Introducing the World’s Cutest One-Yard Tees

DEC 6, 2012 updated May 28, 2016

One-yard Collage
The One-Yard Wonders books from Storey Publishing
are full of creative and stylish projects that require only a single
yard of fabric. For this contest we teamed up with the authors of the
series to take their Riviera Tee sewing pattern and to invite
Spoonflower designers to customize the pattern using their own artwork
and an Under-the-Sea theme. The result is a set of easy-to-sew shirt
patterns that, ordered on our organic cotton interlock knit, pack an
ocean's worth of cuteness into a single yard of fabric. Special
congratulations to this week's winner, "Motion In the Ocean" by Bethany
Berndt Shackelford!

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The final voting results:

1. 404 votes for MOTION IN THE OCEAN by bzbdesigner 
2. 390 votes for An octopus under the sea by fantazya 
3. 373 votes for Splish Splash by patternandco_com 
4. 335 votes for Storey_RivieraTee_-_sleeping_with_the_fishes by celandine 
5. 306 votes for Waaay under the sea! by theboerwar 
6. 297 votes for Coral Garden Tee by scrummy 
7. 292 votes for Swimming Around Riviera Tee by feng 
8. 284 votes for Chocolate Sea Shirt by ghostkitten 
9. 275 votes for Turtle Tee by coloroncloth 
10. 268 votes for L'artiste De La Mer by gsonge 

11. 262 votes for Tidal Pool Little One Yard Wonders Riviera Tee by heatherdutton 
12. 262 votes for Blue Water Wave by mag-o 
13. 248 votes for She Sells Sea Shells… Down by the Sea Shore by sew-me-a-garden 
14. 246 votes for Lobster Rhumba Tee by chickoteria 
15. 243 votes for The underwater flowers Riviera Tee by smalty 
16. 227 votes for One yard Riviera Tee: Underwater Love by bonnie_phantasm 
17. 221 votes for Chic Chic Bonjour! by amel24 
18. 216 votes for Fire Coral Riviera Tee by yourfriendamy 
19. 209 votes for under_the_sea_tee by roarin'_betty 
20. 204 votes for Paisley Fish Riviera Tee by ebygomm 
21. 196 votes for Storey_RivieraTee Fish and Pearls by glimmericks 
22. 195 votes for Storey Riviera Tee by jadegordon 
23. 190 votes for Ocean Doodle by kimsa 
24. 186 votes for Under the Sea – Riviera Tee by inkpudding 
25. 185 votes for beach huts by the sea by valley_designs 
26. 183 votes for Jellyfish Bloom by licoricelove 
27. 183 votes for Summer Sea by angelger28 
28. 181 votes for shirt by natitys 
29. 181 votes for Endless Summer by meredithjean 
30. 173 votes for mermaid dress by anastasiia-ku 
31. 166 votes for Seaweed Dream – Riviera Tee by vdyej 
32. 164 votes for Hidden Treasure Riviera Tee by nikky 
33. 164 votes for On the Rocks! by spellstone 
34. 161 votes for Storey_RivieraTee2 by colour_and_cotton 
35. 161 votes for Menorca's memories by la_nonna_aida 
36. 160 votes for The Denim Seadragon by janicesheen 
37. 159 votes for JuliesStorey_RivieraTee by juliestricks 
38. 159 votes for Sea Festival Little One Yard Wonders Riviera Tee by holladay 
39. 157 votes for Tethys Trellis Tee by ceanirminger 
40. 155 votes for Storey_RivieraTee_1 by wren_leyland 
41. 154 votes for Man O War by ravenous 
42. 152 votes for Light underwater with baby seaturtles – Storey Riviera tee by mina 
43. 150 votes for Sunset Sea Riviera Tee by sammyk 
44. 148 votes for Under Sea Treasures by yewtree 
45. 142 votes for Cassiopee-sea by cassiopee 
46. 141 votes for The Hidden Sea by melisza 
47. 138 votes for Under The Sea Riviera Tee by akaamanda 
48. 135 votes for FishHeads by ghennah 
49. 134 votes for Storey_RivieraTee_poli by policunha 
50. 133 votes for Sea Candies Riviera Tee | by studio•alex 
51. 131 votes for Submarine and blue by demigoutte 
52. 131 votes for French Girl on the Riviera by ninjaauntsdesigns 
53. 130 votes for Seahorse Half-drop: Aqua on Gray by surlybirdstudio 
54. 129 votes for Under The Sea One-Yard-Wonders contest by image_crafts 
55. 128 votes for Octopus Love by wednesdaysgirl 
56. 127 votes for Under the Sea Tee by mariafaithgarcia 
57. 126 votes for Seahorse riviera tee by dinorahdesign 
58. 126 votes for Under The Sunny Sea Tee by miart 
59. 126 votes for Here, Fishy, Fishy Riviera Tee by robyriker 
60. 125 votes for Dancing Jellyfish by estrella_de_anis 
61. 125 votes for Riverside Riviera Tee by creative_merritt 
62. 123 votes for UnderTheSea by sraka 
63. 122 votes for Following Cousteau by ruthevelyn 
64. 121 votes for Under the Sea by beebumble 
65. 121 votes for You and Me Under the Sea Tee by cynthiafrenette 
66. 121 votes for Happy under the sea by loeff 
67. 120 votes for Riviera T-shirt in sea grass fabric by su_g 
68. 119 votes for Sea_With_Bright_Stripes_And_Bubbles by kcs 
69. 116 votes for Wee Sea Tee by weegallery 
70. 115 votes for Seaside Riviera Tee by jenimp 
71. 114 votes for Pink Fish Funk Under The Sea T-Shirt Pattern by smuk 
72. 114 votes for Cape_Cod_shirt by bloomingwyldeiris 
73. 114 votes for I do like to be beside the seaside! Riviera Tee for One Yard Wonders by bakercourt 
74. 112 votes for Going Swimmingly by suryasajnani 
75. 109 votes for Under_the_Sea by yellowstudio 
76. 109 votes for Lagoon on a Riviera Tee by forest&sea 
77. 108 votes for Sea Monkey Riviera Tee by andi_butler 
78. 107 votes for Kelp and Netting T-shirt by mongiesama 
79. 106 votes for Mermaid and her friends, One Yard Wonder by art_on_fabric 
80. 106 votes for Under the sea shirt patterns by lauralvarez 
81. 105 votes for In the Waves One-Yard Wonders Riviera Tee by juliapaigedesigns 
82. 103 votes for Under the Sea Tee by littlerhodydesign 
83. 103 votes for Under The Sea RivieraTee: Jelly in Flight by jackieatweelife 
84. 102 votes for 1 yard wonders childs t-shirt pattern by delsie 
85. 101 votes for Storey_RivieraTee_design by fluture 
86. 100 votes for Perfect Day by fable_design 
87. 99 votes for There's something fishy under the pink umbrella by retrorudolphs 
88. 96 votes for Under The Sea! Girls Riviera Tee!!! by pattyryboltdesigns 
89. 96 votes for A Jellyfish Ballet by seasparkles 
90. 95 votes for Sail Fishies by carissa_paglino 
91. 94 votes for Colourful Under The Sea Design – Riviera Tee by diane555 
92. 92 votes for Under-the-sea_coral-nautilus by kfrogb 
93. 91 votes for seashells under the sea by karinka 
94. 91 votes for SpoonflowerT-shirtcomp by jo_clark 
95. 86 votes for Storey Riviera Tee Under the see by sydama 
96. 85 votes for Coral Wonders by joancaronil 
97. 84 votes for Storey_RivieraTee by natalie_born 
98. 84 votes for Seaside Sunshine by glanoramay 
99. 84 votes for Under the Sea Riviera Tee by pennycandy 
100. 83 votes for Storey_RivieraTee by suziwollman 
101. 82 votes for under_the_sea by woai 
102. 81 votes for Here_Fishy_Fishy by mrshervi < br style="color: #000000; font-family: arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; letter-spacing: normal; line-height: 16px; orphans: 2; text-align: left; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: 2; word-spacing: 0px; background-color: #ffffff;" />103. 81 votes for Sea Weeds Storey Riviera Tee by wiccked 
104. 81 votes for Under_the_sea by tat1 
105. 80 votes for NauticalTee by ravynka 
106. 79 votes for Turbulence in a One Yard Wonder template by art_is_us 
107. 79 votes for Storey_RivieraTee by wendyg 
108. 79 votes for Catch a Wave by risarocksit 
109. 78 votes for Under_the_Sea_Contest_Entry by pelej 
110. 78 votes for Little Ariel by raindrop 
111. 77 votes for *Colors under the sea* by akwaflorell 
112. 74 votes for Sweet mermaid by juliagrifol 
113. 74 votes for Clownfish Love – Riviera Tee by shelleymade 
114. 72 votes for 1,2,3….Walruses Are We….Under the Sea by joojoostrees 
115. 70 votes for Swell Cephalopods by einekleinedesignstudio 
116. 68 votes for UndertheSea by leighr 
117. 68 votes for I Dream of Mermaids by vo_aka_virginiao 
118. 68 votes for treasure map storey_rivieratee by thebookbirds 
119. 66 votes for Horsin' in the Sea by paintedstudio 
120. 65 votes for one yard wonder riviera tee compass by zandloopster 
121. 65 votes for Gold-Fish-Tee by hmooreart 
122. 62 votes for Lovely Baloonfish by creative_cat 
123. 62 votes for The Calm Below ~ Riviera Tee ~ 100% real photos by peacoquettedesigns 
124. 61 votes for Fishsticks, Catfish and Crabcakes….oh my! by amy_g 
125. 61 votes for Storey_RivieraTee2 by darlingdearest 
126. 60 votes for Riviera Tee by linsart 
127. 59 votes for Anna Nemonee by resdesigns 
128. 59 votes for Tidal Pool Camouflage T-Shirt by bee&lotus 
129. 56 votes for fantasy ocean by mehdimashayekhi 
130. 55 votes for Fishie Kissies by spoonnan 
131. 55 votes for Mermaid of the Sea. by jlwillustration 
132. 53 votes for SEA SCAPE by bluevelvet 
133. 52 votes for RivieraTee-Dots_and_Rainbow_fish by d'lee-d'laa 
134. 52 votes for Nautilus_Riviera_Tee (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) by kirpa 
135. 52 votes for One Fish, Two Fish, Bubbles & Blue Fish by holly_helgeson 
136. 51 votes for RIVIERA_T_SHIRT by jojothebuffalo 
137. 51 votes for egg_sac_blouse by the_bearded_lady 
138. 49 votes for Coral Reef by kociara 
139. 46 votes for Gone fishing Large Size by scifiwritir 
140. 44 votes for The Squid Shirt by pond_ripple 
141. 44 votes for RivieraTee by melimiliá 
142. 44 votes for By the Seashore Riviera Tee by designtrends 
143. 43 votes for Storey_RivieraTee by twinklesprinkleshop 
144. 43 votes for Riviera Tee – scallop (on 40") by sef 
145. 42 votes for under_the_sea_one_yard_wonder_jpg by lusyspoon 
146. 40 votes for Under The Sea – Riviera Tee Design by enf 
147. 39 votes for Anchor's Away *Complex* by dylanfd 
148. 39 votes for Samantha Seahorse and Her School of Fish by karenharveycox 
149. 39 votes for Nautilus Fossil Tee by kdl 
150. 39 votes for OneYardWonder-2 by grannynan 
151. 38 votes for Little Fishies Under the Sea by arttreedesigns 
152. 38 votes for Seahorses by owlandchickadee 
153. 36 votes for C'EST LA VIV™ C shell print on Riviera Tee pattern by c'est_la_viv 
154. 36 votes for Underwater bubbles by dogdaze_ 
155. 34 votes for ocean girl by blumenlimonade 
156. 34 votes for Under The Sea by edrouga 
157. 34 votes for Storey_RivieraTee_by_nelyram by nelyram 
158. 33 votes for storey_rivieratee_copy by glasprism 
159. 32 votes for Under_the_Sea_Tee by roxiespeople 
160. 32 votes for School of fish amongst the coral by sary 
161. 32 votes for Bubble Bubble Little Fish by mammajamma 
162. 30 votes for Under the sea by vlike 
163. 30 votes for A Colourful Green Sea with little fish by nezumiworld 
164. 29 votes for Riviera tee by katarina 
165. 29 votes for Little Miss Darling Under the Sea by artsycanvasgirl 
166. 29 votes for World of Blue by kamilindoto 
167. 28 votes for LittleFishies by deeniespoonflower 
168. 28 votes for under_the_sea_riviera_tee by youdesignme 
169. 27 votes for fishee_xoxo_pittman by gene_pittman 
170. 26 votes for Bubbles___Riviera_Tee by dahbeedo 
171. 25 votes for codyclarkoneyardwonder by codyjamesclark 
172. 22 votes for Summerchild1973 by summerchild1973 
173. 21 votes for Storey_RivieraTee_Seafloor by spugnardidesign 
174. 20 votes for One_Yard_Spoonflower_contest_entry_Noah_in_the_sea_11_19_2012 by compugraphd 
175. 20 votes for under_the_seaTee by joofalltrades 
176. 18 votes for lovetee1 by lerhyan 
177. 15 votes for Under The Sea Rivera T-Shirt by theunicornandthewasp 
178. 15 votes for Princess Charlotte Amalie Under the Sea by pink_koala_design 
179. 12 votes for T-Shirt Pattern: Sea Deer with Navy Stripes by emanuelletomato 
180. 12 votes for Blondfish forever by blondfish 
181. 10 votes for tallships nautical dress by bowsprite 
182. 6 votes for Under_the_Sea__Storey_RivieraTee_entry by torrancetiger

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  • Thanks, Stephen. It seems there’s quite a lot of sizing flexibility in the fit of the assembled pattern then – since some of the designs people created for it were aimed at older children than others were.

  • SEF,
    The shirt pattern started out as an 8, but the actual size as translated to the designs on our site could be anywhere between a 5 and an 8. The models in the two photos are 7 (a tall 7)  and 5. While both shirts were derived from the same pattern, either girl could have worn the ones we managed to sew by last Thursday.

  • Can you tell us the ages/sizes of your (very lovely!) volunteer models, please, and are they both wearing exactly the same one-yard scale of the pattern (despite appearing to be very different ages/sizes of child)? I’m not very good at identifying humans but the older/larger of the two children pictured here does seem to me to be the same as the one called “nearly 8” in the recent baking apron blog post. The flickr discussion was beginning to drift in the direction of thinking the garment might only fit 4 to 5 year olds.

  • It has been a while since I asked (via Spoonflower). So they may not be going to bother replying at all – whether that would be to say yes or no to continued use of their pattern in different sizes. :-/

  • Everyone was supposed to be working from the same pattern template and hence making the same size in their design. However, things may not always have worked out that way in practice!
    The yard size as it was given would make a top with only 32 inches at the chest under the armpit (after seam allowances) – and you’d want several inches of wriggle room. So that would make it a girl’s size (not baby and only just into a small teen). We had several discussions on Spoonflower’s flickr group about sizing.
    I resized (and repositioned) it in some blank templates for:
    • girl on even the 40 inch width fabrics (eg cotton silk)
    • teen on all 42 inch and wider fabrics
    • lady on the 54/56 inch fabrics
    • doll on an 8 inch swatch
    but have been awaiting permission to make these templates available for other Spoonflower users to work from when incorporating their own designs.