DIY Goodie Bag

JUN 1, 2013
DIY goodie bag
Spoonflower & OliveBox— a subscription for hand-picked paper & lifestyle products delivered monthly to your door– have partnered to bring you a special cut & sew goodie bag in June's box!  Check out the simple tutorial below and head to Domesticate's Spoonflower shop to pick up one of your own!

The how to:

Cut pattern piece
    1. Cut out the pattern piece.


If you're feeling extra crafty, now's the time to attach a badge for a little extra embellishment! I recommend adding your badge to the pattern piece before sewing the sides together to make attaching it a bit easier. Continue to step 2 if you'd prefer to skip adding a badge.

iron edges

  • Fold edges over 1/4" and iron.

pin in place

  • Pin in place.

stitch to bag

  • Stitch on to bag — either by hand or machine. 


fold piece

2. Fold rectangle in half lenghtwise, right sides together.

measure 2 inches

    3. Measure down two inches on one side from unfinished edge, place two pins at the two inch mark.

    4. Pin along side seams.

    5. Starting at the two inch mark, sew down one side to the bottom using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

    6. Backstitch at top and bottom.

    7. Sew the opposite side from top to bottom.

trim corners

    8. Trim bottom corners at an angle.

    9. Press the seam allowances open.

turn down edge

    10. Turn under the unfinished top 1/4 inch and iron.

iron and pin in place

    11. Turn down again, about 3/4 inch, iron and pin in place.

    12. Sew around the top of the bag. Start 1/8 inch away from the turned over top edge. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

thread ribbon
    13. Using a safety pin, pin the edge of your ribbon. Thread the safety pin and ribbon through the notched side of the bag.

finished bag
    14. Pull ribbon through until even on both ends and knot!

Finished DIY goodie bag

Finished bag
Ta-da! A cute little drawstring bag, perfect for every celebration!

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