Continuing our January DIY journey to show our spaces a little love, this week we’re sharing a few ways to create custom labels for beautiful organization. First up, Allie shows us how she designed fabric labels to catalogue her fabric stash, making an attractive display to inspire new projects!


I love the idea of being super organized, but I never fully execute the actual organizing part. Making cute labels was the perfect excuse to complete an organization project. My ever-growing fabric stash was in need of some serious help, so I decided to conquer it!

Original fabric stash

  • custom printed linen fabric
  • heavy weight fusible interface
  • velcro squares
  • scissors
  • iron

After much time spent browsing Pinterest and a few blogs for inspiration, I settled on two basic design ideas, either a more organic whimsical ribbon theme, or a fresh circular shape with crisp lines.

Label idea sketches
I decided the circles would look better with everything surrounding the bookcase that houses my fabric stash, so I continued to develop that idea. Picking a color palette was easy—I love to use aqua for everything. The design process was fairly simple using Adobe Photoshop, my design program of choice. First, I created an outline of circle and added a dotted border.

Screen shot 1
Adding a simple aqua diagonal stripe gave the label some color and made it a bit more exciting. Dots and stripes, and I’m sold!

Screen shot 2
Overlay text of your choice and ta da, a label!

Screen shot 3
I chose linen, my go-to fabric choice, to print my labels on since it is a nice weight and will hold up well.

Assembly was simple.  Iron fabric to fusible interface for added stability, cut to desired shape, attach velcro to surface and fabric, and done!

Iron with fabric
The finished project is a beautifully organized fabric stash ready for many upcoming projects!


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Allie's bioWhen Allie’s not working as a part of Spoonflower’s marketing  team, she can be found crafting, studying for her Masters in Textiles, or snuggling her dog Grace.