Happy Year of the Snake

JAN 4, 2013 updated May 28, 2016

While the Chinese new year actually starts on February 10, we decided to go ahead and celebrate the Year of the Snake with a fabric contest. We've got 130 designs for your perusal. Vote for as many as you like and we'll report back next week with the results. 

Vote now in our Year of the Snake fabric contest

The participants this week are:

1.  *Year of the snake* by
2.  13_snakes by chulabird 
3.  2013 Calendar: Year of the Snake
by simboko
4.  2013-is-my-Year-Snake by cutiecat 
5.  2013-Snakes by cassiopee 
6.  A Slithering Ikat by
7.  A Snake in the Garden by
8.  alienskin by pat_sy 
9.  Anguis by lisa_brown 
10.  animal scales or just the drops?
by katarina
11.  Baby Primary Rattler – cut and
sew kit by victorialasher
12.  Bamboo Snake by ninjaauntsdesigns 
13.  Báishé by siya 
14.  BIG_black_snake by gargoylesentry 
15.  Blue Snake Geometric by
16.  blueberry_snake by d'lee-d'laa 
17.  Celtic snake by blondfish 
by bluevelvet
19.  Chinese Lanterns by mag-o 
20.  Chinese Red by shellyaloha 
21.  chinese snake by anastasiia-ku 
22.  Chris__snakes_2 by
23.  Diamondback Rattlestripe by
24.  Diamonds are a snake's best
friend by risarocksit
25.  DSC05544 by julie_luoma 
26.  Elixer by rubydoor 
27.  Fabric_chinese_snakes_red by
28.  Flight of the Serpent by jto 
29.  GARDEN SNAKE_ pop by
30.  Garter Snake Skin Weave by
31.  Gatekeepers by krussimages 
32.  Haven by einekleinedesignstudio 
33.  Hissy Knit by nekineko 
34.  Hoodie Cobra or I Can't Wear
This, I have No Arms! by amy_g
35.  I Love you by pinky39 
36.  In the Year of the Snake by su_g 
37.  Iridescent Snakes by mongiesama 
38.  It's Gonna Be A Crazy Year by
39.  Julie_sSNAKEyear by juliestricks 
40.  Knotwork_Snakes by nezumiworld 
41.  lucky flight by 7oaks-design 
42.  Monty the Python by
43.  new year colorfull snowsnakes by
44.  New_Year_Snake by gamgirl45 
45.  Ouroboros chain white by ravynka 
46.  PolkDot_Desert by g_s_ 
47.  Psst, Eve, Wanna Taste Something
Really Good? by edsel2084
48.  Python by fattcheese 
49.  Rainbow Snakes by seasparkles 
50.  Reptile Skin 4 by animotaxis 
51.  scales by friedbologna 
52.  Sea of Swirly Snakes by modgeek 
53.  SerpentFabric by rengal 
54.  Serpentine Spring by gracemellow 
55.  Slithery Socks by ravenous 
56.  smoke snakes on green by
57.  snake by roxiespeople 
58.  snake by yetzi 
59.  snake by podaiboo 
60.  Snake and Orange Trees by
61.  Snake Dream by rubyrice 
62.  snake mosaic by kociara 
63.  Snake Scale Chevron by
64.  Snake Skin by policunha 
65.  snake skin by dk_designs 
66.  Snake Skin Jacket by whimzwhirled 
67.  Snake spirit by kirpa 
68.  Snake Stripes by pond_ripple 
69.  Snake year with flowers by
70.  snake-scales-blue-white by
71.  Snakebackgroundwfont by audettesa 
72.  Snakes by jadegordon 
73.  Snakes by linsart 
74.  snakes by elarnia 
75.  snakes by studio_ggc 
76.  Snakes 'n' sweets by hakuai 
77.  Snakes and Lanterns by cjldesigns 
78.  snakes on a plane 6 rainbow by
79.  Snakes on Fire by smuk 
80.  snakes-square by hmooreart 
81.  snakeskin by hollita 
82.  snakeskin doily by laurl 
83.  snakeskin in yellow by
84.  SnakeSkins3 by paula's_designs 
85.  snakeskin_pattern by bosun 
86.  Snakes_Alive by mammajamma 
87.  SnakeYear by catail_designs 
88.  snake_knots_red_w_coins Contest
Scale by glimmericks
89.  snake_mosaic by stella12 
90.  snaking around by ottomanbrim 
91.  Snaking This Way and That by
92.  Sssnakes by graceful 
93.  SssSnakeSkin by mrshervi 
94.  Sssssnakes! by robin_rice 
95.  Stripes in Slisssss by verycherry 
96.  Texas Signs – Watch for Snakes,
Diamond back design by susaninparis
97.  The Fall by boris_thumbkin 
98.  The Year of the Snake by alfabesi 
99.  therattlers by reallovely 
100.  Time Twist by kari_d 
101.  Tree Hugger by jackiecoleman 
102.  Venetian TERRARIUM by melachmulik 
103.  Venom by kendall_eckerd 
104.  vesper by kellyjade 
105.  what a snakey year ! by misty_n 
106.  Woodblock Animals by susanpolston 
107.  Year of the Black Snake (Zoom out
for effect) by shelleymade
108.  Year of the Snake by
109.  Year of the Snake by lilbirdfly 
110.  Year Of The Snake by
111.  Year of the Snake by ebygomm 
112.  Year of the Snake by
113.  Year of the Snake by scrummy 
114.  Year of the Snake by
115.  Year of the Snake by motyka 
116.  Year of the Snake by irrimiri 
117.  Year of the Snake by rachml 
118.  Year of the snake by jwitting 
119.  Year of the Snake by
120.  Year of the Snake by
121.  Year of the Snake /and Emeralds/
by domoshar
122.  year of the snake 2013 by ambies 
123.  Year of the Snake in the Chicken
Coop by anniedeb
124.  Year of the snake pattern by
125.  Year of the Snake Plush Toy by
126.  Year of the Snake Polka Dot by
127.  Year of the Water Snake by
128.  YearoftheSnake by melhales 
129.  Year_of_the_Snake by jumeaux 
130.  Year_of_the_Snake_2013_White by

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