Fabric8 Finalist Profile: Clairice Gifford

JUN 4, 2013

Meet Clairice Gifford, a graphic designer from Salt Lake City, Utah, and one of this year's talented 
Fabric8 finalists. Join the final v
oting round this Thursday, June 6th! 

I always start my designs with sketches in my notebook, but since I'm a graphic designer, most things eventually end up on the computer. I do also love drawing, painting and printmaking. I have so many artists I admire! I really love the design and illustration work of Lab Partners, Jessica Hische, Jill DeHaan and Courtney Blair of Pattern Daily. I also absolutely love the textile designs of Melody Miller, Anna Maria Horner and Joel Dewberry. They are all so creative and have amazing and distinct styles.




I sometimes listen to music when I design– I really love the Stars, Spoon and always the Beatles, but more often I'm listening to a podcast or audiobook.

Clairice's workspace at home

If I could meet any character from a film, I think I'd choose Millie Dillmount from Thoroughly Modern Millie. She's so fun and clueless at the same time, and it's a great movie.
I love to travel and there are a lot of places I still haven't seen, but my favorite place is always Paris. I would love to just stay in Paris for a few weeks, wandering around and eating macarons!

Clairice's hometown, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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