Painted Egg Fabrics – Hop On Over and Vote!

MAR 22, 2013 updated May 28, 2016

With spring getting ready to hop like a bunny, the theme of this week's fabric design contest is painted eggs. Here's your chance to vote for all your favorite Easter-ish fabric designs. Voting is open through Wednesday, and we promise to report back next week with a very colorful top ten!

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The participants this week are:

1.  Just add Flour and Eggs! by
2.  The Birds of Easter Island by
3.  "An Eggsellent Easter"
by jeanfogelberg
4.  -paintedegg by kikivanpersie 
5.  01 by hassansiraj26 
6.  A Basketful of Painted Eggs by
7.  A Beautiful Bunch of Painted
Easter Eggs by pencilmein
8.  A Bees Knees Egg by karenharveycox 
9.  A Dozen Eggs in a Dozen Colors by
10.  A Tisket, A Tasket… by

11.  Abby's easter egg flora by
12.  African_Easter_Eggs by Sylvie by
13.  Along the Primrose Path – Painter
Chick by hootenannit
14.  An Egg in Every Basket by cola82 
15.  An UnEGGspected Surprise by
16.  an unwrapped egg: pysanky floral
in grey by weavingmajor
17.  arabesques-pastel by lilufc 
18.  Art Nouveau Eggs by miart 
19.  A_New_Life by marygrace 
20.  bird and flower II by claravox 
21.  bird_and_feather_ by devadaisy 
22.  Blooming Easter Eggs by
23.  Bohemian-painted-eggs by
24.  brightpromise by sketchingmagpie 
25.  Bunny hearts and flowers by
26.  bunny_painted_egg by
27.  carnival de egg (small scale) by
28.  Celebrate Spring with Painted
Mini Eggs by inscribed_here
29.  Charming vintage eggcups by
30.  Checkerboard Eggs by rosaleendhu 
31.  Chick and eggs ready for Easter
by fantazya
32.  Chick Eggs by tortagialla 
33.  Chicks and egg by victoriagobel 
34.  Chocolate Egg tumble by
35.  Colored Eggs by pond_ripple 
36.  Colored Pysankys by rengal 
37.  Colored_Eggs_Half_full_for_you-ed
by thoorsell
38.  Colorful Eggs by designtrends 
39.  coloring_blue_eggs by lcbstamps 
40.  color_eggs by bavuchaz 
41.  color_eggs by pauliqui 
42.  Colour your own eggs by
43.  Confetti Eggs! by joojoostrees 
44.  cp_paintedegg by cindypie 
45.  Crafty peoples' pysanky by
46.  cross eyed by walkwithmagistudio 
47.  CSS labeled EGGS by motyka 
48.  Czech Easter Eggs by
49.  Daisy_Painted_Eggs__Lime_Green_and_Orange
by roarin_betty
50.  Decorative eggs, after Fabergé by
51.  Diagonal Dip Eggs by
52.  DIP DAB AND DYE by gsonge 
53.  Dip, Dip, Double Dip by sammyk 
54.  Drips of Easter Color – White
Linen Background by vanillabeandesigns
55.  Drops of Water color eggs by
56.  DSCF0479 by aussie_b 
57.  Easter Argyle with Painted Eggs
by empireruhl
58.  Easter Birdie Egg Hunt by arttreedesigns 
59.  Easter Bunnies by macywong 
60.  Easter Bunnies by
61.  Easter celebration by alfabesi 
62.  Easter Egg Hide and Seek by
63.  Easter Egg Polka Dots by
64.  Easter Egg Print Cream by dawnams 
65.  Easter egg revolt by silvery 
66.  Easter Egg Stowaway by
67.  easter egg toss by andibird 
68.  Easter Eggs by khandisha 
69.  Easter Eggs by fayolaonline 
70.  Easter eggs by crafts51432 
71.  easter eggs by krs_expressions 
72.  easter eggs by farrellart 
73.  Easter Eggs by kimsa 
74.  easter eggs by lucicat 
75.  Easter Eggs by countrygarden 
76.  easter eggs and woodpeckers by
77.  Easter eggs are sweet by ellila 
78.  Easter Eggs Gone Very, Very
Wrong…. by amy_g
79.  Easter Eggs Painted Mosaics by
80.  Easter eggs, chick and bunny by
81.  Easter Flowers by beebumble 
82.  Easter Garden by amel24 
83.  Easter Happy Eggs by
84.  Easter Joy ! by demigoutte 
85.  Easter Surprise by nhh 
86.  Easter Surprise by whimzwhirled 
87.  easteregg by almost_vintage 
88.  Eastern eggs by kociara 
89.  Easter_Bloom by stacyiesthsu 
90.  easter_egg by cottagecrafts 
91.  easter_eggs by mammajamma 
92.  easter_eggs by d'lee-d'laa 
93.  Easter_eggs by aalk 
94.  easter_eggs2 by elich 
95.  easter_grid by gazeofdolls 
96.  easter_time by ristyd 
97.  Egg A-Go-Go by sam_kalda 
98.  egg doodles by megananne 
99.  Egg flowers by alexsan 
100.  Egg Hunt by 3montanachicks 
101.  Egg Hunt by angeladesaenz 
102.  Egg Hunting by powpourri 
103.  EGG PAINTING by bluevelvet 
104.  Egg Painting by ravynscache 
105.  egg-factory by claudiastrenger 
106.  Egg-stravaganza (painted eggs) by
107.  Eggbert the Egg by puddlefoot 
108.  EggCarton Polka Dots by
109.  eggcentricity by cricquette 
110.  Eggcited! by deeniespoonflower 
111.  eggfabric by dana_simsom 
112.  EggfloralonPaleYellow1 by
113.  Eggio by verycherry 
114.  Eggs by cricketswool 
115.  eggs by hmooreart 
116.  eggs by cleverviolet 
117.  eggs & chicks by
118.  Eggs and colors by heanne 
119.  Eggs monster. by panova 
120.  Eggs of color by fentonslee 
121.  Eggs Painted by Famous Painters
by mongiesama
122.  Eggs Swirls by leahvanlutz 
123.  Eggs-actly! Painted Eggs! by
124.  eggs2 by kati_falk_designs 
125.  Eggsactly What I Was Hunting For
by edsel2084
126.  eggshell3 by monetrobertson 
127.  EggsSeven by gmgeometry 
128.  eggstatic_mini by pollywhistle 
129.  eggstencialism_003 by lowa84 
130.  Eggs_Alive_8 by ttpie 
131.  eggs_and_dots by zaira 
132.  eggs_by_the_yards by ludditepress 
133.  eggs_eggs_eggs by butterflyme 
134.  Eggs_Grass by joyfuldesigner 
135.  EGGTASTIC by jlwillustration 
136.  Eggys by grannynan 
137.  egg_design by cando 
138.  egg_hunt_zen_psp_2 by zen_doodler 
139.  egg_painting by roxiespeople 
140.  egg_wreath by blondfish 
141.  Fabergé Easter Eggs by jila 
142.  FABERGE garden by melachmulik 
143.  feather_indian_egg by maxine1 
144.  Floral Easter Eggs by siya 
145.  floral egg painting by suma 
146.  Floral painted eggs_diamonds by
147.  Floral pasqua eggs by dariara 
148.  Flying_Eggs by vannina 
149.  From the Egg Sprung Spring! by
150.  Glass Easter Eggs by jazilla 
151.  GlobeEgg4 by mgterry 
152.  Gold eggs by socorro 
153.  Great Easter messy by akwaflorell 
154.  Groovy Painted Egg Stripe by
155.  Hand drawn pattern with painted
eggs by smalty
156.  hand dyed eggs by ottomanbrim 
157.  Happy Easter Eggs by super_hoot 
158.  Happy Easter full of Love No.1 by
159.  happy egg by kushma 
160.  Hard Boiled Painters by
161.  Hey Little Birdie by graceful 
162.  hidden_eastereggs by sg-fabric 
163.  HoneyBunnysEgg_CarrotPatch by
164.  HoppyEaster by
165.  howjellybeansareborn by
166.  I love your sparkle! by
167.  I would like all my eggs in one
basket … please by laura_the_drawer
168.  image by bluebubbles 
169.  IMG by emmysboutique 
170.  IMG_6701-ed by hannibal 
171.  Jetson eggs! by vo_aka_virginiao 
172.  Jewel tone/painterly eggs by
173.  Juggle with Easter eggs by
174.  Julie's painted some EGGS Y by
175.  Ker-Splattt!! by katiame 
176.  l'art des poulet! (robin's egg
blue) by pattyryboltdesigns
177.  Lesley_Decorque Enchanted Easter
Egg Tree Design. by lesley_decorque
178.  Lithuanian Easter Eggs by
179.  Little Chicks painting an Easter
Egg by irrimiri
180.  lovely little eggs by hurryhome 
181.  Lovely Painterly Eggs! by
182.  marzlene_painted_eggs_2601 by
183.  Mid-Century Easter Eggs by
184.  Modern Batik Easter Eggs by
185.  Mysterious Eggs by candyjoyce 
186.  Natural Egg Painting by
187.  Oeufs peints by petitspixels 
188.  Ombre Rainbow Eggs! by
189.  One egg short of the Omelette! by
190.  Paint-By-Number Eggs by
191.  Painted Blue Eggs by jeannemcgee 
192.  Painted Easter Eggs 2 by
193.  painted egg flowers by
194.  painted eggs by karinka 
195.  Painted eggs by wumi 
196.  Painted Eggs by elizabethdoyle 
197.  Painted Eggs by fattcheese 
198.  Painted Eggs by painter13 
199.  Painted Eggs by alissecatherine 
200.  Painted Eggs by nicoletamarin 
201.  Painted Eggs by wiccked 
202.  Painted Eggs by popenterprises 
203.  Painted Eggs – white by
204.  painted eggs 2 – 150 by
205.  Painted Eggs Doodlestyle by ghennah 
206.  Painted Eggs in Blue by
207.  Painted Eggs Memories by
208.  Painted Eggs Under Glass by
209.  Painted Eggs with a Twist by
210.  painted green eggs border fabric
by jellybeanquilter
211.  PaintedEggs by
212.  Painted_Egg & Dart_Border by
213.  painted_eggs by tat1 
214.  Painted_Eggs by jillbyers 
215.  Painted_eggs by sten 
216.  painted_eggs by isabella_asratyan 
217.  painted_eggs by studioboe! 
218.  painted_eggs large by
219.  painted_eggs1 by stella12 
220.  painted_egg_butterfly_meadow by
221.  painted_egg_design1 by
222.  Painted_Egg_Easter_Camo by relk 
223.  Pastel Painted Eggs by krw1243 
224.  peach chevron ombre by norasbows 
225.  Peter Cottontail's Egg Plates by
226.  Pretty Painted Eggs by demouse 
227.  Printed dots on fabric by ninka 
228.  Pysanky by lauradejong 
229.  Pysanky chick by ebygomm 
230.  Pysanky Very Much! by
231.  Pysanky_Play by s_benarcik 
232.  Quirky Painted Easter Eggs by
233.  rabbits by fabiennegood 
234.  rabbit_the_painter by angelprint 
235.  rainbow_chevron_eggs-01 by wendyg 
236.  Red Egg by spellstone 
237.  Repeating Eggs by mmdxd 
238.  robin_s_picnic by
239.  Rococo Painted Egg Border by
240.  S43 X eggs zigzag by sef 
241.  simply_eggs by lissisissi 
242.  spoonflower_egg_repeat_2 by
243.  Spring Break by conniefrancism 
244.  Spring Painted Eggs by snuss 
245.  SpringIsInTheAir by erinnapoli 
246.  Springtime Easter by simplysweet 
247.  Springtime Eggs by
248.  striped eggs by luckyb 
249.  Sunshine Easter Eggs by
250.  Sweet Eggs by rilabags 
251.  Sweet Eglantine! by rhondadesigns 
252.  Sweet painted eggs by cjldesigns 
253.  Sweet Tweets by wednesdaysgirl 
254.  Sylvia and Her Egg II by golders 
255.  The Chicken or The Egg by mag-o 
256.  The Painted Egg by anniedeb 
257.  the_circle_of_life by podaiboo 
258.  Tie Dye Eggs! by sara_berrenson 
259.  Tiny Eggs and Bunnies by shala 
260.  Traditional Pysanky (Painted
Eggs) by draigathar
261.  Tranquility by winterblossom 
262.  turtle_egg_world by mojiarts 
263.  Ukrainian Mania by dianne_annelli 
264.  Watercolor Easter by inkwolf 
265.  Watercolored Easter Eggs by
266.  Watercolored Eggs by
267.  Watercolour_Eggs by louiseisobel 
268.  when chickens eat dye by
269.  Where do pysanky eggs come from?
by kjay77
270.  White Rabbit in Wonderland at
Easter by smuk
271.  WILD_POPPIES by geaausten 
272.  Zeichnung-1 by ruthjohanna 
273.  ZoeKeller_EasterEggs by zoekellerdesign 

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