of Emma’s great step by step tutorials to create a pillow that celebrates your hometown, a great trip, or for a unique gift for a friend!

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  • Wow what a collection of cushion covers .But I like the second type most really the collection is pretty and nice. I will definitely look towards these covers.

  • If you were making two cushions for your own use at home, I don’t think anyone would have an issue with it. If you were mass producing and selling the cushions commercially for profit, that would be another matter.
    There’s the law, and then there’s what’s worth suing over! (And if you are sewing your own cushions, you can probably make the argument that you are impecunious, and hence not worth suing….)

  • My first thought also was about the use of these images and copyright considerations- I’d love an in depth presentation on the issues involved.
    The imagery is gathered by taxpayer-funded satellites, and making them available to us seems appropriate; yet even public domain images (which I have never heard satellite imagery termed) can sometimes have restrictions on use because of the investment that is made to publish them (and/or other reasons). The image itself may be in the public domain (say, the Mona Lisa), but a particular photograph of the Mona Lisa may be copyrighted, recognizing the photographer’s rights to their work. Nobody can copyright Mount Fuji, but an artist can copyright their painting of Mt. Fuji, or a photographer (even a satellite imaging photographer??) can copyright their particular photographs. They deserve something for making the trek, buying the equipment, building their skills, etc.
    I’d also like to know how to access archival satelllite images- from 5 years ago for instance.
    The many new technologies we find ourselves with present us with new opportunities and new challenges. As always, the spirit of the law should be the crux of it, and too often the letter of the law, which was written before the grey area at hand even existed, is manipulated to an inappropriate result.

  • I love the idea. Is it legal? Also, I have tried to save the map to my computer but it isnt working. How did you do it, please?
    ps Love your cushions!