Fabric Fit For A Matisse?

NOV 23, 2012 updated May 28, 2016

The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
is in the middle of a Matisse exhibition based on the art collection of
the Cone sisters of Baltimore. These two women, apart from having been
friends with Gertrude Stein, also had an interesting connection with
North Carolina and our state's textile history. In honor of the
exhibition, and in partnership with the museum, this  week we challenged
designers to create fabrics that would look at home in a Matisse
painting using a restricted palette of colors. Vote for your favorites,
and we'll announce the results next week!

Vote now in the Nasher / Matisse contest

The participants this week are:

1. Fabrics trader by milenagaytandzhieva
2. "there
are always flowers… by artgarage

3. 'A
Bouquet for Henri' by tscho

4. 'Conversations'
inspired by Matisse's Pasiphae by licoricelove

5. *Flowers
for Matisse* by akwaflorell

6. 3Untitled-10
by lexyeb1

7. A
Fauvist's Garden – on Green Lattice by rhondadesigns

8. a
floral tapestry by kerryn

9. A
la Matisse by yellowstudio

10. a room by kociara

11. Afro_Flora_Matisse by pink_koala_design
12. after_Matisse_floral_garden red by glimmericks
13. akkerman_mattise-01 by hollyakkerman
14. Amber_Matisse_3 by adanielleh
15. anemone by piecelove
16. Anotherd2.0 by another_d
17. Art of Dancing Roses by de-ann_black
18. art wall matisse inspired by katarina
19. art-ed by purple0704
20. athomewithmatisse by mike
21. Au Jardin by forest&sea
22. Bath by kirpa
23. Berry Ugly by surlybirdstudio
24. Black Robin on an Autumns Day – Matisse Inspired by madex
25. Blobblob Yay by lilichi
26. Blue Flowers by hmooreart
27. Blue Thistles for Matisse by vdyej
28. Bonjour Mlle Violet! by voici_eline
29. Bouquet Matisse by kdl
30. Bowl of lemons by paragonstudios
31. C'EST
LA VIV™ 4 Henri by c'est_la_viv

32. Catisse by jennartdesigns
33. Chequerboard for Matisse by shelleymade
34. ChubiChisePiece by chubichics
35. Colourful Abstract Pattern In Modern Art Style by diane555
36. Contest-Matisse by cassiopee
37. CrossHatch by jpfabrics
38. Curlball and Leaves by siya
39. Damask Matisse Style by littlerhodydesign
40. Dancing
Matisse by coloroncloth

41. Dancing With Scissors by vo_aka_virginiao
42. Design by dagakki
43. Dive into Matisse by aertbylisa
44. Dotty Matisse textile by cmoradi
45. draft_blue by luciamist
46. Faintly Floral by holly_helgeson
47. Fall Breeze by sunshinesteve
48. Fauvist by resdesigns
49. Faux Smocking by scifiwritir
50. Faux_Matisse_Explore_8x8_130dpi by firebelle
51. ferns and feathers by beckylong10
52. Field of flowers by janicesheen
53. final-matisse_textile by maliuana
54. final_Matisse_Nasher-ed by monicaborges
55. Fire and Rain by dkaiser
56. First Swede by nyz
57. Fishing Matisse by golders
58. Fleur-de-lis by lauriebaars
59. Fleurs de Café by polyesterdress
60. fleurs_d_etoile-ch by zega
61. fleur_rouge by pavlova_is
62. Floating Circles a la Matisse by fernleslie
63. Floral Fun by liina_koskaru
64. Floral Ikat for Nasher/Matisse by lavaguy
65. Floral In Stone by genebrown
66. Floral Matisse by ninjaauntsdesigns
67. Floral Matisse by smuk
68. Floral Matisse Inspired by nezumiworld
69. Floral-Movement-Matisse-Dusty-Pink-Background by coveredbydesign

70. floral_matisse by mammajamma
71. Flower by demi
72. flower-tower by alik
73. Flowering vine & butterflies – vector – matisse-colors by mina

74. Flowers & Trees, Matisse Border Print by ravenous
75. flowers and doodles by anastasiia-ku
76. Flowers and Hearts Fabric by dk_designs
77. Flowers for Matisse by susanm45
78. FlowerWhirl Matisse Entry by deborah_palmarini
79. Flowery Coordinate by jadegordon
80. Fond Florique by spellstone
81. For Matisse by wednesdaysgirl
82. French Rose Paper Cut Out by tullia
83. FRONT__4-ed-ch by dalmars22
84. Fruit and Flowers Stripe – Horizontal by rubydoor
85. Garden Party by fable_design
86. GAVANNA_-_PATCH-MATISSE by gavanna
87. gingkomatisse by karinka
88. Graceful Fractals in Blue, Green, and Orange-ch by clotilda_warhammer

89. Guitarist by emmabrereton
90. Happy Matisse by fantazya
91. HelloMatisse by greenmarrow
92. Henri by lisabarbero
93. Henri would have loved it! by moirarae
94. Henri's Flowers by sketchcreative
95. Henri's Neighbor by hootenannit
96. HenriM2 by antoniamanda
97. henri_150 by bluest
98. Homage to Henri by meredithjean
99. hommage_Matisse by sraka
100. Honoring_Matisse by bosun
101. Hooray Henri…… by abstracthands
102. I Sit in the Background Whilst Nudes Recline by

103. Inspired by Matisse by gail_mcneillie
104. I_love_matisse-01 by sofiedesigns
105. jolies fleurs no. 1 ~ Matisse citron by retrorudolphs

106. jungle birds by dennisthebadger
107. Kate's color switcheroo 2 by hooeybatiks
108. kolmiot by madmaria
109. Ladies_at_the_Gallery by designerg
110. Lavender Fields Forever by owlandchickadee
111. Lazy Summer Daisy by inscribed_here
112. Leaves and Nuts -Matisse Homage by wren_leyland

113. Lemons in the Window Still Life after Matisse by

114. Les Cerises au Matin by cynthiafrenette
115. Les_Fleurs_Apres_Matisse by shellyaloha
116. Lily Matisse by lil_bit_brit
117. lindad's letterquilt-ed-ch-ch-ch-ch-ed by lindad

118. Little Matisse Dance Girls by melisza
119. MastissInspiredColorRestricted-1 by grannynan
120. Matisse by risarocksit
121. matisse by synamin
122. Matisse by european-skies
123. matisse by darcibeth
124. Matisse by ebygomm
125. Matisse by leighr
126. matisse by darlingdearest
127. Matisse by loeff
128. matisse by hippylongstockings
129. matisse by ristyd
130. matisse by aaffishface
131. Matisse by mandakay
132. Matisse by mag-o
133. matisse by j_a_m_b
134. Matisse by oceanpien
135. Matisse "Magic Carpet" Textile (Nasher) by

136. Matisse – Eve by materialsgirl
137. Matisse / Nasher Drop (blu) by triik
138. Matisse 3 by dovetail_designs
139. Matisse 3: On Target by tallulahdahling
140. Matisse and A by glindabunny
141. Matisse and Anemones by bbsforbabies
142. Matisse Anfitrite by designedtoat
143. Matisse Blue by helenbrown
144. Matisse Collage by wiccked
145. Matisse Collage by painter13
146. Matisse Damask by carrietasman
147. Matisse Fabric by bethanysdesigns
148. Matisse fabric-Nasher by joojoostrees
149. Matisse Floral Grid by mylittleartistsstudio
150. Matisse Floral in Blue by ghennah
151. Matisse Floral Wreath by yewtree
152. matisse flower vine by hienmade
153. Matisse flowers and vines by seasparkles
154. Matisse Garden by sonalnathwani
155. Matisse Garden by allisajacobs
156. Matisse Inspired by lesliebedell
157. matisse inspired by ravynka
158. Matisse Inspired by katieschrader
159. matisse inspired fabric by zinniagirl
160. Matisse Inspired fabric by waiomaotiki
161. Matisse inspired flowers by little_fish
162. MATISSE inspired FLOWERS required by bzbdesigner

163. Matisse Inspired Textile Design by saspresso
164. matisse kiss stripe by scrummy
165. Matisse Knock-Off by kstarbuck
166. Matisse Madness by robyriker
167. Matisse Meander by laurijon
168. Matisse memories by demouse
169. Matisse Migration by sammyk
170. Matisse Mirror by amordenti
171. Matisse not a line by olumna
172. Matisse Papyrus by andibird
173. matisse pineapple stripe 5 by mojiarts
174. Matisse Poppies by artsycanvasgirl
175. Matisse Project by mari11
176. matisse ribbon stripe by robinde
177. Matisse Roses by twobloom
178. Matisse Stripe by leslipepper
179. Matisse Stripes by boris_thumbkin
180. Matisse Surfers by chickoteria
181. Matisse Textile Stripe by femiford
182. Matisse Wallpaper by dianef
183. Matisse White by candyjoyce
184. matisse's goddess by creative_merritt
185. Matisse's Kitchen Curtains by jenimp
186. matisse's winter garden by gingerme
187. Matisse's Wishbone ~ Vertical by peacoquettedesigns

188. Matisse-1 by ottomanbrim
189. Matisse-colours-on-red by kirstencreate
190. matisse-dance by junhee
191. Matisse-ed by amberrrh
192. matisse-ish by j_magnarella
193. Matisse-ish by angelger28
194. Matisse-Nasher2 by linsart
195. Matisse01 by katsanders
196. matisse1 by colorfulartgirl
197. matisse2 by robinzstudio
198. Matisse2012 by nikky
199. matisse4 by e_louise_
200. Matisse4_copy_Page_2 by élément_créatif
201. MatisseContest by paula's_designs
202. Matissed Flor by eve3
203. matissedone6 by crafty3790
204. MatisseElements-9x12Repeat-labcolors-Spoonflower by

205. matisseforexport by almost_vintage
206. matisseinspired by pearlearring
207. MatisseMap by projectm
208. MATISSE_2 by glorydaze
209. Matisse_5 by willowberrystudio
210. Matisse_and_color_of_fabrics by adèle_de_la_cigogne

211. Matisse_cloth by melhales
212. Matisse_Contest by pelej
213. Matisse_Contest by tippstert
214. Matisse_CUSHION by cbl
215. matisse_fabric3 by lfulop
216. Matisse_Final3 by ridley
217. matisse_fish-ch by the_bearded_lady
218. Matisse_inspired_floral_stripe_lime_b by pattern_addict

219. matisse_pallette_2 by nanj
220. Matisse_pattern by hfts
221. Matisse_Pomegranate by yvonne_herbst
222. Matisse_Ribbons by karencraig
223. Matisse_Rocks_Paper_Scissors by orangeblossomstudio

224. matisse_shapes_outlines_final by abqdesign
225. Matisse_swatch by karenmayo
226. Matisse_Textile2-ed by kengla
227. Matisse_Textile_Design_copy-ed by krothaps
228. Matisse_Trellis_Fabric by westofthemoon
229. Matisse_Tribute_Stripe by pd_frasure
230. matisse_wallpaper-01 by pledge
231. matisse__2_ by alchemy_art
232. Matissimo by spoonnan
233. matty by reallovely
234. Menton in Winter – Matisse-like Wallpaper Medallions Meet
Paper Cut-outs by susaninparis

235. Messy Matisse by kezia
236. Metamorphosis of Stripes by anniedeb
237. Modern Matisse Floral by rosiesimons
238. Motifs a la Matisse by snowflower
239. M_stripe_mod_copy by flying_pigs
240. Nasher by raindrop
241. Nasher / Matisse contest variation 10 by victorialasher

242. Nasher Floral by fentonslee
243. Nasher Matisse Entry by mariafaithgarcia
244. Nasher Matisse Paisley_large repeat by kfrogb
245. Nasher-Matisse_entry by torrancetiger
246. Nasher/Matisse contest entry by inkpudding
247. nashercontest by josh_soc
248. Nasher_Preview_fat_quarter_top_right by dahbeedo

249. nesteggmatisseREdwhite by atomic_bloom
250. No time for details by whimzwhirled
251. Nostalgia by aureliapaoli
252. Ode To Matisse by joyfulroots
253. Oriental Birds by joancaronil
254. Painted Colours by kimsa
255. Painted Diamonds and Anemones A5 by khowardquilts

256. Painted floral on blue by pinkbrain
257. Painted-Flower-Garland by aira_quintero
258. Paper Hearts Gold by cricketswool
259. paperflowers by sydama
260. paper_paint by roxiespeople
261. pattern_matiss-1 by smalty
262. Pazyryk felt for Henri by bee&lotus
263. persian piano scarf by elarnia
264. PICT0242_Dancing Leaves -ch by josephinefletcher
265. Piece of Matisse by graceful
266. Pink sunset circle by ann-dee
267. PINWHEELS by bluevelvet
268. Poinsettia Swirls by kristopherk
269. poppymatissesmaller by Simoen
270. promenade avec Matisse by chicca_besso
271. Provencal Boheme by melachmulik
272. provence_tablecloth by paintedstudio
273. psmatisse21a by beaulle
274. Quatrefoil and Roses by eeniemeenie
275. red_back_pattern_square by roxi-t
276. Rose Garden by acbeilke
277. Rouxlette_Matisse3 by nitelite
278. rug_design-ed by lucaslee
279. seacutoutslarge by llaela
280. She Loves Me She Loves Me Not by arttreedesigns

281. shell in seaweed diamond by sef
282. Silje_Marie_Mattise_2-ed by siljemarie
284. spoonflower by mewest
285. spoonflower-matissecontest by kati_falk_designs

286. spoon_Matisse by blimblimb
287. Spring matisse by cousaspequenas
288. Squiggle Stripe by modgeek
289. Sunday Afternoon by dreamincolour
290. Swimming_With_Pineapples_ by jensmi
291. tammie-bennett-matisse-01 by tammiebennett
292. Thanks,Matisse ! by krussimages
293. The Blue Vase by dogdaze_
294. The Matisse by farrellart
295. the wild beasts by mklmklmkl
296. The Woman by amy_g
297. There_are_always by d'lee-d'laa
298. tisseur de peinture by fox&lark
299. TRIBUTE TO MATISSE by deeniespoonflower
300. Tribute to Matisse's Father, the Grain Merchant by

301. tryiewcz by narthex
302. Untitled-1 by lusyspoon
303. Vintage Vine by robin_rice
304. WimzyMatisse by catail_designs
305. Yellow Warblers in Flowers by heartfullofbirds

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