12 Days Of Giveaways Come to an End — Thank You For Everything!

DEC 19, 2012 updated Apr 26, 2021

Well, we've now wrapped up the 12 Days of Giveaways, and we're about ready to nestle all snug in our beds for the next week or so. Voting is still open today for our sweets contest, and we'll still send out the email to launch the snowflake fabric design contest tomorrow, but then we're going to lie pretty low for the week of Christmas. We might be able to squeeze in a giveaway the day after Christmas, and a blog post or two, but we might also be too full of food to drag ourselves anywhere near a computer. The next contest to open for voting will be the Year of the Snake, with voting beginning on January 3, 2013.

We're very pleased to announce the winner of our final giveaway — a one-year subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud service — is Marji Martin. Congratulations to Marji and all of the other winners from the giveaways, but we also want to thank all of you who participated, not just in the giveaways, but in all our contests and promotions throughout 2012. Thank you for being part of the Spoonflower community, and for the energy and creativity you've shared with us through your participation. We are so lucky to have you all as customers! We wish you peace and joy over this holiday season.

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  • Ditto pennycandy…The weekly contests have challenged me a bit and I haven’t had much of an opportunity to enter too many contests this year. However I did win a great book about Photography, thanks for that.
    All the best to all the SF gang and your families for Christmas, the New year’s celebration AND the New Year of course. See you all in 2013….T from designed to a T