DIY WeddingsIn the last project in our DIY weddings series, Spoonflower crew member Allie shares an easy tutorial for creating a custom bean bag toss game set for a fun, personalized touch to your wedding day!

Finished Bean Bag
For my oldest sister’s wedding last weekend, I knew using Spoonflower to personalize the day would come in handy. When she mentioned wanting a bean bag toss game for guests to play at her wedding on our family farm here in North Carolina, we decided to design custom decals to decorate the boards and matching fabric for the bean bags. It was a super simple project that everyone at the wedding enjoyed! I used a custom stamp with the bride's and groom's initials and the wedding date she created to decorate the invitations as my design element for the decals and designed a floral fabric in similar colors for the bean bags.  

Q and V logoI began my project by scanning the stamped image created to adorn their custom invitation.  I then used Adobe Illustrator to clean up the image a bit, sized to 20" at 150 dpi, and made the color even throughout the design. To help distinguish teams, I created a blue version, which fueled competion between the bride's team and groom's team.      

Image Clean-up


Once I had cleaned up and sized my design, I uploaded the file to my Spoonflower account.  Since I had a bit of extra space on the 30” x 30” decal, I filled that area with smaller versions of the logo, just in case we could just them elsewhere in the wedding. 

Placing Decal
Applying the decals was super easy – cut out the shape, peel, stick!  Sometimes it’s helpful to have a friend when working with large decals, as they tend to stick to themselves. Since they are repostionable, it's is easy to move them around if you don't get them in the exact spot you'd like the first time.

Bean Bags
I used the same blue and pink to create a floral design that I had printed on linen-cotton canvas to use for bean bags. Bean bag construction was super easy — just sew little squares, fill with beans, and close!

Our bean bag toss was perfect for my sister's wedding day festivities, complete with boards colored for both a groom's team and a bride's team, but you can create your own game set for family reunions, birthday parties, or other summertime celebrations!

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Allie's bioWhen Allie is not working as a part of Spoonflower’s marketing team, she can be found crafting, studying for her Masters in Textiles, or snuggling her dog Grace.