In today’s tutorial, Spoonflower team member and artist Eloisa walks us through the simple steps to create custom gift wrap on Spoonflower using free printables (downloadable graphics). Eloisa, Natitys on Spoonflower, created some lovely snowflake designs for you to download and she’ll show you how to customize these designs (or any free printables) to your heart’s content for your own holiday wrapping paper!


Uploading your design

  • Step 1: Download and save the free graphics Eloisa created for this project: Snowflakes
  • After logging into your Spoonflower account, click CREATE, and a drop down menu will appear.


  • Click CUSTOM GIFT WRAP, this will take you to a new page.
  • To upload the graphic, click the BROWSE button.

Create Gift Wrap

  • A FIND FILES window from your computer should appear, locate the View this photo
    file where you saved it initially, you can double click on the file.

Find file

  • Upload the file by clicking on the button named UPLOAD FILE.

Upload your file

  • Now we are ready to work on our Gift Wrap roll! The next screen will show you a preview of what your roll will look like so far, and will provide you with tools to personalize the design. In this tutorial, we will be using the CHANGE COLOR tool, and the REPEAT tool. Let’s start with the colors!

Change colors

  •  You will find the button to change the colors of your design on the left side of the design page as shown below, click on CHANGE COLORS:

Changing colors

  •  Select the amount of colors you would like to use.

Select color number

  • Colors will appear on the bottom of the screen, and you will be able to edit each color individually:

Edit colors

  • Every time you click on a color, you will be taken to a new screen with the old color, a space for a color code and a color map. When you find the new color you would like to replace the old color with, click on CHANGE. You will repeat this step for each color you would like to change.

Making color changes

  • After the colors are changed, you will notice a few buttons under the new colors of your art.

Changed colors

  • Once you are ready to proceed, click on the SAVE button, this will take you to the design screen where you can change the repeats if you wish to.

Save changes

  • Choose the repeat style you like best, and click on the SAVE button. Now you are done!

GW_1 D

GW_3 D
GW_7 D

If you make your own custom gift wrap designs with Eloisa’s designs, we’d love to see them! Please share with us on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, or in the comments below.

Stay tuned to the blog for another of Eloisa’s gorgeous free printables later this week, and to learn how to create your own gift tags using simple editing tools!