World’s Cutest Warming Pillows

FEB 28, 2013

For this week's contest we asked each designer to create a cut & sew pattern for a slip to fit a warmable animal-themed pillow — a pillow that can be filled with feed corn, flaxseed or something similar and then warmed in a microwave to create a soft, snuggly friend for cold winter nights. The entries were almost too cute to vote. The winner, however, was a little dachshund named Sally created by Australian designer Laura Wright. Congratulations to Laura and the rest of the top ten!

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The final vote totals from this week's contest were:

1. 464 votes for Sally the dachshund pillow with sleeping bag by laura_the_drawer 
2. 431 votes for Catnap Pillowcase by jennartdesigns 
3. 410 votes for Microwavable Body Warmer HotDog by eclectic_house 
4. 367 votes for LITTLE MISS MUDPIE – PIG N BLANKET by bzbdesigner 
5. 351 votes for Panda bear + jersey critter pillow by sawabona 
6. 341 votes for Cuddly Wuddly Wombat by spoonnan 
7. 314 votes for fox pillow and fox softie toy cut and sew pattern by katarina 
8. 304 votes for OwlBeWarmed by mrshervi 
9. 303 votes for BooBoo Buddy (cut + sew critter) by pattyryboltdesigns 
10. 281 votes for Cosy Rabbit Pal by verycherry 

11. 278 votes for FOX warmable pillow slip cut-and-sew pattern by scrummy 
12. 275 votes for Guinea Pig Hand Warmers by shiro 
13. 262 votes for Penny, the Pretty Warming Kitty by jennjersnap 
14. 259 votes for Turtle Pillow – Cut & Sew by illustrative_images 
15. 252 votes for Ladybug Warm Huggable Pillow by domoshar 
16. 247 votes for Sweet Pea by spicysteweddemon 
17. 245 votes for Emmylou warmable pillow by cjldesigns 
18. 238 votes for Ruffled travelling turtle taking a rest by fantazya 
19. 235 votes for To Dream and Warm up by demigoutte 
20. 232 votes for Fox_warmer_pillow_dark_strokes_filter-ed by callline 
21. 217 votes for THE_SIREN_SONG by chicca_besso 
22. 217 votes for Harper the Hedgehog Cuddly Cushion by jmckinniss 
23. 214 votes for Hot Foxes by kfrogb 
24. 213 votes for Fire/SnowFox-Warmable/Freezable Pillow by juliestricks 
25. 204 votes for MR Fox Pillow by natitys 
26. 198 votes for Mama and Baby Dragon mini pillow by glindabunny 
27. 193 votes for Kawaii piglet warmable pillow and cover by petitspixels 
28. 191 votes for Owl Nice and Warm Critter Pillow Slipcover by kdl 
29. 186 votes for apple and worm critter pillow DIY by elinvanegmo
30. 184 votes for Claude the Cuddle Monkey by mulberry_tree 
31. 184 votes for Foxy & Kit by looksey+howe 
32. 184 votes for fox_critter_pillow by yanagi 
33. 182 votes for Panda Handa Warmer Cut & Sew by jenimp 
34. 178 votes for Snuggle Bunny Pattern by dusty_pony_design 
35. 170 votes for Alice P. Mouser the cat kit by karaskye 
36. 169 votes for HappyHorace by paula's_designs 
37. 167 votes for Snuggle Snake by joniok 
38. 165 votes for GinnyGiraffe by love,witty 
39. 163 votes for polar bear cut and sew pillow case by karinka 
40. 158 votes for Siberian Tiger Pillow Slip by snigne 
41. 158 votes for The Huggasaurus by forest&sea 
42. 156 votes for Cute Little Hand Warmers by loeff 
43. 153 votes for snug-as-a-bug by hmooreart 
44. 149 votes for Mr Fox Awake/ Asleep Cover by nezumiworld 
45. 139 votes for GOT BRAINS! Sock Monkey by paragonstudios 
46. 139 votes for Wood Rock N Armadillo Cut & Sew warm Pillow by lizartelier 
47. 134 votes for Hedgehog Warmable Pillow Cover by spikymammal 
48. 133 votes for Snuggle Bug by blondfish 
49. 133 votes for Lola by angel_mio 
50. 130 votes for friendly_caterpillar_pillow by glimmericks 
51. 123 votes for Red Panda Pillow by cola82 
52. 121 votes for Cuddly Racoon Rice Pillow Set by jacinda 
53. 118 votes for Cthulhu Snuggle Pillow with reversible slipcover by mongiesama 
54. 114 votes for Nerdy Chick Pillow & Cover by robyriker 
55. 111 votes for Dino patch pillow by kirpa 
56. 111 votes for Klimts_Kats 8"x8" by higmeister 
57. 108 votes for owlpockets by catnelson < br style="color: #000000; font-family: arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; font-size: 13.333333969116211px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: 17.77777862548828px; orphans: auto; text-align: left; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: auto; word-spacing: 0px; background-color: #ffffff;" />58. 106 votes for Sweet Dreams Egg – rice bag cover by victorialasher 
59. 99 votes for Octopus's Garden warming pillow and slip cover by aldea 
60. 97 votes for Snuggle Panda Pillow by almost_vintage 
61. 94 votes for Snuggle A Puggle by lirib 
62. 91 votes for kiwi_baby_snuggle_project by outie 
63. 90 votes for Snugglebunny by charlottehaas 
64. 86 votes for A Foxy Warmable Snuggle Kit: Bonus Handwarmers by vo_aka_virginiao 
65. 84 votes for Cuddle Huddle Cut and Sew Warmable Pillow by gitchyville_stitches 
66. 84 votes for hedgehog by cbronsky 
67. 82 votes for Cut and sew fox pillow slip by mirromaru 
68. 81 votes for Cat_Mit-_Myboho_home by mybohohome 
69. 78 votes for cut and sew Poucette and the Swallow, critter pillow by branchaplumes 
70. 76 votes for Critter_Pillow by leahwilliams 
71. 74 votes for Hey Diddle Diddle by whimzwhirled 
72. 72 votes for Tuxedo_Cat_12X12_RTP_C10 by islandia 
73. 71 votes for cuddly cthulhu cushion cover by sef 
74. 70 votes for Patchwork_bunnies_pillow_covers by khowardquilts 
75. 69 votes for Ducky,_the_cuddle_pet_pillow by alfabesi 
76. 66 votes for Daisy Daisy pillow critter by cison 
77. 65 votes for Clown_Fish by shellyaloha 
78. 65 votes for Ollie_kleur by jhrunderkamp 
79. 61 votes for Pig in a Blanket by ascphotos&designs 
80. 57 votes for roxiecozy by roxiespeople 
81. 55 votes for sea_turtle_critter_slip by melhales 
82. 53 votes for Tiger Pillow Slip by animotaxis 
83. 52 votes for itty bitty kitty pillow by kirstylovescardboard 
84. 50 votes for Strong Rhino by carmen_mccullough 
85. 50 votes for Bunny & E
aster Egg (Warmable Critter Pillow & Pillow Slip) by michellehumberart
86. 49 votes for RUSTY THE ROBOT DOG PILLOW WARMER by bluevelvet 
87. 49 votes for S_B-Ocean-Scene by patches 
88. 48 votes for All those Pretty Horses by danibrighton 
89. 47 votes for Panda_Bear_neck_wrap by missconnie 
90. 38 votes for snuggly1 by linsart 
91. 34 votes for editedpig by safarigirly 
92. 31 votes for Henrietta Hamster Hugs and Kisses by joojoostrees 
93. 29 votes for Cat Sandwich Warmable Pillow by pond_ripple 
94. 29 votes for Dreamy Little Dragon heating pillow cover by dahbeedo 
95. 28 votes for Dodo by susannah_elizabeth 
96. 28 votes for IMG_6544 by hannibal 
97. 22 votes for KittybearWarmablePad-FQ by grannynan

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