Tutorial: Quilted Drawstring Bag

JAN 14, 2014

Sew up a simple quilted drawstring bag with some of your favorite fabric scraps. The quilting not only gives your bag unique look and texture, it also makes it sturdy enough to protect your treasures. 



Main color: Cut two rectangles roughly 15”x8” (It will be trimmed later)

Batting: One 15”x8” (also gets trimmed later)

Exterior Accent: Cut two 7”x3”

Lining: Cut two 9”x7”

Additional materials: 

        one yard of ribbon or yarn

        safety pin

*all seam allowances are ½”


Create a “quilt sandwich” by placing your batting between the two main color pieces of fabric. Quilt these by hand or by machine.

Trim this mini quilt to 14”x7.”

Sew the pieces, right sides together in the following order: lining, exterior accent, mini quilt, exterior accent, lining.

Fold this strip in half, and stitch around outside, leaving a ½”-¾” gap in the exterior accent, and a 3” gap in the bottom of the lining.

Turn bag through the gap left in the lining.

Stitch the hole closed carefully, very close to the edge. Alternately, you can hand stitch this hole closed.

Push the lining into the bag.

Stitch ⅜” from the bottom and top of the exterior accent piece.

Tie yarn to safety pin, or use a yarn needle.

Use the safety pin to guide the yarn through the channel in the bag. Go all the way around and finish threading through the same hole you started. Repeat for the other side. 

You’re finished! This little drawstring bag is the perfect project to test out your quilting stitches, enjoy for yourself, or give as an inexpensive handmade gift. 

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Michelle is a Spoonflower team member, maker of things, and learner of new crafting skills. 

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