DIY Weddings: Decal Table Numbers and Cupcake Toppers

APR 22, 2013 updated May 28, 2021

DIY WeddingsUp next in our DIY weddings series, Spoonflower crew member Caitlin shares two simple tutorials using decals to add a special touch to your wedding day.  

Table Number & Cupcake Toppers

There are lots of ways to add a personal touch to your wedding. For my own wedding almost four years ago, I made many of the day's decorative elements, including fabric bunting which I turned into a quilt, and boutonnières made from ribbon and buttons. With Spoonflower decals, there are lots of fun and simple projects that you can create — using a custom design of your own or one from the Marketplace — to add a personal touch to your important day. Below are two simple tutorials to make table numbers (something I didn't DIY for my own wedding, but wish I had!) and cupcake toppers with decals.


  • Spoonflower decals, printed with your own design or something from the Spoonflower Marketplace.  I chose an awesome vintage floral by Melody Miller for my projects.
  • Numbers printed out from a home printer.
  • 6 ½" x 8 ½" chalkboards, available online and in craft stores.
  • Toothpicks.
  • Scissors and pencil.

Table Number
For the table numbers:

Prepping Table Numbers

    1. Choose a font and print out the necessary numbers for your tables. For my numbers, I used a font I downloaded from, and sized the numbers to about 5 ½” tall, to fit comfortably onto the chalkboards.

      Tracing Table Numbers

        2. Cut out each number and trace it onto the decal’s paper backing. Since you’ll be using numbers, be sure to reverse them when tracing so that when they’re cut out, they’re facing in the right direction. 

          Table Numbers

            3. Cut out each of the numbers and apply to your chalkboards. One of the great things about Spoonflower’s decal is that it’s repositionable, so you can move your numbers around and re-stick them until you have them in the spot you want.

              Cupcake Toppers
              For the cupcake toppers:

              Prepping Cupcake Toppers

                1. Cut your decal into ½” strips. Cut each strip into a 3 ½” piece. 

                  Cupcake Toppers

                    2. Wrap each strip around one end of a toothpick.

                      Trimming Cupcake Topper

                        3. Trim the end of the decal. You could trim it at an angle or to a point, or cut a triangle out from the end.

                          Finished Cupcake Toppers

                            4. Stick into your cupcakes (or slices of pie or donuts!).

                              Will you be using (or have you used) decals for any of your wedding projects? If so, please share your ideas in the comments below—I’d love to hear about them!

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