Cultural Threads: Celebrating the 80s In Embroidery Patterns

OCT 4, 2012

Our contest theme this week — 80s-inspired embroidery patterns — proved to be the source of much mirth around the Spoonflower office this week, where apparently the era of Atari games and Jane Fonda workout videos is remembered quite fondly. Our winning pattern is from UK designer Laurie Stevens, but be sure to check out the rest of the top ten.

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For the curious, the final votes were:

1. 389 votes for invaders by loz76 
2. 272 votes for Micro – waved Media ~ an homage to Keith Haring by retrorudolphs 
3. 271 votes for Eighties Embroidery Portrait by amel24 
4. 267 votes for cross-stitch, the original 8-bit graphics system by weavingmajor 
5. 249 votes for pattern2_80s by milenagaytandzhieva 
6. 240 votes for 80s Embroidery motifs – Wired for Sound! by cherryandcinnamon 
7. 239 votes for Fancy Pony Toy 8" hoop Embroidery Project by nikky 
8. 234 votes for Tape Song: 80s Embroidery Mix by leighr 
9. 214 votes for tetris by kociara 
10. 202 votes for Awesome Rainbows & Unicorns, Balloons & Fluffy Clouds by vo_aka_virginiao 

11. 185 votes for 80'S EMBRODERY by lifebytrailanderror 
12. 176 votes for "Bless This TOTALLY AWESOME House" Pillow Kit by sammyk 
13. 171 votes for punky ponies by glindabunny 
14. 159 votes for P-Man's CLOSET by melachmulik 
15. 158 votes for Like Totally 80's yearbook! by cynthiafrenette 
16. 152 votes for 80s embroidery to the max by risarocksit 
17. 137 votes for Decorative bodice embroidery pattern by whimzwhirled 
18. 132 votes for The_Fairy_Tree_embroidery_kit by wiccked 
19. 125 votes for CELEBRATING 80s_FADS-LONGSTITCH & PATCHWORK by pavlova_is 
20. 123 votes for Cross-stitch garden flower sampler embroidery pattern and cheater fabric on pale seafoam – look at swatch view to see stitches by mina 
21. 121 votes for Eighties Computer Logos – For Embroidered Patches by mongiesama 
22. 115 votes for Eighties shapes for an embroidery pattern by fantazya 
23. 115 votes for Barfly_3-ed-ed-ed by bryson 
24. 112 votes for Babushka doll with roses embroidery template by katarina 
25. 110 votes for Country Home Embroidery Pattern by countrygarden 
26. 106 votes for 80's Sunglasses Embroidery Pattern by pond_ripple 
27. 99 votes for My Heart Beats Eighties by edsel2084 
28. 89 votes for aqua_net_embroidery_design_09202012b by kfrogb 
29. 87 votes for blacksuzani by devsharon 
30. 85 votes for Radical Triangles by robyriker 
31. 78 votes for 80s_Craft_Anarchist_FQ by peppermintpatty 
32. 73 votes for A Challenged Mind "Red Work" embroidery by paragonstudios 
33. 70 votes for rad by shellyaloha 
34. 70 votes for Memphis Shire (embroider) by moirarae 
35. 68 votes for EmbroideryRoseAndHeartDesigns by grannynan 
36. 62 votes for 1980_ears by yarnmoth 
37. 58 votes for Child of the 80s Embroidery Pattern by smuk 
38. 55 votes for 80's Electronic Music Outline Embroidery by nezumiworld 
39. 55 votes for Color of Movements by susanpolston 
40. 49 votes for Couldn't phrase it better 80's Subway Word Sampler by tracydw70 
41. 36 votes for AIDS 1980s Embroidery Pattern by glimmericks 
42. 35 votes for Bookish Owls by kdl 
43. 34 votes for HORN OF PLENTY EMBROIDERY by bluevelvet 
44. 31 votes for Pac-Dog by hakuai 
45. 29 votes for 80s Sunglasses Songs by gg33 
46. 28 votes for Disco Diamonds Embroidery by wren_leyland 
47. 28 votes for celtic knotwork bands by sef 
48. 26 votes for About the 1980's by krussimages 
49. 21 votes for 80s by jadegordon 
50. 20 votes for MY_80_s by chovy

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