I’m not an expert sewist, so I get really excited when I find a sewing tutorial that uses simple techniques, and will take an hour or less to complete. While I love sitting down to make something with my hands, I can get a little frustrated or overwhelmed when I take on a big project, and the hours drag on and on. 

This weekend I’ll be making three quick items that are sure to be sweet and easy. When I’m done with my sewing shindig, I’ll have a whole new outfit to wear to work on Monday.

SEW an origami market bag. Just one piece of fabric (no cuts) and a few seams.

Draped cardigan 1
SEW a slouchy cardigan you can wear 4 ways. Use a big piece of soft knit, cut some arm holes, and sew on sleeves

SEW a slouchy dress, with just two seams! 
Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 1.04.48 PM
LEARN new techniques with Garmenter’s incredible illustrated sewing instructions. (Grab a new pattern while you’re there, too!) Great when you have a, “Now I’m supposed to sew the what to the what!?” moment.

DANCE your heart out like this amazing little lady, once you’ve finished your projects. 


Happy making!