A Flotilla Of Sailing Fabrics

APR 26, 2013 updated May 28, 2016

In this week's contest we asked designers to create fabric using no more than five colors chosen from a palette specified in the contest rules. The theme was sailing. So your challenge for this week is to choose your favorites from a field of almost 250 entries!

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The participants this week are:

1.  palette-restricted
sailing_ship_scallop by glimmericks
2.  100 Nauts by kathrynzaremba 
3.  A Sailaway by cison 
4.  A Southern Lady Sails by
5.  A squall by vo_aka_virginiao 
6.  Ahoy Ahoy! by amel24 
7.  Ahoy Matey by paragonstudios 
8.  ahoy there matey by mezzime 
9.  Ahoy, Mermaids! by ifneedb 
10.  Alone and Adrift on a Stormy Sea
by edsel2084

11.  Alone, alone, all, all alone,
Alone on a wide, wide sea! by zaira
12.  An Adventure on the Scallop Seas
by karenharveycox
13.  Anchor My Sail by laurendahl 
14.  Anchored by nadiahassan 
15.  Anchors Away by wrkdesigns 
16.  Anchors Away by charleighxhuskimo 
17.  Anchors away by halley_vance 
18.  Anchors away – all up one way! by
19.  Anchors_Away by mammajamma 
20.  ancient folded paper sailing boat
by sef
21.  big_anchors by union_studio 
22.  blood-red crayon clipper by
23.  boat goat by fabricfaeries 
24.  Boats by cleverviolet 
25.  boats by bocat53 
26.  boats love to sail by ellila 
27.  boats_restricted_palette by littlemissquarter 
28.  Cast Your Nets by
29.  Cedeira azul by cousaspequenas 
30.  Chainlink Sea and Paper Boats by
31.  childrens_sail_boat by rcmj 
32.  Circle_Boat by erin_mitchel 
33.  Clean Sailing Ducks by
34.  Coast by spellstone 
35.  Come Sail Away by arttreedesigns 
36.  Come Sail Away by
37.  Come_Sail_Away by christinecorine 
38.  come_sail_away2 by
39.  Darling8-ed by ruthjohanna 
40.  Days Spent Sailing by mavis_makes 
41.  deco ship by motyka 
42.  Donald Duck Sailor Design by
43.  Far Eastern Seas by susanpolston 
44.  Figure-Eight Knots by mongiesama 
45.  Fishermans friend by scottholmes 
46.  Floating in circles by
47.  Flotsam, Jetsam,Lagan,Derelict (
Array) by boris_thumbkin
48.  Friends to the Ends of the Earth!
by joojoostrees
49.  Full_Sail by spacecowgirl 
50.  Gaff-rigged skiffs, racing by
51.  GeometricSails by a_lark 
52.  Gilligan's Island Deconstructed
by mulberry_tree
53.  HAPPY_SAILS by nainis 
54.  He Gets Seasick by zaharamh 
55.  Hello Sailor by errozero 
56.  HIPPIE SHIPS by bluevelvet 
57.  Infinity by wafflesquirrel 
58.  ip_dip_dip by djaye 
59.  Its_off_to_sea_we_go by tat1 
60.  jellyfish3 by gmstrawn 
61.  Julie's Sailing Race by
62.  King Whale Yacht Club by
63.  kon tiki expedition by
64.  Ladybug Sailing Regatta (blue) by
65.  Land Ahoy!!! by jlwillustration 
66.  Life At Sea by popenterprises 
67.  Life_on_the_Ocean_wave_2-01 by
68.  Little Boat Upon the Sea –
Limited Palette by woodle_doo
69.  Little_boats by fionahogarth 
70.  Look, Honey! The Humans are
Migrating again!!!! by amy_g
71.  Mar by la_nonna_aida 
72.  Mariner's Melody by sammyk 
73.  Mermaids and Paper Boats by aimee 
74.  Moonlight_regatta by arttwin 
75.  Nantucket Regatta by
76.  Naragansett by littlerhodydesign 
77.  Nautica by ttpie 
78.  nautical by johanna_design 
79.  Nautical & Nice by
80.  Nautical Navy Stripes by beccijo 
81.  Nautical Stripe by
82.  Nautical Stripes by mbsterling 
83.  Nautical tangram boats on dark
blue by little_fish
84.  Nautical-child by bellylala 
85.  Navigate on fabric by
86.  NAVY by lijo 
87.  newflags by dana_zurzolo 
88.  Newspaper Boat – Sailing by
89.  Night Sea Fantasy by telden 
90.  Not All Who Wander Are Lost 2 by
91.  on the waves by sten 
92.  Origami sailing boats by fantazya 
93.  Overboard! by oddlyolive 
94.  Paper Boats by amandamcgee 
95.  Paper Boats on Stripes by sydama 
96.  Paper_Boats by louiseisobel 
97.  paper_boat_color_fond_blanc_L by
98.  Pequot Regatta 1970 by
99.  Pieter's Reflections by saartje 
100.  Polly_Pirate_Sailing_Ships by
101.  red boats at morning – sailors
swarming by victorialasher
102.  red_bank-ch-ch-ed-ch-ed by cherb 
103.  Regatta by kezia 
104.  regatta by melhales 
105.  Regatta Rally by kamilindoto 
106.  rolling seas by ottomanbrim 
107.  Ropes and Flags by candyjoyce 
108.  Rubber Duckies and Paper Boats by
109.  sail away by katarina 
110.  Sail Away by countrygarden 
111.  Sail Away by minimiel 
112.  sail away by modern_day_magpie 
113.  Sail Away With Me! by
114.  sail dots by mayacoa 
115.  Sail on Sailor by vos_designs 
116.  SAIL Race Day by baleandtwine 
117.  Sailboarding by paula's_designs 
118.  sailboat by alchemy_art 
119.  Sailboat Deconstructed by
120.  sailboat regatta by babysisterrae 
121.  Sailboat-outlines by hmooreart 
122.  Sailboats by jennjersnap 
123.  SailBoat_1-Lg by grannynan 
124.  sailing by synamin 
125.  Sailing by owlandchickadee 
126.  Sailing by relk 
127.  Sailing by dnzsea 
128.  Sailing by aalk 
129.  Sailing by jillbyers 
130.  sailing by leanne_thiessen 
131.  sailing by itsahootdesigns 
132.  Sailing by linsart 
133.  sailing by roxiespeople 
134.  Sailing by sachahamed 
135.  Sailing by retroretro 
136.  Sailing by jadegordon 
137.  sailing by annacole 
138.  Sailing by suzan_ 
139.  Sailing by cine 
140.  Sailing by yellowstudio 
141.  Sailing by homemade 
142.  Sailing – Notan Style by
143.  Sailing 5 by mgterry 
144.  Sailing ABC by artsycanvasgirl 
145.  Sailing Across Sunset Sea Stripes
by smuk
146.  Sailing Along by robyriker 
147.  Sailing and Sunshine by elramsay 
148.  Sailing Away by ninka 
149.  sailing away by lvhlee 
150.  Sailing Birds by melisza 
151.  sailing bleu by melissajimena 
152.  Sailing Border fabric by
153.  Sailing Buoys by
154.  sailing for the treasure by
155.  Sailing Free by christyp 
156.  sailing fun by ditsykins 
157.  Sailing in Circles by mag-o 
158.  sailing in circles by jchen23 
159.  Sailing into the Sunset by ttoz 
160.  Sailing into the Sunshine by
161.  Sailing on a Sea of Semaphores by
162.  Sailing on the ocean blue by
163.  Sailing Pattern by mintparcel 
164.  sailing pattern by alex_lasher 
165.  Sailing Sailing by kiwicuties 
166.  Sailing Seashells by
167.  Sailing Sun by mikep 
168.  Sailing takes me away by
169.  Sailing under the sun by wiccked 
170.  Sailing with the Sea Creatures by
171.  Sailing With the Vikings by
172.  Sailing with Van Morrison by
173.  sailing yellow boats by kociara 
174.  Sailing, Sailing, On the Ocean
Blue by pixeldust
175.  Sailing, Sailing… by
176.  sailing2 by sg-fabric 
177.  sailing3 by jomag 
178.  SailingAway by creativitylizette 
179.  sailingspflr_edited-1 by
180.  SailingStripes-ed by pil 
181.  Sailing_along by alfabesi 
182.  Sailing_by_Sylvie by
183.  sailing_copy by arnie 
184.  Sailing_pattern_final by svaeth 
185.  sailing_portrait by lilola 
186.  Sailing_Sailing_the_ocean_blue by
187.  Sailing_Viking_Design-offset by
188.  Sailor's Delight by graceful 
189.  Sailor's Knots by kristinnohe 
190.  SailorDucky by chovy 
191.  Sailorprint by sratenebrosa 
192.  Sailors Striped Delight by
193.  Sailors__knots_restricted_palette
by owls
194.  Sails 1 by animotaxis 
195.  Sails Ahoy! by reherman 
196.  Sails on Sails by spoonnan 
197.  Sail_Away by pink_koala_design 
198.  sail_boat by silkhope86 
199.  Sail_Boat_Extravaganza 2b by
200.  Sail_byJohan8yrs by viljatwins 
201.  Sea monsters love sailboats by
202.  Sea, Shimmering Sea by yoka 
203.  seagulls and sails by scrummy 
204.  Seagulls_and_sails by
205.  seastar by luckyb 
206.  Seaward Bound by chris_jorge 
207.  Seen While Sailing by ravynscache 
208.  Set Sail by steelmagnoliastudios 
209.  She sails seeking shells by
210.  Ship Shape by caroline_watkins 
211.  Ships in bottles by ebygomm 
212.  Simply Sailing by madex 
213.  Sinister Stripe by ceanirminger 
214.  Sitting Pretty Sailor in the
MIdday Sun- color restricted by susaninparis
215.  sky anchors by annaboo 
216.  spinnaker by suebeerice 
217.  Spinning Sails – restricted palette
entry by moxieart
218.  spoonflower-sailing-contest by
219.  stripes_and_love_boats by ariari 
220.  Summer Sailing by becana 
221.  Sun Behind the Sail Contest by
222.  sunny sailing by simut 
223.  Sunset Sail by wittythings 
224.  sunset seas by megananne 
225.  Swashbucklers__regatta by lbishop 
226.  Sydney_Harbour_Sails by
227.  The Family Boats by charldia 
228.  The Joy of Open Sea by
229.  The Salty Sea by crowlands 
230.  To See the World by Sea by
231.  touristboat by kiahkhan 
232.  Trouble at sea by cjldesigns 
233.  tumultuous seas by iamseamonster 
234.  turmoil_1 by aussie_b 
235.  under the sea by vonblohn 
236.  Vela by anchobee 
237.  Viking Ships by gail_mcneillie 
238.  Vintage Sailing by waiomaotiki 
239.  whale and 4 ships by
240.  Whales and Sails by meg56003 
241.  Whales on Chevron Waves by
242.  Wind & Waves by painter13 
243.  Windy Sails – Shining Seas – ©
PinkSodaPop 4ComputerHeaven.com by pinksodapop
244.  Xerox_Phaser_3300MFP_20130422163020_1-ch
by pegster
245.  Yacht Race by creative_merritt 
246.  Yellow School of fishes by
247.  Yo Whale by likarish 

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