Spoonflower Holiday Ordering Deadlines, 2013

NOV 14, 2013


Revised: Dec. 17, 2013
Christmas Ordering Deadlines

At this point, most of all of our deadlines have passed for Spoonflower orders to be received prior to December 24th, 2013. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Spoonflower holiday ordering deadlines

Spoonflower Welcome Pack Ordering Deadlines

The deadline to order Welcome Packs for guaranteed arrival by December 24th has also passed, but remember that we also offer gift certificates that can be delivered any time! 


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  • I have tried to place an order for some fabric and it is very urgent. I try to place an order and every time it says that there is an error. I’ve re-filled out the information over and over again…and it still says that there’s an error. I need help

  • Lisa, if you order using guaranteed shipping before noon EST tomorrow (Tuesday), then your fabric should arrive by December 24th.

  • I also want to make the “recipe card” tea towels but will not be able to upload the file until tonight… Is it too late to attempt to order the fabric in time for Christmas if I use guaranteed shipping?

  • Susan, our organic cotton knit would make a nice pair of pajama pants. That's the only cotton we have that has any stretch. We also offer a performance knit, which is made from polyester, that would probably be good for pajamas.

  • Susan Hohman

    Can anyone tell me the difference btw the cotton fabrics? If I wanted to make a pair of PJ pants for my son, which would be better ( Dr who fabric)
    Running out of time as Santa would be bringing these!!

  • Kelsey, it sounds as if you may need to re-scan the original tickets at a higher resolution, which will result in a larger image. That is a much better option than trying to make your current image larger, as blowing it up will produce a poor-quality, pixelated print.

  • Hi, I’m not sure if you cant help me with this….I want to make ticket stub pillows for my brother for christmas. I have the pictures uploaded but they arent large enough. How can I fix this? Thanks for the help!

  • You guys must all be trying to make the tea towels from pinterest. You have to read that website very carefully but she does give step by step directions about how to prepare the scanned recipes using Picasa, upload it here and which fabric to order.

  • Lynn Silicato

    I am very much like Jane above, I have a recipe I want made into tea towels. I scanned the recipe but I’m lost as to what to do now.

  • leslie gardner

    Hi Jane, if no one has answered yoir inquiry….I am one of the designers on spoonflower. Leslie Gardner designs is the name of my shop. The recipe cards would make a lovely gift. Contact me at lkgard75@gmail.com if you would like more info.
    Best regards,
    leslie gardner

  • I would love to create the heirloom tea towels for Christmas, but I’m not sure how I get the order to you. I have to upload the recipes and send them to you for printing? Is that correct? How about if I send copies of the recipes straight to you. Would that work? Signed, Enthusiastic, but clueless!