Fabrics of the Stars

JAN 11, 2013 updated Jul 24, 2017

Stretching our new year-related themes into a second week, we’ve got just over
ninety zodiac fabrics up for voting. Which ones are you most compatible
with? Tell us by casting your votes so we can report back next week with
the winners.

Vote now in our Zodiac fabric contest

The participating fabric designers this week are:

1.  Astrological signs of the zodiac
by cutiecat

2.  “Map” of our sky,
border by mariao

3.  ‘What’s Your Sign?’ Zoom Zoom by

4.  12 Signs of the Zodiac by amy_g
5.  Age of Aquarius by gamgirl45
6.  All Together by domoshar
7.  Aquarius Wave by shellyaloha
8.  Aquarius, the Water Bearer (01)
by threebees

9.  aries by dariara
10.  ARTBYLESChineseZodiac by artbyles

11.  Astro World! by deeniespoonflower
12.  Astrological Bubbles by

13.  astrological zodiac hexes by sef
14.  astrological_signs by

15.  Astrology Signs by nezumiworld
16.  Astrology’s for the Birds by

17.  black_thingy_zodiac by maeli
18.  blue zodiac batik by motyka
19.  Carnival Scorpio by beesocks
20.  celtic_zodiac by roxiespeople
21.  Chinese Zodiac by ravenous
22.  Chinese Zodiac Animals by aerel
23.  Chintz Zodiac by spellstone
24.  Circle of elements by

25.  CLB_FABRIC2013_zodiacmadness by

26.  Colorful zodiac by akwaflorell
27.  Constallation Map 3 by tallulah92
28.  Constellation Star Swirls by

29.  Constellations by minimiel
30.  cosmic_signs-ed by wyckoffdesign
31.  Ditsy Libra Zodiac Signs by

32.  Dreams of Signs by susanpolston
33.  Fabric_horoscope_pop by vannina
34.  Heavens above! by moirarae
35.  I predict Capricorn will fly a
kite by laura_the_drawer

36.  I’m a Leo by ottomanbrim
37.  It’s written among the stars…
by glimmericks

38.  Leo by amel24
39.  Leo by hmooreart
40.  Leo by emanuelletomato
41.  Leo the Lion Dark by smuk
42.  little zodiac by alohababy
43.  Midsummer Zodiac by cherb
44.  Neutral_bull by adrianne_nicole
45.  night_sky_designer lydia falletti
by artsylady

46.  Pisces Sun Scorpio Ascendant by

47.  piscespond by linzoo
48.  Purple by helen_
49.  Sagittarius Constellation by

50.  Sagittarius In the Sky by

51.  Sew My Sign by arttreedesigns
52.  SheSwimsWithTheFishes by islandia
53.  Signs of the Zodiac by

54.  signs-in-the-sky by lunabelle
55.  space with zodiac constellations
by anastasiia-ku

56.  Spoonflower_Design by

57.  spoonflower_print by d`moon~lyte
58.  Starry Skies by rubydoor
59.  starz by scrummy
60.  sun_moon_Zodiac-ed by ambies
61.  the zodiac by annaboo
62.  Vintage Zodiac by astarmiller
63.  What’s Your Sign by whimzwhirled
64.  What’s your sign? by acbeilke
65.  When The Stars Align by graceful
66.  Wizard Robe Hem –
Gold-Embroidered Border by mongiesama

67.  Written in the Stars by jenimp
68.  Youngest Galaxy by annelize
69.  zodiac by kociara
70.  Zodiac by siya
71.  zodiac by letile
72.  Zodiac by elizabethdoyle
73.  zodiac by zootyburger
74.  Zodiac by theboutiquestudio
75.  Zodiac Astrology Icons by

76.  zodiac at play by shaibaby
77.  Zodiac belt by zandloopster
78.  zodiac collage by mbsterling
79.  Zodiac compatibility by fantazya
80.  Zodiac ditsy dark by ravynka
81.  Zodiac doodle ! by chezmargot
82.  zodiac garden by countrygarden
83.  Zodiac Gemstones by owlandchickadee
84.  zodiac in the garret by

85.  Zodiac Ombre by juliekim
86.  zodiac signs by katarina
87.  Zodiac Stripes by oricledesigns
88.  Zodiac Taurus by amaya_nyt
89.  Zodiac Zoo by ebygomm
90.  zodiac_citrus by wiccked
91.  Zodiac_Horoscope_color_background1_sm
by moonduster

92.  Zodiac_Spoon_White by

93.  ZODIAK SIGNS by bluevelvet

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