Living In A Jane Austen Novel Fabric Contest Winners

APR 4, 2013 updated May 28, 2016

We asked the community to submit fabric designs inspired by the idea of living in a Jane Austen novel and they came up with a broad array of styles and interpretations that turned out to be a lot of fun to peruse. The top spot goes to Jean Maze, a first-time winner who put together a design based on quotes from the novels paired with objects from Jane Austen's era of history. Congrats to Jean and to the rest of the top ten!

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The final votes:

1. 719 votes for Jane Austen's NOTIONS by amazinart 
2. 649 votes for Elinor Dashwood's London wardrobe by cjldesigns 
3. 639 votes for Lizzie's Walk by kate_legge 
4. 597 votes for Pride and Prejudice Fabric by mag-o 
5. 488 votes for Jane Austen's Garden by jan_harbon 
6. 486 votes for Pemberley Print by jenimp 
7. 480 votes for Jane Austen's ChalkBoard by juliesfabrics 
8. 475 votes for Daydream in a Regency Garden by wiccked 
9. 384 votes for Pride and Residences by ceanirminger 
10. 344 votes for Bonnets, Books and Bows…Jane Austen by joojoostrees 

11. 317 votes for teapotsfabrepeat-ed by griggs313 
12. 316 votes for Pride and Prejudice Toile by aimee 
13. 303 votes for Miss Austen's English Garden by angeladesaenz 
14. 303 votes for emma's study by motyka 
15. 300 votes for Jane Austen: Pride & Prejudice by monalila 
16. 294 votes for JaneAusten by paula's_designs 
17. 286 votes for Pride & Prejudice framed our Love by lizartelier 
18. 284 votes for Silver Damask by popenterprises 
19. 259 votes for A Timeline of Quotes from Pride & Prejudice by love,witty 
20. 254 votes for Emma by ottomanbrim 
21. 251 votes for Jane_Austin1 by dtreptow 
22. 248 votes for Tea Time at Mansfield Park by sara_berrenson 
23. 242 votes for Literally Living in a Jane Austen Novel by scrummy 
24. 236 votes for Jane Austen by graceful 
25. 233 votes for Classical Victorian English dress pattern by anastasiia-ku 
26. 232 votes for Jane Austin Says Border Print by miart 
27. 230 votes for Mr. Darcy's Proposal toile in blue by magneticcatholic 
28. 227 votes for Jane's Romantic Ladies by chris_jorge 
29. 223 votes for jane_austen_fabric by samantha_weyant 
30. 218 votes for the angst of passion vs propriety by glindabunny 
31. 216 votes for Stroll Through The Gardens by arttreedesigns 
32. 204 votes for country cottages by krs_expressions 
33. 203 votes for Life of Leisure by jessicaprocopio 
34. 198 votes for Dear Sir, by allywe 
35. 197 votes for Life as a Silhouette by hmooreart 
36. 187 votes for Cross stitch with Jane Austen by blondfish 
37. 182 votes for Silhouettes by pocu 
38. 178 votes for To Grow In Time by spikymammal 
39. 163 votes for Austentatious by cricquette 
40. 161 votes for Maryanne_s_Muslin_FINAL by lilyoake 
41. 159 votes for Regency Embroideries by mongiesama 
42. 156 votes for summer stroll by kociara 
43. 151 votes for What_to_wear_for_a_ball_at_Netherfield by bargello_stripes 
44. 141 votes for Jane_Austen by adrianne_adelle 
45. 140 votes for Victorian Silhouette by tortagialla 
46. 133 votes for Delicate Detailed Doilies by holly_helgeson 
47. 128 votes for Jane Austen Theme Pattern by mintparcel 
48. 125 votes for Eighteen Thirteen by abergen 
49. 122 votes for a cup of tea and a chat by karinka 
50. 119 votes for SummerLove by joerin25 
51. 116 votes for Jane by akwaflorell 
52. 116 votes for Marianne Dashwood ~ Sense & Sensibility ~ Jane Austen by peacoquettedesigns 
53. 115 votes for Jane Austen tea towels by yardia 
54. 111 votes for Dear Diary, Today I tried not to think about Mr. Knightly. Emma by Jane Austen by kfrogb 
55. 107 votes for I greatly esteem my life by laura_the_drawer 
56. 106 votes for Fanny between chains and roses by dinorahdesign 
57. 101 votes for A Bevy of Beautiful Bonnets Ready for a Romp in the Garden by glimmericks 
58. 97 votes for Austens_world by veerapfaffli 
59. 95 votes for Austen Ephemera by crowlands 
60. 94 votes for an outward display of decorum by weavingmajor 
61. 92 votes for Ribbons and Rings by angelger28 
62. 88 votes for anna_sewell by cherb 
63. 85 votes for Jane silohouette by redtree_designs 
64. 82 votes for Cats/ Post No Bills, In Strawberry and Field Green by artland95 
65. 82 votes for Letters and Conversations by susanpolston 
66. 80 votes for Jane Austin inspiration by fantazya 
67. 76 votes for lotusfabric by mmmat6510 
68. 75 votes for Little_Jane by lcbstamps 
69. 74 votes for Bennets' bonnets by sten 
70. 73 votes for Pale Jane by shellyaloha 
71. 73 votes for Jane's Pride and Prejudice by lillycat 
72. 70 votes for Wicked Games by whimzwhirled 
73. 69 votes for Lady's lace by
74. 67 votes for trishstuff's letterquilt-ch by trishstuff 
75. 66 votes for regency stripe (blush pink) by sef 
76. 64 votes for lace_medallions by roxiespeople 
77. 64 votes for My pastel kitchen by mariellejane 
78. 63 votes for Vintage Seamstress Buttons by vintagegreenlimited 
79. 63 votes for Gentle Polka Dot III (Perfect Fabric for a Jane Austen Period Dress) by pond_ripple 
80. 62 votes for Field of Waves by inspirationpenniless 
81. 61 votes for Golden Years by ravynscache 
82. 59 votes for Linolium by nola_original 
83. 58 votes for 2_victorian_heart by tama_ann 
84. 58 votes for Eliza's Regency Embroidery Pattern, copyright Seasparkles Design Studio 2013 by seasparkles 
85. 52 votes for Starling by molipop 
86. 50 votes for Mixed Pink Dahlias by victoriagobel 
87. 49 votes for Dashwood by spoonnan 
88. 49 votes for MODERN SENSE by deeniespoonflower 
89. 48 votes for Moxie Madge by runningshoes 
90. 42 votes for Jane_Austen_I_Declare by butterflyme 
91. 37 votes for My Dearest Mr Darcy by theunicornandthewasp 
92. 35 votes for Ombre hearts by mezzime 
93. 33 votes for IMG_2230 by poem_dawg 
94. 31 votes for Jane Austen Rose Lace by amyvail 
95. 31 votes for image by bluebubbles 
96. 31 votes for ethnic cats by lilufc 
97. 30 votes for CUPID HEARTS by bluevelvet 
98. 29 votes for Wild flowers by floret_bloom 
99. 28 votes for Just Greens by spontaneouscombustion 
100. 26 votes for DSC01348 by lindareeree 
101. 23 votes for Pretty in Pink (Roses) by bettyinparis 
102. 22 votes for Petrified Happines by nhh 
103. 22 votes for woodpile__blues-ch-ch by seven_moons_studio 
104. 21 votes for Wheels of time! by designery 
105. 20 votes for complexity is inside, but outside is so peaceful! by melachmulik 
106. 19 votes for Pug's Puppies (Lady Bertram, Mansfield Park) by anniedeb 
107. 19 votes for Lovely Lady with Umbrella by amy_g 
108. 19 votes for j_austen by ttpie 
109. 16 votes for Untitled by karlacb 
110. 11 votes for Becoming Accomplished by winterblossom 
111. 11 votes for Contest_-_Flowers_for_Jane_Austin by thoorsell 
112. 10 votes for Darcy by damsel_in_this_dress 
113. 9 votes for placemarkers by cocovanderchic 

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