We are happy to announce improvements to the system of tagging designs on Spoonflower. As you know, tags are important in helping people find your design, within Spoonflower and through search engines. In an effort to help you select strong, relevant tags and to improve the shopping experience within the Marketplace, we have released the following changes:


Tag phrases are now allowed.

Previously, you were able to use only single-word tags to modify your design. Now, we are allowing phrases up to 23 characters in length (including spaces). Phrases should be something a customer would actually type into a search box.

You can test the strength of your selected tag.

We are introducing a new feature that evaluates the strength of your proposed tag as you type. Your tag is being evaluated for its strength in helping customers find your design (the stronger the tag, the longer the green bar). Tag strength is a factor of how many designs in the Marketplace share this tag and how much the tag is searched for on Spoonflower. Tags with low search volume may receive low strength scores, but tags that have been used too often to be distinctive may also receive low scores.

Suggestions for related tags are available.

Through a thesaurus tool created by Wordnik.com, we are also launching a new related-tags feature that displays related terms against tags you’ve entered. The Wordnik-powered tool analyzes word relationships and includes synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, and words used in the same context in its findings. The ideas this tool generates may help you to create stronger tags.

You can pick your colors.

We heard you! Until now, we’ve generated color tags for you. Now you can now select up to four colors from a palette of eight colors we generate for you. These colors will be used in the color index available for browsing the Marketplace.

And the tagging color map has expanded greatly.

Previously when indexing designs for the Marketplace, we referred to a map of 36 colors to determine the predominant colors in your design. We now reference a map of 171 colors to enable more accurate tagging and search results.

For tagging tips and more in-depth information on these features, please visit our help articles on selecting effective tags and related tags. As always, we welcome your feedback at [email protected] and hope you enjoying putting these new tools into practice!