Why did the pop art chicken cross the road?

APR 19, 2013 updated May 28, 2016

As you may know, here at Spoonflower we've managed to run fabric design contests every week, without fail, for over four years without repeating a theme. The strain of coming up with new ideas for contests never shows, however, which is why we invite you — without comment, please — to vote now in our competition for chicken fabrics created in the style of the Pop Art movement.

Vote for pop art chicken fabrics

The participants this week are:

1. 2007_Willliamsburg_071
by lindareeree
2. 600dpi_001_-_Copy__2_
by tonyyarbray
3. action
chicken by tiina_laas
4. Aha! Pop
Art Chicken Pox by vo_aka_virginiao
5. Andy's
Flock by jenimp
6. Anti-Chic
Filet Humor by charldia
7. Bantams by
8. battery
hens by sef
9. Bay_City_Chicks
by ©_lana_gordon_rast_
10. BBQ
Chicken by dk_designs

11. Big_Chicken-ed
by hmilwicz
12. birds by
13. birds by
14. cajun
chicken-enlarged by mjim21
15. Camilla!
Who Comes First? The Pop Art Chicken Or The Egg? by peacoquettedesigns
by nainis
17. cestlaviv_funkychic
by cest_la_viv
18. Chatty
Chickens Pop Art by martaharvey
19. Chick
Plant by winterblossom
20. chick-01
by twinklesprinkleshop
21. chickadoodle
by jellybeanquilter
22. Chicken a
la Warhol by angel_mio
23. Chicken
Art by nezumiworld
24. chicken
coop pop art way by kociara
25. Chicken
Factory by mayacoa
26. Chicken
Halftone by primenumbergirl
27. Chicken in
a Basket by spellstone
28. Chicken
legs by laura_the_drawer
29. Chicken
Pop by siya
30. Chicken
Pop Art by mariafaithgarcia
POP ART Green Polka by thelittleengine
32. Chicken
Pop Squawk by clemency_brown
33. Chicken
Pop! by maggiemonroy
34. Chicken
POPs by juliesfabrics
35. Chicken
Riding T-Rex by iliketodraw
36. Chicken
Roo Pop by kiwiandsteve
37. Chicken
Speak by plasticity_design
38. chickenpatrioticrepeat2
by alyson_chase
39. chickenpop1
by smwilde
40. ChickenpopartEW
by ewebs
41. chickenrage-ch
by sketchingmagpie
42. chickens
by asouthernladysdesigns
43. Chickens
after Murakami by mongiesama
44. Chickens
by a Paper Pool a la David Hockney by anniedeb
45. Chickens
Crossing the Road by robyriker
46. Chickens
out of the box by astormorray
47. Chickens
POP! by sufficiency
48. Chickens
to the Max by owlandchickadee
49. chickens-pop-art
by wren_leyland
50. chickenscrossing
by jomag
51. chicken_7
by pamsquilting
52. Chicken_Dance
by saraelizabeth
53. chicken_pop
by ruthless_art
54. chicken_pop
by katskratch
55. chicken_pop
by pauroyjj
56. chicken_pop_art_fabric
by kmvwahoo
57. Chicken_Pop_Plaid_6x6
by paulin_studio
58. chicken_whimsy
by dogdaze_
59. chickpeaceparty
by suzan_
60. Chicktenstein
by pi-ratical
61. Chix by
62. Cincinnati
Chickens by scrummy
63. Citrus
Birds! by lizhuff
64. Citrus
Chickens by wiccked
65. Clucktenstein
by t_n_penguin
66. CMYK
Chickens by candyjoyce
67. CMYK Pop
Chickens by katrinazerilli
68. CMYK
Rooster Pop by pond_ripple
69. Cock of
the Walk by marchhare
70. Cockadoodledoo
by graceful
71. Cock_of_the_Roost_by_Sylvie
by art_on_fabric
72. Colonel
Chicken by dmendivil13
73. dana_spopchicken
by lauriedana
74. Day of the
Zombie Chickens by keweenawchris
75. egg
chickadee by katarina
76. Egg_Pattern
by pretty_chalk
77. etsy_photos_still_life_1_011
by artfulways
78. Family3 by
79. Famous
Chicks by ravenous
80. Farm Fresh
Pop by storybooksea
81. Farm
Wedding Bride & Groom Chicken Rooster by pippiphooray
82. fatquarterpopfeathers
by lilola
83. Flock of
Chicks_large by hootenannit
84. Frances B.
Featherly the chicken by yellowee
85. Free Range
'Marilyn', 2013 by pattyryboltdesigns
86. Fresh
"POP" Corn Chicken by paragonstudios
87. Funky
Chicken by thelallies
88. Funky
Chickens by jennifer_clarke_designs
89. funky_chicken
by lilliblomma
90. Hen
Anxiety Pop Art by the_cornish_crone
91. hot off
the block by tiptaptap
92. image by
93. iris_and_bird
by dable
94. James
Rizzi Chickens by shannonkornis
95. Juggle Pop
by evenspor
96. Kawaii Pop
Art Chickens by vannina
97. Keep On
Cluckin! by whimzwhirled
98. Kokoras by
DE POULET by vanillabeandesigns
100. Lemon
Chicken by almost_vintage
101. Lichtenstein
Chicks by lauradejong
102. Little Pop
Peep by edsel2084
103. Lone
Rooster Magic by candace_imming
104. Lucky
Clucky by susanpolston
105. Mabell's
Chicken Soup Pop Art by karenharveycox
106. madhen by
107. Marilyn
Monroe Chick (en!) by amy_g
108. Mavis_and_Henry_Pop_Art_Panel
by butterflyme
109. neon
chickens by lilmunter
110. nesting
dolls by annaboo
111. One key
west Chicken by divastar
112. optic
spirals-ed-ed by jeallen
113. Pajaritos
by iamlaurelle
by chovy
115. Peep Art
by greenmyeyes
116. poliños
amarelos by cousaspequenas
117. polka
parade by jaja
118. pop art
chickens & mustache eggs by walkwithmagistudio
119. Pop Art
Chicken by crowlands
120. Pop Art
Chicken by policunha
121. Pop Art
Chicken by guidosprincess
122. POP ART
CHICKENS by cherb
123. Pop Art
Chickens by thirdhalfstudios
124. Pop Art
Chickens by studiofibonacci
125. Pop Art
Chickens by linsart
126. Pop Art
Chickens by disneymamom
127. Pop Art
Chickens by akaamanda
128. Pop Art
Chickens by jillbyers
129. Pop Art
Chickens by dianne_annelli
130. Pop Art
Chickens for_Lisa by seasparkles
131. Pop Art
Chickens on Black by tjaneo
132. Pop Art
Chickens! by elramsay
133. Pop Art
Chicks by animotaxis
134. Pop art in
the chickens by fantazya
135. pop art
patriot chickens in red, white , and blue by victorialasher
136. Pop art
warhol chicks by mezzime
137. Pop
Chicken by melbrooks
138. pop
chicken by lisakarenward
139. Pop
chicken, green by kirstylovescardboard
140. Pop
Chickens by lyddiedoodles
141. Pop Goes
the Chicken by fabricfaeries
142. Pop goes
the Chicken by spikymammal
143. Pop Pop
Pop Art Chook Chook Chook by smuk
144. Pop-art
chicken by alfabesi
145. Pop-Art-Roosters
by hmooreart
146. PopAgatha
by go_dog
147. popartchi
by melissajimena
148. popchick
by roxiespeople
149. PopChickenRoosters
by waiomaotiki
150. POPcorn_Chicken_and_Drumsticks
by pink_koala_design
151. Popping
Pop Corn Chicken! by joojoostrees
152. Poppycock
Rooster 2 by eclectic_house
153. PopRooster
by ninjaauntsdesigns
154. PopWireChick
by catail_designs
155. pop_art_chicken
by garamculture
156. Pop_Art_Chickens
by errozero
157. Pop_Art_Chickens
by aalk
158. Pop_Art_Chickens
by kiki_
159. Pop_art_chickens
by zaira
160. pop_art_chickens_2
by tat1
161. pop_art_chickens_dowell
by kathryndowell
162. Pop_Art_Chicks
by mysticalarts
163. Pop_Art_Chicks
by geminye
164. pop_art_hen
by lahib
165. Rainbow
chickens 2 by wendyg
166. Rooster
Monroe by saartje
167. RoosterRunPopArt
by suanskatra
168. Roosters
of New York by bloomingwyldeiris
169. Roosters_poster_style__3
by khowardquilts
170. Rooster_Pop
by mammajamma
171. Roy
Chicktenstein by love,witty
172. Roy's
Chicken by richardrainbolt
173. Run,
Chocobo, run by sratenebrosa
174. Seabrights
and Hamburghs by creative_merritt
175. Sgt.
Peepers Lonely Hearts Club Band by pixeldust
176. Silkie
Chicken Pop Art by heartfullofbirds
177. Silly
Chicks by koulendroslifestyles
178. Sir Scott
pop sqwak by lemonadefish
179. Six
Chickens by meg56003
FRIED CHICKENS by bluevelvet
181. spinner_chicken
by rcmj
182. Sunday
Funnies with Chickens by suebeerice
183. Super
chicken by petitspixels
184. Tartan
Popart Chickens by goldenapplegal
185. The
Chicken or the Egg? by flipfashion
186. The days
of my chickens by mulberry_tree
187. The Giant
Chicken that ate Kansas City! by deeniespoonflower
188. Traditional
Pop Art Chickens by kfrogb
189. village
love story by dariara
190. vivschicks
by frances"fancy_felter"
191. Wake_Up_and_Crow_Cola
Pop Art Chickens by glimmericks
192. Warhol and
Kusama with chickens by agnesbartonsabo
193. Warhol
Chicks by e_doubleyou
194. WarholChicken
by kstarbuck
195. Warhol_as_a_Chicken
by relk
196. What's Up
Chicken? by ebygomm
197. Who are
you calling chicken? by mymagicmom
198. Wouldn't
kiss a chicken if a chicken had lips! by thoorsell

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