5 Things: Horse Around this Weekend with Easy Equine Crafts

JAN 31, 2014 updated Jun 3, 2021

It's officially the Year of the Horse, and we're looking forward to a year of luck and good fortune. Take this weekend to channel your  inner strength, focus, and unbridled passion for life by paying homage our animal of the year with these horse-inspired projects.

CREATE a cardboard horse (or stampede, if you're ambitious!) with Ann Wood's simple DIY, pattern included. She created 100 of these beautiful horses to stay inspired, and what an amazing result.

SEW this sweet pair of pillows for your bed or couch. What a perfect project for celebrating the friendship and love in your life– you could even give one away like a friendship bracelet…

CRAFT lovely lids for your jars, and keep your supplies organized and easily accessible. Not only is it easier to be creative when you have your tools at hand, but this way you can also make your "hoard" an artful display!

EMBROIDER this lovely vintage pony pattern (or any that strikes your fancy over at French Knots, a database of oh so many free transfer patterns!) on a tea towel or hang it on your wall.

HAND-STITCH a lavendar sachet to keep your closets smelling fresh, and get a jump on your spring cleaning.

I know I'm personally looking forward to completing all of these crafts to the tune of the 30 Best Horse Songs of all time, so here's to a year of creativity and making!

With love and ponies,





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