Guest author Emma Jeffery from the blog Hello Beautiful recovers plain glass vases with removable wall decals, creating a colorful and pattern-filled decor collection easily changed for a new season or look.


Using Spoonflower’s new decals to cover glass vases is a great way to bring color and fun to your home. The decals are easily removed, so you can switch designs for the season or if (like me) you enjoy changing the color scheme of a room every now and then without having to buy, or store, new vases.

I started with a selection of reasonably priced glass vases with straight sides. They can be found at a florist shop, home decor stores or in the glassware section of your local craft store. 

Following Spoonflower’s directions for preparing a surface for a decal, I cleaned the vases with a damp cloth and allowed them to dry thoroughly. Next, I measured each vase accurately. I allowed a ½” of overlap where the two ends meet, and cut my decal accordingly.

I used Diamond Circle Aqua, Kunda Linen Ocean and Clouds Lines Linen decal designs by Holli Zollinger.
The large decals arrive in a roll and I found it helpful to use a couple pattern weights to hold them down flat for cutting. I used a rotary cutter and ruler for cutting– the best way to get accurate measurements.

After cutting the decals to size, I was ready to cover the vases. I started by peeling away the backing paper from one end and placing it on the side of the vase. 

As I slowly worked my way around the vases I could easily adjust the decal if necessary, by peeling it back and re-adjusting, to get a smooth finish to the surface.

As I mentioned, I overlapped the joining ends by ½”, which is barely noticeable on the finished vases.

I covered four vases in this way and it took less than an hour to create a statement collection for my room. I switched things up a little on the final vase, by covering only the top half, leaving the bottom half untouched and I like that look a lot too.


About Our Guest Blogger

Emma Jeffery, Spoonflower guest bloggerHi! I'm Emma, and as well as working on the Fiskars Design Team, I blog over at

I'm an obsessive sewer, often leaping into projects with more enthusiasm than talent, more bravado than skill and more good luck than anything else. This technique has worked well for me so far and more often than not, I make things I love, even if they're not absolutely perfect. And though I'm no expert, I have a passion for fabric, color and design. I know what I like and what I like makes me smile.