Mod Wallpaper? Yes, Please!

MAY 24, 2013 updated May 28, 2016

If you're looking for wallpaper for the backdrop behind your cocktail bar, look no further than the entries in this week's contest. With around four hundred submissions this time around, voting is not quick, but it's certainly a lot of fun. We'll post the winners next Thursday!

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The participants this week are:

1. *Peonies*
by akwaflorell
2. 1,2,3 go!
beige,lime,white by sydama
3. 1950-1960
style by alfabesi
4. 1959_60_MOD_wallpaper-ch-ch
by nainis
5. 1960's Mod
Girl by winterblossom
6. 50's 60's
3 color plus black by whimzwhirled
7. 60s by
8. 60s MOD
Flower Child by lollyposh
9. 60s Mod
Lupin by creative_merritt
10. A Mod Nod
to Nouveau: Warm Sugar by nadiahassan

11. A Take-Off
on Mod, American Style by anniedeb
12. Abibe
Medallion by lily_studio
13. Abstract
Aqua Checks by goldenapplegal
14. Agons by
15. Air and
Sea by annacole
16. Alfabet by
17. alienflorwers3
by jessica_mingo_designs
18. Alloverveil_DesignaPalette
by designapalette
19. Annie's
Sunshine Mod by paragonstudios
20. aquapeach-wallpaper
by hmooreart
21. ARTBYLESWicciSkyBlue
by artbyles
22. atom-ically
chic by armommy
23. attic-aged_mod_
by trafficjamas
24. Auntie_s_Card
by deezel69
25. Autumn_leaves_
by mariasart
26. Be wise by
27. Beach Hat:
Mod Waves #2 by tallulahdahling
28. Beatnik
Jazz Session by edsel2084
29. Beehive
Mint Periwinkle Fandango by veritymaddox
30. bel by
31. bigbutterflyflowers
by ellila
32. birdcage-singular-ed
by kfrogb
33. Black
& Gold by rmurdock
34. Blue mod
by mayacoa
35. blue_and_yellow_lotus-ch
by haylar
36. Bohemian
Mod by alicia_vance
37. boompjes_patroon
by lottelies
38. bouquet_mod_jaune_L
by nadja_petremand
39. bowlspattern1v4a
by harry
40. Breakfast
with the Beatles by greenmyeyes
41. brogues by
42. Brown
& White Houndstooth by nola_original
43. Bubble
Chevron – Mod Op Art by elramsay
44. BUBBLEs by
45. burberry-ch-ch
by theredredrobin
46. CatherineAngelique_FeathersofaDynasty-ch
by catherineangelique_
47. Cellophane
Streamers by inscribed_here
48. chainchainchain
by fellowcreatives
49. Changing
Channels to Supernatural by timestitcher
50. check2 by
51. Cheese on
toast by occiferbetty
52. chequered_blocks
by annetteplummer
53. chevron by
54. Chinoiserie
Mod by boris_thumbkin
55. choc_white
by stella12
56. Ciggy with
Audrey by livingstones
57. Circles
and Bursts by bobbifox
58. Circles
and Squares by wittythings
59. Circle_Square
by erin_mitchel
60. Citrus Mod
by coloroncloth
61. CocktailPattern
in Blue by msjordankay
62. Cocktails
at Our Place by artland95
63. Colorful
Alhambra by matlgirl
64. Complementary_Geometrics
by woodsworks
65. Continuous
scenery by su_g
66. Cool
Daddy-o Jazz Cats by vo_aka_virginiao
67. Cool! by
68. copper
fish mobile on mint by ravynka
69. Daisies –
key lime by wiccked
70. Dandelions
– Yellow by friztin
71. Dayo |
Spice by heatherdutton
72. decorative
weaving japanese pattern by dariara
73. Delight
Warm by g-mana
74. Diagonale
STRIPES by mariskadesign
75. Diamond_Mod_Pattern
by svaeth
76. Dijon Eye
by misfit_citizen
77. DNA
wallpaper by minimiel
78. DNA_squared_02-ed
by farfalla_crafts
79. Dotty Stem
Flowers – Yellow & Grey by ginghamcherry
80. doves by
81. droplet by
82. DSC01182
by kikiwinters
83. Dusk Blue
by kimsa
84. electric
wave by reen_walker
85. Electro
Flutter by scifiwritir
86. enormous
halftone dots in golds by weavingmajor
87. Evil Eye
by staceyoverseas
88. Fab by
89. feather1
by 11elevenxo
DINER by bluevelvet
91. Flaming
High Ball – Mod mellow times with Franky (sangria) by walkwithmagistudio
92. fleurs
like these by giolou
93. Floral
Tortoise by kari_d
94. Floral1 by
95. Forbidden
Planet by thesummercountry
96. Fractal:
Groovy Neon Love Beads by artist4god
97. Fresh
spring leafs by sketchbook
98. Fruitful
mod-ed by chrissyink
99. Fruits and
Tulips by artist55
100. fullmodpat
by jomag
101. Funky Dots
2 by animotaxis
102. Geo Style
by powpourri
103. Geo-flower
splash by khowardquilts
104. Geometric
Atomic Wallpaper I Black by amy_g
105. Geometric
mod style 3 by lilola
106. Georetro
by heleenvanbuul
107. gold_mod_wall
by kikispike
108. Grape
Groove by rubydoor
109. graphic
scallop, pink / red by circlealine
110. gray and
green ring dots stripe by birds_have_flowers
111. Green and
Blue Mod Scooters by candyjoyce
112. Green
Doodle Flowers by dylanbug
113. grey cream-ed
by kelseyyyy
114. Grey Mod
Circles by modgeek
115. Groovy
Orange by teebeedesigns
116. Hawaii-Five-O
coffee table rings by vicky_s
117. heartrepeat3
by palooka
118. Here we go
loopty loo 2 by mezzime
119. i love
lamp by kiki_limon
120. If
Mondrian was an Architect – Large by knittingand
121. image by
122. image by
123. img472-ed
by ab_creative
124. IMG_8052_pe
by robbrez
125. IMG_9203
by britt_laspina
126. In The
Petals (Aqua) by edenllovio
127. Inde MOD
by made_in_shina
128. It's a
Mod, Mod World by popenterprises
129. I_AM_MOD_graphite
by pattern_addict
130. Japanese
Garden Pond by ricerafferty
131. jascobubblewhole
by charlieread
132. jellysmall
by hannafate
133. jlewis017
by limonjuice
134. Julie's
Campers by juliesfabrics
135. KaleidoKitty
by jade_meadow
136. Knit &
Plaid by fattcheese
137. Kooky
Flowers by little_pipi
138. Ladybug
Flower Power Rust by disneymamom
139. LAR1 by
140. lavender_mid_century
circles by colorwayart
141. Lemon
Peels – Mod Wallpaper by dianef
142. Lemons
& Limes by hiphiphoera
143. lemony by
144. Line
Drawing #1 by anne_j_steves
145. Linear
Mod! by jlwillustration
146. link_charcoal
by lindsey_merritt
147. LIN_Mod_Mary
by wendy_lin
148. loop by
149. loop da
loop in Pillar Box Red by littlemissquarter
150. Made with
love by pieke_wieke
151. Magic Hour
Lines by kschnell
152. Majorly
Mod Graphic by mariafaithgarcia
153. make_me_mod_4
by ceci_bowman
154. Malachite
by nansi_mackintosh
155. marble by
156. meemoo
gist 5559254 by forresto
157. Melbourne_2012_297-ch
by kaymillett
158. Mermaid_Weave
by s_benarcik
159. Mid-Century
Modern Mod Pop Circles black and white by dbvisualarts
160. Mid-Century
Tiki by aimee
161. Mid-century__pop_
by élément_créatif
162. midcentury_modern
by vlorimer
163. MidMod by
164. Mini
tulips – blue by pennydog
165. Mint Mod
Ogee by amelia_allen
166. mod by
167. mod by
168. Mod by
169. mod by
170. mod by roxiespeople 
171. Mod –
Blocks (limited palette) by studiofibonacci
172. Mod 1 by
173. mod 3
color seafoam daisies-2 by dk_designs
174. mod about
you by hurryhome
175. Mod Blocks
by kaylaconspiracy
176. Mod
Circle-ch by adrianne_nicole
177. Mod
Circles by shinyjill
178. Mod
Culture by sarah_jane_jackson
179. Mod
Daisies by robyriker
180. mod
daisies by golden_tangerine
181. Mod
Dandelion by glanoramay
182. Mod
Dandelion-Yellow by stitchfetish_studio
183. Mod
Diamond in Yellow and White by katieschrader
184. Mod Ebru
JACK circles by englishebru
185. Mod Flor
Naranja by pink_koala_design
186. Mod Floral
by graceful
187. Mod
Florals by jubilli
188. MOD
Florals by karenharveycox
189. Mod Flower
by j0d3
190. Mod Flower
by amel24
191. Mod Flower
Paper by countrygarden
192. Mod Flower
Stripe Acid Yellow by gitchyville_stitches
193. Mod
Flowers by alissecatherine
194. Mod
foliage blue by cjldesigns
195. Mod Fruit
by pragya_k
196. Mod
Graphic Red by chicca_besso
197. Mod
Inspired Fractal by clotilda_warhammer
198. mod
landscape by cleverviolet
199. Mod Leaves
by jillbyers
200. Mod Leaves
by meg56003
201. mod lemons
and limes by victorialasher
202. Mod Linen
Flowers by katrinazerilli
203. Mod Links
on Daisy Bed: Lime, Eggplant & Dandelion by vanillabeandesigns
204. Mod Made
Sunglasses in Pastels and Oxblood by bloomingwyldeiris
205. Mod Maude
by lavendersky
206. mod
mollusca by sef
207. Mod Motif
by annadeegan
208. Mod
Mustard by sealemon
209. Mod Night
Owl by kate_legge
210. Mod One by
211. Mod Ovals
Large Orange by ruthevelyn
212. Mod
Pansies Large by halfaringcircus
213. mod peace
lilies (yellow, green, blue-gray) by gracedesign
214. mod peapod
by babysisterrae
215. Mod
Pink_Orange by madex
216. Mod Pod
Nod by smuk
217. Mod Pods!
– Just Like The 60's – © PinkSodaPop by pinksodapop
218. Mod Radar
by feamainnín
219. Mod
Rain_Purple by mbsterling
220. Mod Rocks
Wallpaper by slumbermonkey
221. Mod
Roundel Damask by julia_canright
222. Mod see
saw by abstracthands
223. Mod Shells
by arttreedesigns
224. Mod Squad
by implexity
225. Mod Targets
Large by louiseisobel
226. Mod TV
style #2 by medamade
227. Mod V by
228. Mod Wall
by retroretro
229. Mod
Wallpaper by boeingbleu
230. mod
wallpaper by kociara
231. Mod
Wallpaper by brutiful
232. Mod
Wallpaper by pelej
233. Mod
Wallpaper 194 by pattyryboltdesigns
234. Mod
wallpaper in blues by fantazya
235. Mod's New
Beauty Salon Chairs by charldia
236. mod-dots
by rcmj
237. Mod-wallpaper
by errozero
238. mod1 by
239. mod2 by
240. modblu1 by
241. modbod by
by baleandtwine
243. ModCherryMustard
by mrshervi
244. modegg
blue by fiona_sinclair_design
245. Modern
Cottage ~ Squircle Lock ~ Black, Grey & White by peacoquettedesigns
246. Modern
Greens by sufficiency
247. Modern
Vine by mag-o
by adriana_morán
249. modfab
(limited palette) by yourfriendamy
250. Modfabric
by dansai_design
251. MODflowerchevron
by paisleypickle
252. ModFlowersSunshine
& Lime by linda_santell
253. modgrey by
254. Modifi
Three by littlerhodydesign
255. modlady3
by kayross
256. Modly
Simple by molipop
257. ModMaryPoppins
by monalila
258. modpine-ch
by maruqui
259. ModPods by
by funspun
261. modprint
by megbrak
262. Modrian
Slept Here by susaninparis
263. ModSpokesFlowerTile
by modernprintcraft
264. modtini by
265. Modtreuse
Rose On Eggshells by jazilla
266. modular by
267. ModWallpaper
by likarish
268. MOD_60s_wallpaper
by joyfuldesigner
269. Mod_beat_wallpaper-05
by blimblimb
270. mod_flower
by lacheyl
271. mod_flowers
by kiwicuties
272. mod_flower_wallpaper
by pauliqui
273. mod_kitties
by sarahrozdilski
274. Mod_Leaf_Cells
by relk
275. MOD_mod_MOD3
by yazooky
276. mod_ogi_cw4_18x21_150dpi
by elizabethfelts
277. mod_print_4_cm
by gaby_braun
278. mod_sub_final
by desindian
279. Mod_walllpaper_-_Miranda_Mol–
by miranda_mol
280. mod_wallpaper_option_1
by ninjaauntsdesigns
281. mod_wallpaper_white
by spacecowgirl
282. Moonflower
by spikymammal
283. Mr. E.
Vicar's Wallpaper Job by susanpolston
284. Noguchi_6
by antoniamanda
285. OBI blue
wave by obidesigns
286. Octagon
trellis – brown and orange on amber by little_fish
287. Ole Blue
Eyes by pixeldust
288. OModBGO by
289. One
Carnaby by pennycandy
290. Op Art:
African Vibe by julia_designs
291. orange
dots by bubbledog
292. Orange
happy by mketi
293. Orange Mod
Delight by createdgift
294. Orchid by
295. OvalyMod
by paula's_designs
296. Paisley
Eyes by chris_jorge
297. Palm
Springs Holiday by fable_design
298. paper-ed-ch-ch
by julia_weston
299. Paris Chic
– Mod Style by dovetail_designs
300. Patri-MOD-ic
by dahbeedo
301. pattern_2-1_Page_5
by myarinsky
302. pattern_blackberry
by luettwitz
303. Peacock
Dot (wallpaper sized) by ceanirminger
304. peacock
feathers retro mod by katarina
305. peacock mod
drops by scrummy
306. peasoup_eggplant_wallpaper
by dervishheart
307. Perspective
Compilation 15 by michellecalkins
308. pillow by
309. Pineapple
and Citrus Fruit by wren_leyland
310. Pineapples
by mongiesama
311. Pink
Meteors by eclectic_house
312. pink mod
by kerryn
313. pink_25 by
314. Pod by
315. poppies by
316. Post
modern grid by poetryqn
317. Post-Modernist
Flower Power by mammajamma
318. Primary
Color Blocks by jaana
319. Psychadelic
Stripes by ravynscache
320. Purple
flower by itsahootdesigns
321. Pussycat
Sunshine by magentarose
322. Rain Drain
Day by angel_gerardo
323. Raindots
by forest&sea
324. Red Hot
Sundays by Sylvie by art_on_fabric
325. Red
Splatters by telden
326. red, black
and white scuwif by cosmicbreed
327. red/blk
floral by ang'sdesigns
328. redroseclose
by dasign
329. redyellowpink013
by bigdaddy1960
330. Retro
Flower Red Brown by shelleymade
331. Retro Mod
Oval by petal_soup
332. RETRO
VINTAGE GEOMETRIC by deeniespoonflower
333. Retro-Geo
Tangerine by jmckinniss
334. Retrosphere
grey by angela_tackett
335. retro_mod_wall_cut-ch
by jan-minto
336. Ripple
Stripe by pond_ripple
337. rock-ed by
338. rosedots-ch-ch
by ariellelouise
339. scandi-stripe-mint
by kurtcyr
340. scarlet_ripples
by nerdlypainter
341. Scooter by
342. Scope of
Colors. by artist_at_work
343. SDC10220
by lauren2
344. silkyscreen1bbigNoSquareslimited
by barbie4364
345. Simple
Chevron Print, Citrine by nicoleporter
346. Simple_Love_3
by kcs
347. skull_by___1
by playbox_
348. slings and
arrows by amyb!
349. soft_fire
by kirpa
by soobloo
351. SP-Door-Knob-ch
by kathykerstetter
352. spiral_circ_sq
grey salmon by vos_designs
353. Spring for
Retro by rebecca_allen
354. Squarely
Vermilion by designtrends
355. Squares
and Diamonds by ebygomm
356. starry_worlds_collide
by deannak
357. strawberries
by karinka
358. striped_mod_silver
stone by glimmericks
359. Stung –
Alternate Design by red_fox_studio
360. Suburban_Modern_Abstract
by homemade
361. Sunset_3-ch-ch
by tucky_
362. Sunshine –
Magenta, Yellow by allieh
363. sunshine
bubbles orange by bettinablue_designs
364. Sweet
Dreams are Mod of this by demouse
365. Tangerine
Melody by rhondadesigns
366. The 50th
state in the Nifty 50's by awrite
367. The
Nursery, circa 1968 by jennartdesigns
368. The Smooth
Flower by melbity
369. the_white_tree
by garamculture
370. Three C's
in a Mod by kamilindoto
371. torsades02
by grafite
372. Totally
Mod Baby by sammyk
373. Triangle
Leaves Light by vinpauld
374. Tribal Bee
in Black, Gold, Silver by hairpik
375. tulip
MOD-MCM mash-up! by coggon_(roz_robinson)
376. Two For
Breakfast – Retro-Mod Diamonds (20") by penina
377. Uhrwerk by
378. Umbelas
Mod Sterling 4 by umbelas
379. Vespa
stripe by laura_the_drawer
380. VespaMods
by camilla_foss
381. Vintage
Tulips in Aqua and White by jenny_gibson
382. wacky
jumble mod wallpaper by joojoostrees
383. Wallflower
by ravenous
384. wallpaper_marzlene_beauty_2728
by marzlene'z_eye_candy
385. Wallpaper_mod-ch
by adèle
386. washedgreentrellis
by tailofthedog
387. Water
Street by oliverhenry
388. Waves-Black
& White by oddgirl
389. Webbing It
by joralisa
390. Weeping
Willow by kerisa*
391. What a
Pear! by snowflower
392. White
Fatima Golden Mean by kelebek_rose_designs
393. wonky by
394. Woodgrain_fabric21
by modtwist
395. Yellow
Polka by georgianaparaschiv
396. yellowcheck
by sivad13
397. yellow_and_grey_geometric
by raelin

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