DIY: Holiday Party Trays

DEC 17, 2012 updated Jul 15, 2021

Guest writer Emma Jeffery from the blog Hello Beautiful gives simple white serving trays a festive makeover using our new wall decals. 


I’m decorating for the holidays and using just one 12 inch x 24 inch swatch of Spoonflower’s Peel and Stick Wallpaper, it’s easy to give a plain white tray a festive makeover.

I chose two fun and fabulous Christmas designs from the Spoonflower marketplace, Christmas Forest (fir) and Christmas Ornaments by Pennycandy and cut the woven wallpaper to size by drawing around the tray and cutting it with a pair of scissors. I find that a pair of Fiskars Non-Stick scissors, designed to cut through sticky adhesives, works best at cutting the decal material.

Tracing shape

I used two different designs, and in order to get a neat join where the two decals meet, I used a simple and tidy technique.

First, overlap the two designs by about 2”. Next, take a sharp craft knife and ruler and cut through both layers of decal at the point you want the two designs to meet. Then peel off the excess strip of decal material on the top. Finally, peel back slightly the top layer of decal that rests above the excess strip of bottom decal, so that it can then also be removed. Press the decal back down onto the tray and the two edges will meet perfectly.

Cutting decals

Easy and quick– just how projects should be at this busy time of year. And what’s especially great about this technique, is that once the holidays are over, you can remove the Christmas design decal (you could stick it back onto the backing paper for safe keeping until next year), and replace it with a different decal for a fresh new look!

Holiday tray

About Our Guest Blogger

Emma Jeffery, Spoonflower guest bloggerHi! I’m Emma, and as well as working on the Fiskars Design Team, I blog over at

I’m an obsessive sewer, often leaping into projects with more enthusiasm than talent, more bravado than skill and more good luck than anything else. This technique has worked well for me so far and more often than not, I make things I love, even if they’re not absolutely perfect. And though I’m no expert, I have a passion for fabric, color and design. I know what I like and what I like makes me smile.

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