Dads & Dudes: DIY Gift Ideas for Cooks

JUN 18, 2013 updated May 28, 2016


Do you know a guy who loves to grill, bake, or makes a mean cup of joe? Enjoy a little DIY gifting inspiration with these projects, and some fun culinary fabrics to make them, perfect for the dads and dudes who love to cook. 

Dads and Dudes Cooking

1. Farm Share fabric by Susan Polston 2. DIY Manly Man Apron 3. Thermos Stripe fabric by Heidi Kenney 4. DIY Cooking Journal 5. Oven Mitt 6. All Meat Blue fabric by Third Half Studios 7. DIY BBQ Tool Belt 8. Mornin' Sunshine! fabric by Sammy K 9. Outdoor Cooler 10. Fantastic Farm Fresh Fungi fabric by Spellstone

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