Knit Baby and Toddler Leggings | Video Tutorial

FEB 4, 2013 updated May 18, 2021

What’s adorable, uses only a quarter yard of fabric, and sews up in under an hour? These knit baby leggings! We can’t get over them. These things are as easy to make as they are cute (and they’re really cute).  Join Spoonflower friend and contributor Anda Corrie as she walks you through these DIY knit leggings, available in sizes 6 months – 5T, and bookmark this page–you’ll definitely want to make more than one pair. More of an audio/visual learner? Skip down to the bottom of the post and check out the step-by-step video with Spoonflower team member Meredith. Let’s get started! 

Knit Baby and Toddler Leggings - video tutorial + free pattern
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Spoonflower - Knit baby leggings tutorial

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Anda: Let’s make baby leggings! First, you want a stretchy fabric. I’m obsessed with Spoonflower’s Organic Cotton knit at the moment— it’s super soft, a little thicker than many jersey knits, and I find it makes awesome baby clothes. There are many different knits available at Spoonflower, so choose the knit fabric that’s right for you. The pattern I’ve included for download is for size 6m. If you have a favorite pair of leggings that already fit your child, try folding them in half like the pattern demonstrates and tracing them instead. It will be hard to make any sizes larger than 9m with a fat quarter, however, so be sure to check your leggings size when ordering your fabric.



  • Leggings pattern*
  • Your favorite knit fabric – we’re using Organic Cotton Knit
    • One fat quarter for size 6 months
    • One yard for sizes 2T-5T
  • Matching thread (polyester or cotton will both work fine)
  • 17.5” of ¾” wide elastic
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A sewing machine!

*Be sure to print out both pages of the leggings pattern and tape together the top and bottom portion of the leggings before starting.*

Spoonflower - Knit Baby Leggings Pattern - LaidOut
Lay the fabric out and fold each end inwards like shown. Pin the pattern piece in place along the fold and cut out our fabric. Repeat for the other side of the fabric.

SF Knit Baby Leggings Tutorial - Middle Section

From the remaining fabric in the center, cut two rectangles. The stretch of your fabric should be going across the width of your cuff and your rectangle should be 6.25” wide and 4” tall.

SF-Knit Baby Leggings - Sides Pinned
Open up the pattern pieces and place with right sides facing. The wider edge is the waistband. Pin from sides of waist to where the fabric makes a point and sew with a straight stitch and a 1/2″ seam allowance.

SF Knit Baby Leggings Pattern - Legs pinned
Next, open up the pants so the seams you’ve just sewn are now in the center instead of on the sides. They should resemble baby leggings at this point. Line up the legs as shown, pin, and sew along the inseam.

Stitching Elastic Waistband
Turn leggings right side out. Fold about ¼ – ½” of the waistband over and straight stitch around the top.

SF- Knit Baby Leggings Tutorial - Waistband creation

I like to stitch the elastic directly to the back of the leggings to keep it in place.  After doing this, fold over about 1” of fabric around the elastic and stitch. Be careful not to catch the elastic as you go! 

SF- Knit Baby Leggings Tutorial - Pinning and Sewing Leg Cuffs
Straight stitch along the short end of each 4″ x 6.25” rectangle, making two little tubes. Fold them in half and then put them over the bottom of each pant leg, with raw seams all together. 

SF- Knit Baby Leggings Tutorial - Attaching Leg Cuffs to Leggings

Zig zag stitch around raw seams, turn right side out and you’re all done. Now you’ve got a perfect, snuggly pair of leggings for your little one. Stitch up a few more in coordinating colors, or sew one and gift to a friend!

SF- Knit Baby Leggings Tutorial - Finished Leggings

Don’t stop at just leggings! Create the perfect toddler tee in under an hour with this step by step tutorial.

About Our Guest Blogger

 Anda Lewis Corrie is an illustrator, designer and artist living in Berlin with her little family. She likes sharing ideas, seasonal cocktails, drawing on every surface that can be drawn on, and she takes too many vacations.

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  • Paige Johnson

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    This pattern goes from 6 mos. and jumps to 2T. Is there a pattern for 9, 12, 18 mos.??

    I just ordered organic cotton knit and I’m looking forward to making a pair of leggings.

    Thank you for your help!

  • “Knit baby leggings with Meridith”

    after reading the blog Meridith suggested the second page was the extension for the legging. If so where is the pattern piece for the cuff please?

    Also others commented the pattern did not fit properly and Meridith replied this would be corrected on an updated pattern. Could I have the updated version with the cuff pattern? Where can I find it.

    Thank you so much. I am looking forward to sewing.


    • Hi Trina,

      The updated pattern can be found in the materials section of this tutorial, or you can follow these links below:
      6 months size
      2T-5T sizes

      The cuff part of the pattern is on the very last page of each of these pattern files.

      Happy sewing!

  • Jennifer Greenfield

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Great tutorial and pattern. However, I am finding that the 6 month size looks smaller than a normal 6 month size. Is there a simple way to upsize this pattern to a 9 or 12 month size?

  • Hello, thanks for the great pattern! It doesn’t mention which way the orientation of the 6.25″ x 4″ rectangle should be – should the stretch be across the long or short dimension? Thanks.

    • Hi there,

      The stretch of your fabric should be going across the width of your cuff and your rectangle should be 6.25” wide and 4” tall. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

      Take care,

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Any chance this could be updated to include other sizes? My nephew is 10 mo. and I don’t have access to his clothes nor the skills as a beginner to ‘create’ one

  • The 2-5T pattern is incorrect. The front and back of the pattern should have different “rises”. Front crotch length looks roughly correct. But back crotch rise probably needs at least an inch extra (approximately) in the rise tapering down to the front rise. Essentially, you either need separate pattern pieces or at least indicate on the pattern the back rise (crotch length) as it is not indicated- and really needs to be. Otherwise there will be insufficient butt coverage. . and as it stands the pattern does not work. please fix it.

    • Hi Haydee,

      Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! We are working on an updated version of the 2-5T pattern and will link the pattern as soon as it’s available.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        I would like a pattern for 12-18 months. Is this available?

    • Hi there!

      Thanks so much for your question! Are you able to share what details you’re looking for? I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

  • On the 6m pattern and the toddler pattern I believe it should NOT SAY \”cut on fold\”, but it should say \”place on fold\”.
    She showed this in the video, but it was a little confusing when I saw the \”cut on fold\” on the pattern.
    Thanks for the video!
    I can\’t wait to try this pattern and sew leggings for my three new grand-babies!

  • The type of diaper makes a difference in measurement. Before cutting and sewing, measure realistically how much fabric is needed with diaper on. Just switching from cloth to disposable in a day, can make any pants fall off!

  • I wanted newborn leggings so I decreased the pattern by 20% when printing and give it a whirl. It came out pretty close and sewed up in no time. Thanks for the great pattern!

  • Hi~ I just tried to cut the pieces for this pattern and there is no way there is even remotely enough fabric left for the cuff pieces after cutting out the pattern pieces from a fat quarter. I’m so disappointed! Has anyone had this problem?

    • I had the same problem with the pattern too. I cut out the cuff pieces the only way that they would fit on the remaining fabric.
      When I went to atttach them to the legging I knew that they wouldn’t stretch enough to get the baby’s foot into the leg! I made a pattern piece with an arrow for the direction of the stretch so that I don’t have that problem in the future.

      Unfortunately, I had to order more fabric since I had already cut out 5 different pair of legging because it looked so simple. I am waiting for more fabric now so that I can finish the cuffs! The 6 month looks pretty small in size. I am also waiting for them to try them on my granddaughter with the one that I finished with some spare white cotton knit that I had on hand before I bother finishing them and mailing them for Christmas.

      • Hi Jen,

        We apologize for the unexpected trouble. It sounds like the stretch of the cuff may have been going in the wrong direction but we have updated the pattern to include more details. The stretch of your fabric should be going across the width of your cuff and your rectangle should be 6.25” wide and 4” tall.

        Take care,

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      I’m having the same problem. I checked that my pattern was printed to scale. I specifically bought just a fat quarter for this pattern. It’s a directional print and I can only get one 4×6 cuff piece in the correct orientation from what is left after cutting out the two legs.

    • I am also having this issue with the pair I’m in the process of making. I have a second fat quarter for another pair and I keep looking at it to see if I laid the pattern for the first pair out wrong. I’m pretty sure that I did not. Pretty bummed but thinking I’ll just hem the pants without doing a cuff.

  • That pattern is bad. The seam for the waist and butt is completely short. Don’t waste your fabric. I added an additional three inches the pattern at the top. Hopefully this fixes it.

    • The 2-5T size needs a higher Back crotch rise, tapering to the front rise. at least an extra inch

      • This patter for the 6mos size absolutely does not work. As someone else said there is nowhere near enough room from the leg seam up to the waist . I added over an inch and still doesn’t work. Wasted my fabric.

        • Hi Julie,
          We’re so sorry to hear there was an issue with the pattern. We are doing some testing on our end to see what the issue might be but in the meantime, did you attach the page 2 pattern piece to the top of the page 1 pattern piece? Thanks for any additional details you might have! – Meredith

          • No. . . because you never told us to do so! Fortunately, I figured out that the 2nd pattern piece (that I thought was for the cuffs) was actually supposed to be added to the top of the page 1 legging pattern. You need to tell people to line up the arrows on the 2 pattern pieces and tape them together.

  • Hi, Sarah,
    Anda’s included a pattern here for size 6m. If you have a favorite pair of leggings that already fit your child, try folding them in half like the pattern demonstrates and tracing them instead.

  • So confused. Just sewed together the legs and unless these are meant to be major bumsters, I did something wrong. The rise is like 2″ before you fold it over for the waistband. I cut the long straight edge of the pattern (marked “cut on fold”) on the fold. Is this not right?

  • Oh you’re right! I am stuck in the past (interlock knit was the old knit fabric Spoonflower sold.) I will try to get that corrected—it is organic cotton knit.