This month we’re sharing some simple and unique ways to infuse a little personality into your space with DIY home decor projects using custom printed fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. Today Mariah from Everything Golden visits the blog to show us how to update an old lamp with just a little custom printed fabric featuring one of her favorite landscape photos. 


What you need:

1. An old lamp

2. A favorite landscape photo with high resolution

3. Hot glue gun

4. Scissors and a ruler

5. Some poster board paper or recycled thin cardboard like a cereal box

6. Your custom printed Spoonflower fabric


When you create your fabric, you’ll need to make sure it’s big enough to fit your lamp shade. First remove the shade part from your lamp, lay flat and measure. Mine was 8” x 8”. So when I created my design file in Adobe Photoshop, I made sure it measured at least 8” wide at 150 dpi. Then when you upload your file to Spoonflower you can set the repeat style. I printed on Spoonflower’s linen-cotton canvas.


Then cut a piece of your cardboard to the size of your old lamp shade. Also cut your fabric leaving ½” allowance on the top, bottom and one side. Fold and iron the sides with allowance and fit over cardboard, then glue the sides.



Finally, hot glue your new shade to the frame and voilà, enjoy your new one of kind lamp!



About Our Guest Author

MariahMariah is a creative wanderer in design, photography, and style  A nature lover to the core, she grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho, spent some time in Colorado and is now happy at home in Bozeman, Montana, with her laser physicist husband and a smarty pants Border Collie named Indie.  Her biggest source of inspiration is found in the solace of the mountains.