Friday Photo: Cutting Fabric In Spoonflower’s New Office

OCT 12, 2012 updated Apr 26, 2021

Photo (1)
Paula & Joey are seen here cutting fabric in the new Spoonflower office. We moved a week ago today, but from the pace of things — as you can see — you'd think we had been here for months!

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  • I have just discovered your site. You have no bloody idea how dangerous this is to my pocketbook. I love fabric. In ways I can’t even talk about. When I lived in a big city and I had a crappy day, I’d go to the fabric store to feel better.
    Now, I can design my own. It’s like feeding the monster. 😉

  • Looking great there! — I like the very Waynesqe two thumbs up excellent vibe! —- Hehehe!
    Glad things are going smoothly for your new digs! — ENJOY!
    ^_~ – PinkSodaPop