Spoonflower crew member Allie wallpapered her entryway with Spoonflower removable wallpaper for an exciting pop of pattern perfect for any rented space. Check out the how-to for this simple Renter Dec project!

Finished Project

Living in a rented home usually means a lot of white or beige. In my rented townhome, most of the walls are stark white, and while I’m lucky to have a couple of colorful painted accent walls, the amount of plain white walls is a bit unbearable, so this past weekend I decided to wallpaper my kitchen entryway. This simple project packs minimal time investment and fully removable results, and the little bit of fun pattern adds major interest to my space. 

Before Archway
Choosing which small space to wallpaper and what design to use was the toughest part of my entire project. I knew I didn’t want to tackle covering an entire wall, but I wanted to do something creative and impactful. I chose my kitchen doorframe since it is right by the front door and the paint was looking a little sad.


Lately I’ve fallen in love with Mummy Sam’s design style and had the hardest time deciding which of her fun designs to use. I chose to go with Pomegranate Envy since the colors tied in well with the colors already in my space.


  • Spoonflower wallpaper (Mine is Mummysam’s Pomegrante Envy)
  • Scissors or a rotary blade
  • Ruler
  • Bowl filled with water
  • Sponge or damp kitchen towel

First I cut strips of wallpaper slightly more narrow than the width of the doorframe.  I cut two pieces the length of a standard roll of wallpaper (24″ by 144″) to just under 4.25″ wide.  This was more than enough for the project.


Following the instructions included with my wallpaper roll, I folded the wallpaper and submerged in water for 15 seconds.

I then applied the wallpaper to the wall, starting at the bottom and working my way up.  Once it was on the wall I used a damp kitchen towel to smooth it out and remove excess water and adhesive.


I did the two sides first, then the top.

Lining up the last piece to create a seamless pattern was the most difficult part of applying the wallpaper.


I’m pretty excited about the finished project and am loving the new pop of pattern!

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Allie's bioWhen Allie is not working as a part of Spoonflower’s marketing team, she can be found crafting, studying for her Masters in Textiles, or snuggling her dog Grace.