Quilt vs Quilt: The Spoonflower Staff Smackdown

MAR 15, 2013 updated Apr 26, 2021

Staff-quilt Collage
Every year we turn the tables for a week and ask you to vote for designs created by the Spoonflower staff. This year we divided all of our people randomly into fifteen teams of three people each and then asked each team to create a quilt using fabric it designed. We also asked the teams to chronicle their efforts for the Spoonflower blog. We hope you'll agree that the results are quite entertaining. Here's your chance to help choose the winning team!

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The participating teams are:

1. Beth, Anne, and Kimmie: Team Mandala
2. Caroline, Joey and Leah: Team Bumblebee
3. Adam, Chad, and Kelsey: Team Color Wheel
4. Abbey, John and Laurie: Team Spoonlandia
5. Mary, Thomas, and Kerry: Team Minimal
6. Danielle, Kim F., and Kate: Team Texture
7. Deron, Kelly W., and Lindy: Team Steampunk Chess
8. Holly, Paula, and Yoalder: Team Music Tapes
9. Allie, Theresa, and Kimberly: Team Hey Girl
10. Anna, Jorren and Emma: Team Horror Closet
11. Katie, Stephanie, and Sharon: Team Haiku
12. Jesse, Kelly B. and Stephen F.: Team Durham
13. Caitlin, Jaysen, and Sarah: Team Rocketship
14. Janet, David and Stephen B.: Team Baum
15. Becca, Darci and Gart: Team Kite

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