Vote for African-Inspired Fabrics

FEB 15, 2013

The month of February provides, among other things, an opportunity to reflect upon black history. You won't be surprised to hear that our lens for considering African heritage is the rich history of African textile design, which naturally suggested the perfect idea for a contest. So this week you have a chance to vote for a broad field of  fabric designs inspired by that history. Have fun casting your votes!

Vote now for African-inspired fabrics

The participants this week are:

1.  African Print Wax Print by
2.  "Sapphire" by
3.  "You fly, I fly" on
rust by anniedeb
4.  12 by jackfly 
5.  1923 Doris Lessing's South Africa
by winterblossom
6.  1b by erika_rose 
7.  3 by cassiesavage 
8.  7_CaoJulie_Contest-ed by toph 
9.  7_evaristoMICHAEL_contest by
10.  <3 Colour by tscho 

11.  a heart for Africa by kaija 
12.  A Modern Africa by sketchcreative 
13.  Abstract Jungle by delaneyg 
14.  adinkra by mongiesama 
15.  Adinkra Cloth by
16.  Adinkra Sunrise-ch by
17.  AdinkraInspired by studio_lulu 
18.  Adire Eleko by mag-o 
19.  Africa by arts_and_herbs 
20.  Africa by mammajamma 
21.  Africa by wiccked 
22.  Africa by kjacobsart 
23.  Africa by angel_mio 
24.  Africa by graceful 
25.  AFRICA 4 by jan-minto 
26.  Africa Celebration by maplewooddesignstudio 
27.  Africa in my heart by akwaflorell 
28.  Africa Nouveau by jabiroo 
29.  africa1 by studio_ggc 
30.  africa2_patern by d'lee-d'laa 
31.  AfricAfrica by cassiopee 
32.  Africalia by maruqui 
33.  african by mybohohome 
34.  African by juliarobine 
35.  African Animal Sunrise by
36.  African Ankhs by amel24 
38.  african batik textile by
39.  African Beach hut by motiver 
40.  African Beauty by amy_g 
41.  African Brights by cealvee 
42.  African Crazy Quilt by poetryqn 
43.  African diamond by heanne 
44.  African dolls by made_in_shina 
45.  African Dreams by kezia 
46.  African Elephant by katiame 
47.  African Elephants by emysue2005 
48.  African Flag Dots by rmurdock 
49.  African Flower by
50.  African Flowers Blue by
51.  African Fusion by fable_design 
52.  African Geometric by kimsa 
53.  African geometrics fabric by
54.  African Indigo by katieschrader 
55.  African Inspired by
56.  African Inspired by linsart 
57.  African Inspired by shannonkornis 
58.  African Inspired by jadegordon 
59.  African Inspired – Miranda Mol by
60.  african intention © 2012 Jill
Bull by fabricfarmer_by_jill_bull
61.  African ladies by kociara 
62.  African Ladies (Please zoom for
detail) by zesti
63.  African Nursery by natitys 
64.  African Orange Abstract by
65.  african patch weave by
66.  African Pride by loeff 
67.  African Princess by eeniemeenie 
68.  African Quilt by dianne_annelli 
69.  African Soil by konoko 
70.  African sunset by janalinde 
71.  African Swirls_large repeat_with
patterned background by kfrogb
72.  African Tafari Tribal Pattern by
73.  African tribe 2013 by
74.  African Waterfall by
75.  African Weave by kerryn 
76.  African women with beads by
77.  African-inspired by amedward 
78.  African-inspired-01 by kalinoe 
79.  African-Textiles-Design by
80.  Africana by darcibeth 
81.  africanb5 by sary 
82.  africanbirds by johanna_design 
83.  AfricanDesign_tns by cricquette 
84.  AfricanInspired by mandakay 
85.  AfricanJulie'sFabric by
86.  AfricanMix by grannynan 
87.  african_-_inspired by tat1 
88.  African_10x10_Swatch_3 by
89.  african_animals by elinvanegmond 
90.  African_Colours by yezarck 
91.  african_fabric by maedecart 
92.  African_Fish by gukuuki 
93.  African_heritage by moimisie 
94.  African_inspired-Nandita_Singh by
95.  African_inspired_brown by
96.  African_organism by
97.  African_Patterns by jae_ess_kay 
98.  African_Print by kstarbuck 
99.  African_Print by saenzdesign 
100.  African_soul by alfabesi 
101.  african_spoonflower by
102.  african_stripes_black by
103.  african_textile_final by de_froy 
104.  African_tribal_design1_col1 by
105.  African_Visage by
106.  African_Zulu_Valentine by Sylvie
by art_on_fabric
107.  African_zulu_warrior by podaiboo 
108.  Africa_5 by marina_popska 
109.  Africa_fluo by vannina 
110.  africa_map by crafty3790 
111.  africa__Swing_print by blimblimb 
112.  Afrik by joniok 
113.  afrika by sydama 
114.  Afrikaan II by wwgoddess 
115.  afro by katarina 
116.  Afro Scarf by dtp2 
117.  Alexander's Quilt by haleystudio 
118.  Along the Nile by designtrends 
120.  Amma by angelger28 
121.  an evergreen wood texture by
122.  Ananse's Web by jwitting 
123.  applique-style adoption kuba
cloth by weavingmajor
124.  Asase Ya by rubyhraefen 
125.  Asha vines by chulabird 
126.  aya by surlybirdstudio 
127.  BaKuba-ed by chicca_besso 
128.  Barcelona 98 by sew_delightful 
129.  Basketweave 3 (best viewed as
yardage) by greennote
130.  batik_2_rose by anino 
131.  Beads and Baskets by blondfish 
132.  Beautiful Wonder by
133.  BeFunky_COLOURlovers by
134.  Bese_Saka_Flora by
135.  Block Print -African by koalalady 
136.  bloom by ottomanbrim 
137.  Blue African tribal painting 01
by dk_designs
138.  blue batik by karinka 
139.  Blue Lovely afrikaan Zebra
seamless pattern by jamesdean
140.  Bogolan by ormolu 
141.  bordered_african_strength by
142.  BOUBOU ! by demigoutte 
143.  boubou2 by leitmotifs 
144.  Bright and Stylized by
145.  BrightMosaic by mrshervi 
146.  By the Light of the Moon (please
zoom for detail) by noaleco
147.  Camp Kajumba by carfino-hines 
148.  Carrion Crocodile by spoonnan 
149.  Celebrate by pcpaint 
150.  chatter_ by kalutz 
151.  chocolate diamonds by zantoka 
152.  Cocamonga by pattyseeger 
153.  Colorful African Print by
154.  Color_Pencil_Sketch_Leaves by
155.  Copy_of_autocollage_scarf2013_AutoCollage_7_Images-ch
by sandor_sipos
156.  Crosses and Wheels by
157.  Dale Chihuly printed fabric by
158.  Dancing Checks by shellyaloha 
159.  dancing in the sun by tiina_laas 
160.  Delft cowrie by nalo_hopkinson 
161.  Desert Sun by silvermyst 
162.  Desert Wind & Fire by
163.  Diamond Inverted Plaid with Pink
by pond_ripple
164.  Diamond-Dots_Camo by weezygrapes 
165.  Earthy Geometry by jencameron 
166.  Earthy stripe by demouse 
167.  Elephant – The NEW Animal Skin!
by mariafaithgarcia
168.  elephantFABRIC by artthatmoves 
169.  elephant_safari-ed by cherb 
170.  elesamesize by higgiwiggi 
171.  Etats d'Afrique by grafikat 
172.  Ethiopian Christ by pkfridley 
173.  EthnomusicoloTree: Zimbabwe x 5
by thecameronquinn
174.  Evening Savannah by lilichi 
175.  exp_uit_lambert_6-ed by
176.  Faces of Africa by mulberry_tree 
177.  Faux wax-Olive by designertre 
178.  Fishing in the Ocean by melachmulik 
179.  flamingo_textile-ed-ed by
180.  Flora Africa Protea by cjldesigns 
181.  freakie dashiki 2 by charzzy 
182.  Fun! by intherainland 
183.  Geometric Abstract by missekate 
184.  Geometric K3 3646 by wyspyr 
185.  Ghana Blooms by jennartdesigns 
186.  giraffebatik by cerys 
187.  Giraffe_pattern_flat by kschnell 
188.  gnu2-ed by cricket_hill_designs 
189.  Graffiti Graphic 1, S by
190.  Granada (hand drawing, african
version) by kirpa
191.  Guatopo-Design_Mombasa_2012 by
192.  Heart of Africa, copyright
seasparkles 2013 by seasparkles
193.  hearted in color by simut 
194.  Hieroglyphic Translations by
195.  Horns by anahata 
196.  Hummingbird by katharina_michaela 
197.  idea12-ch by rdilley 
198.  Igbo_Bloodline by
199.  IMG_0980 by sissysoo 
200.  IMG_3347_-_Copy-ed-ed by
201.  Impalas Running Free by rubydoor 
202.  in the name of love by
203.  inspiration africa by molipop 
204.  Inspired by African designs –
purple by martaharvey
205.  In_Bloom by 3montanachicks 
206.  Kaleidoscope – Aqua by
207.  kamado mask by herb'n_fresh 
208.  karen2 by hooeybatiks 
209.  Kente inspired africa in green,
blue and cream by little_fish
210.  Kenya Patchwork by
211.  Kids African Elephant by
212.  kijani tribal pattern by stefaube 
213.  kingofafrica by kerripaintonmtsu 
214.  Kitenge by tajaan 
215.  l'afrique by coisasfugidias 
216.  Leafs of Altadena by edward_gould 
217.  Love • Africa by
218.  marzlene_beauty_2384 by
219.  Mask by zsonzsy 
220.  Mask_Fabric_copy by kemetgirl 
221.  Monkey tails by ebygomm 
222.  Moorish Sands by edsel2084 
223.  Morocco One by rachellousews 
224.  Morocco_again by penelopeventura 
225.  mosiac purple by cvoorhee 
226.  Mother Africa by lizaalk 
227.  mudcloth – spoonflower story by
228.  Mudcloth in citron by domesticate 
229.  Mudcloth patterns by
230.  Nigerian African Print by
231.  Nile Lotus cut and sew girl's
dress by motyka
232.  Oba Zinc by spellstone 
233.  Olive-green by dandywagon 
234.  Outsiders One by artbecks 
235.  Painted Circles by engelstudios 
236.  painted dots by studiojelien 
237.  Palm Beach Kuba by gracemellow 
238.  Peacock Chandeliers by jennyc 
239.  Peacock Colour by lusyspoon 
240.  Pompi by joancaronil 
241.  Powerful Women Standing on Their
Own Shoulders by robin_rice
242.  Prayer Stripes by whimzwhirled 
243.  ps_fina's shape glyph by ps_fina 
244.  Pyramids by allida 
245.  raffia by scrummy 
246.  red bugs attack by grafite 
247.  Red Earth by createdgift 
248.  redgreen3 by jonburgessdesign 
249.  Reverberations 1 by fireflower 
250.  Rhinos and waterholes by su_g 
251.  roxie_batik by roxiespeople 
252.  Rumble in the jungle by
253.  Sabika by vaslittlecrow 
254.  Safari-tastic by groovity 
255.  Savage Tribe Fabric by pirophobia 
256.  Savannah by efabrics 
257.  Southern Circles by robyriker 
258.  spindots_afrikans solar flare by
259.  sqaure by jess_freidt 
260.  Strong by vo_aka_virginiao 
261.  Sub-Saharan Sketch by sammyk 
262.  Summer Heat Ovals and Stripes ©
Gingezel™ Inc. 2011 by gingezel
263.  Swirls by eiralav 
264.  Synergy by treasunique 
265.  Tangled up in Red by fond 
266.  Temptation-ed by monasol 
267.  The Ones before us by vnewton 
268.  The Vibrance of Africa by
269.  tiger eyes by krs_expressions 
270.  Traditional African Print/ Pelej
by pelej
271.  Tribal Eyes by ravynscache 
272.  Tribal in Russet by delsie 
273.  tribal lace doodle pattern by
274.  Tribal Painting by clarissa_marie 
275.  Tribal Shield by designedtoat 
276.  Tribal Shield by rhondadesigns 
277.  Tribal Star turquoise by
278.  tribal2 by joybea 
279.  tumblr_mgzfcfQg1h1rvjahko1_1280
by kyle_brogan
280.  Twiga by jenimp 
281.  Urban Tribe by andibird 
282.  Utility Box Faux Wax Print by
283.  Vibration by njeridesigns 
284.  Victorian Africa by fantazya 
285.  West African Inspired Fabric by
286.  White Stripes 1 by galleryhakon 
287.  Woman Is Warrior by
288.  Xhosa rondavel by reallovely 
289.  ya_ya by kcs 
290.  yellowandpurplefeathers by
291.  Zebra by krussimages 
292.  Zebra fur by hannafate 
293.  Zebra_blue by pat_sy 
294.  zebra_Image by artsylady 
295.  Zoo Filmstrip by eppiepeppercorn 
296.  Zulu Beer Baskets by

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