Announcing New & Improved Organic Knit!

JUL 17, 2013

Today we received our first lot of a new & improved organic interlock knit. The new lot is basically the same fabric, but it’s a pure white rather than the speckled, off-white color of previous lots. One of the benefits of the whiter finish is that color shows up better (brighter) than it did on the natural off-white of the old organic knit. The new lot has been finished slightly differently and was produced in a different mill. It’s roughly the same weight — but even softer than the old knit. In our initial testing, it also has a slightly higher shrinkage rate than the previous version of organic interlock knit. The technical specs are as follows:

  • 56″ wide printable area (142 cm).
  • 5.8 oz per square yard.
  • Interlock knit stretches along the crosswise grain about 25%.
  • Estimated shrinkage: 7% in length and 6% in width.
  • Organic Cotton
  • Produced in the USA.
  • Appropriate for many kinds of children and adult apparel items, including t-shirts, dresses, baby clothes, and more.
  • Machine wash warm or cool on a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent.

If you’re a previous knit customer, we’ll also be sending you an email shortly outlining the change! As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

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  • hello
    can you help me,I received my sample of organic cotton knit but Iam very disappointed…
    The fabrics are not very strechy and softly
    And I have a big problem with the measure of the design of the fabrics.For example the animals are very big,twice bigger than the animals of the fabrics on the website
    Is it normal when you order a fat quarter?

  • I finally got my 3 swatch samples… better late than never hey! I LOVE them ALL. The clarity and vibrancy of the printing, the feel of the fabrics.. all just great. But I must agree with Spoonflower.. the Performance Knit is the best. It has such a beautiful drape, I bet clothing made of this would make a person feel rather special. I don’t know where to do my critique or feed back on these fabrics.. can someone advise me?

  • claire christin

    I received my swatch, I like that it’s less stretchy, but it’s LESS soft than the previous knit. But it’s still soft, I’m not complaining, just saying how it feels to me. I showed a customer the new vs. the old and she’s the one who pointed out it’s not as soft as the old knit. That’s when I noticed it.