This week in our January refreshing & reorganizing DIY series we’re sharing custom label tutorials for beautiful organization. Allie showed us how she designed fabric labels to wrangle her fabric stash and Caroline shared a decal label tutorial to make finding your pantry or workspace goods a snap. Today, Laurie shares her Mason jar decal labels for a colorful way to order your crafting and sewing supplies.

There is nothing I find more satisfying than good old-fashioned organization. It’s like a crisp breeze of fresh air that opens up new perspectives. Really, a good organization project does this to me! And if I take things one step further and combine organization with clean design, crafty goodness, and beautiful color, I’m in heaven! Here’s a simple tutorial to organize all of your lovely making materials into an artful display.

Labels printed
I designed my labels for craft and sewing supplies plus a few bonus labels to organize or decorate other jar lids. You can find the decal label kit in my Spoonflower shop.


  • An assortment of Mason jars, quart-sized or larger with lids and bands. (I used the regular mouth jars, not the wide-mouth kind.)
  • My jar lid decals (Or design your own! You can use Allie’s & Caroline’s label design tutorials for guidance.)
  • Straight-edge ruler or T-Square
  • X-acto blade
  • Sharp scissors
  • Spray paint in the color of your choice (optional)

Cutting labels

First, using a cutting board or mat, straight edge and an X-Acto blade (or sharp scissors), carefully cut along the blue dotted line between each decal.

Label squares

Once you’ve separated each decal, carefully cut around each individual circle using your scissors.

Labels cut out

Remove the backing of each decal one at a time, and place each sticky side down onto a Mason jar lid, pressing the center of the decal into position. If you misalign your decal, just reposition and repeat.

Adhering fabric label

Once the decal is centered, press from the center out towards the lid edges with your thumb to smooth out any bumps.

Adhering labels

I opted to leave the silver finish as-is on my lid bands but if you want to spray paint your lid bands, you can do this now. Outside, paint the screw-on bands (but not the lid that the decal is attached to) then allow the bands to dry completely.

Fill the jars with the corresponding crafty goodness, top with a decaled lid, then attach the bands! Go on, I’ll wait.

Jar tops thread

Tops collage

Use the extra decals for anything you’d like! Arrange them on your wall, write on them with a Sharpie for your own custom label, or stick them on your laptop.

Plain labels collage


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Photo 25In addition to being a fabric-obsessed Spoonflower employee by night, Laurie Shipley is a freelance graphic designer, surface pattern designer and illustrator, a mom, writer, crafter and cook. Her work is not limited to a medium or genre, although her current focus is a meticulous juxtaposition of simplistic and intricate pattern illustration for textiles, wallpapers and package design. She dwells in Durham, NC in a continuous creative environment with her son and two cats.