Choose Your Favorite Whodunnit Toile de Jouy

JAN 18, 2013

Fabric geeks know that toile de Jouy is a type of textile design popularized in the 18th century and that toiles typically depict a complex scene, often pastoral, arranged into a repeating pattern. Classical toiles are usually two colors, with white or off-white as the background color and the pattern printed in black, dark blue, or red. For this contest, we asked designers to come up with a murder-mystery-themed toile de Jouy. As we voted for all our favorites, we enjoyed imagining one or two of these as the wallpaper in Colonel Mustard's library. 

Vote now in our murder-mystery toile de Jouy contest

The participants this week are:

1.  'Bad Kitty' Toile (blue) by

2.  A fishy mystery by domoshar
3.  A study in Scarlet Toile by

4.  a_study_in_pink by maeli
5.  Black Dahlia Murder Mystery Toile
De Jouy by elizabethdoyle

6.  Clue in the Garden by

7.  Cluedo red by lahib
8.  Clue_Toile2 by eiralav
9.  Crazy World by chezmargot
10.  Deco Drama by kociara

11.  Digging A Hole by susanpolston
12.  Doctor Who & Oswin Oswald –
The girl who died twice by lusyspoon

13.  Dracula strikes again toile by

14.  eye see you-ch1 by iamseamonster
15.  final_project_textile_design by

16.  It Was the Grizzly Bear~in the
Mountains~With a Wet Noodle! by amy_g

17.  It's A Mystery by bridget_barcode
18.  It's a
mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Traditional Toile by glimmericks

19.  Killed! Two Birds with One Stone
(Fingerprints) by sammyk

20.  Lizzie Borden Overkill by golders
21.  lizzie_borden_toile by

22.  Mad Dogs and Englishmen by

23.  Miss Marple by laura_the_drawer
24.  Miss Scarlet by graceful
25.  muder_mystery_toile by

26.  MURDER by elarnia
27.  Murder Express by janekenstein

29.  Murder is Afoot by jwitting
30.  Murder Mystery Board Game Toile
by mongiesama

31.  Murder Mystery Fabric by gomergrl
32.  Murder Mystery on Shelter Island
by kiki_

33.  murder mystery scarf by

34.  Murder nightmare by fantazya
35.  murder on the chess-board by sef
36.  Murder on the Orient Express
(Agatha Christie) by scrummy

37.  Murder Scene Quilt with Quiltyd
Border by karaskye

38.  Murder Scenes-Red by hmooreart
39.  murder-mystery-toile-coloured-sm
by csl

40.  murdermystery by cbronsky
41.  murder_mystery_toile_1 by

42.  mysterytoileMWrep150 by mjmontana
43.  Nouf_Alhazmi_Swatch by

44.  Pink Panther Murder Mystery Toile
by kfrogb

45.  Red Herrings,etc. by

46.  Red_Herring_Murder_Mystery_Toile
by isa_creations

47.  Sherlock Holmes Mystery Toile by

48.  The Bridge. Toile de Jouy by

49.  The Case of the Sussex Beekeeper
by marchhare

50.  The Girl Who Knew Too Much by

51.  The Mysterious Affair at
Spoonflower by deeniespoonflower

52.  The Truth Will Out by ninniku
53.  Toile de Christie by artgarage
54.  ToiledeJulie by juliestricks
55.  Toile_2 by crafty3790
56.  toile_de_roxie by roxiespeople
57.  Tony_Hillerman_Toile by frendi
58.  too-many-clues by grafikat
59.  Unfortunato by mag-o
60.  vedove_ok by franceslady
61.  villa_census by phamatic
62.  vite by tallulah92
63.  wellheckatooties's letterquilt by

64.  what happened to Lucille! by

65.  Who dunnit?? by katiame
66.  Who Killed Cock Robin? by ebygomm
67.  Who Killed Her by ladynoxy
68.  Who Poisoned the Roses? by

69.  Who Shot JR_Toile_de_jouy by

70.  Whodunnit Where With What by

71.  Whodunnit? by gracemellow
72.  Who_Dunnit_ by podaiboo
73.  wHO_dUN_iT_2 by jan-minto
74.  x_mystery_toile by mcuetara
75.  Your Clues. by whimzwhirled

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