A Whiter Shade Of Pale Kona

NOV 29, 2012

Pictured here is Elephant March fabric by endemic on Retired Kona (left)
and the Kona® cotton we will begin using on December 4, 2012 (right).

Regular Spoonflowerers are probably very familiar with the Kona® cotton we purchase from Robert Kaufman. It is, in fact, our most popular fabric. That's why we want to bring your attention to a small change to Kona starting on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Orders for Kona placed on or after Tuesday morning will be printed using a slightly brighter shade of white Kona cotton. The difference is fairly subtle (see the photo above), but will be important for anyone who is trying to match a previous order on Kona with great exactness. While we'll be retiring the old Kona cotton, we will continue to make it available for a period of time to customers who have ordered it previously. For those existing Kona purchasers, that option will show up in your fabric choices as "Retired Kona®". If you have questions about the switch, please feel free to write to our help team.

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