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OCT 19, 2012 updated Apr 26, 2021

Darci and Allie make buntingCrafty Spoonflower staffers Allie Tate and Darci Moyers show off their bunting.

About a dozen Spoonflower employees got together last night for the first-ever crafting event in the Spoonflower Greenhouse, an education and crafting space we’ve created in our new, larger office.  If you’re in NC and want an excuse to come visit, check out upcoming events as they’re created through our events page.  First up is an Open House on 11/3, and we’ll be announcing more sewing and crafting classes soon!

Happy weekend, y’all!

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  • SEF, we were all working together on projects having to do with sprucing up that particular space–recovering chairs, stretching fabrics over frames, making pillow covers–which aren’t top-secret at all. We didn’t take a lot of photos however. I’m sure that some photos of the finished, decorated Greenhouse will show up here at some point, though.

  • Do we get to see what the others made? Or were Allie and Darci the only ones to finish something sufficiently or who weren’t working on top secret projects?

  • Great photo, neat idea to have a ‘Greenhouse’ …and super cute bunting!
    I envy you people!!! — Wish I was up there close by so I could come and stop in now and then.
    (I’d be happy to stalk a place like Spoonflower! hahaha!)
    Happy Crafting & Happy Computing! – PinkSodaPop