Softies for Mirabel + a Sew-in!

OCT 12, 2013

GreenhouseHeaderThis fall, we're excited to take advantage of the amazing variety of cut-and-sew plushie designs in the Spoonflower marketplace to participate in the Softies for Mirabel handmade toy drive! This annual toy drive supports the Mirabel Foundation, an Australian organization that offers support to children affected by parental substance abuse. This year, we'll be collecting handmade toys and hosting a plushie sew-in here in the Greenhouse, our classroom and community space at our Durham, NC headquarters, to support this amazing effort to raise awareness and spread some love!

It's no secret that we just love plushies here at the Spoonflower offices! When they're not starring in our little videos or giving us endless crafting possibilities, they're just really fun to have around the office for, you know, us to play with any kids who stop by the office. But this fall, we're excited to enlist our plushie friends to do some good for kids across the sea in Australia, so we're putting out the call for contributions for the 7th annual Softies for Mirabel, a handmade toy drive organized by the folks over at


This fall, we have two options for folks to contribute to this worthwhile cause. You can join us at our plushie sew-in in the Greenhouse to whip up some of our favorite cut-and-sew plushie patterns, and we will gladly collect any contributions from around the US (and beyond!) here at Spoonflower's headquarters, and we'll take care of shipping lots (hopefully TONS!) of toys to Australia. 

For the sew-in: Head over to Meetup to sign up today! We will be printing a variety of our favorite cut-and-sew prints for folks to sew in the Greenhouse, but feel free to come and crochet or knit a toy, as well. Cut-and-sew kits are great beginner sewing projects, and all ages and sewing levels are welcome to this event, so please do bring your friends!

To send or drop handmade toys here: We will also be collecting any handmade toy donations here at Spoonflower's headquarters from now until Wednesday, November 20, at 5pm. You can drop by with your donations anytime if you are in the area, or you can mail finished toys to us.

Please include your name and email address with any toy donations so we can keep you posted as we send over our donation and photos are shared!

Please send all donations to:


 Attn: Greenhouse 

2810 Meridian Parkway 

 Suite 176

 Durham, NC 27713

Check out Flickr and Instagram to see the toys as they come in, and post photos of the toys you're making, too! Just use the hashtag #softiesformirabel on Instagram!

Feel free to post your favorite plushie designs for the sew-in here, and you can always email with any questions! We're looking forward to supporting this amazing effort in its 7th year going strong!




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  • No, Pip, you really are the best! The work you’ve put into this amazing toy drive for the past 7 years (!!!) is incredible! Thank you so much for organizing such a worthwhile effort. We had our first box full of precious little dollies arrive last week, and we can’t wait to send a box full of plushies your way soon! Thank you so much for organizing and sharing Softies for Mirabel!

  • You guys are the best. Really. JUST THE BEST. Thanks for supporting The Mirabel Foundation kids!!!!! Every year I get a tiny bit worried that no toys will arrive, so your support is SUPER IMPORTANT! THANK YOU!