Welcome to Spoonlandia! Announcing the Staff Challenge Winner

MAR 21, 2013 updated Apr 26, 2021

After weeks of preparation, much gnashing of teeth, innumerable exchanges of bitter looks, and a week of voting, we are pleased to announce the winners of our annual internal craft smackdown. This year Spoonflower crew members were divided into teams and asked to try their hands at something that, in many cases, they had never tried to do in their lives: creating a quilt. The fifteen teams produced a number of witty, creative and in some cases even beautiful efforts. They included an LED-lit quilt, a 3-D quilt that showcased fabric manipulation techniques, a scented quilt with a flower design, and a tribute to Spoonflower's hometown of Durham. But the winner turned out to be a tribute to Spoonflower itself, and to the many talented designers who make up the Spoonflower community. With all the votes counted, the Staff Challenge winner is the Spoonlandia quilt by the team of John, Abbey and Laurie. Their prize will be a set of cooking lessons at one of Durham's most cutting-edge restaurants, Revolution. Thanks to everyone who voted and cheered them on!

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We're not going to post vote totals on this one, partly because — at least in our book — we think all the teams are winners. But just to remind you of the entrants, here's the list in no particular order:

1. Beth, Anne, and Kimmie: Team Mandala
2. Caroline, Joey and Leah: Team Bumblebee
3. Adam, Chad, and Kelsey: Team Color Wheel
4. Abbey, John and Laurie: Team Spoonlandia
5. Mary, Thomas, and Kerry: Team Minimal
6. Danielle, Kim F., and Kate: Team Texture
7. Deron, Kelly W., and Lindy: Team Steampunk Chess
8. Holly, Paula, and Yoalder: Team Music Tapes
9. Allie, Theresa, and Kimberly: Team Hey Girl
10. Anna, Jorren and Emma: Team Horror Closet
11. Katie, Stephanie, and Sharon: Team Haiku
12. Jesse, Kelly B. and Stephen F.: Team Durham
13. Caitlin, Jaysen, and Sarah: Team Rocketship
14. Janet, David and Stephen B.: Team Baum
15. Becca, Darci and Gart: Team Kite

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