Creepy Creepy Crawly Crawly Fabrics

OCT 12, 2012 updated May 28, 2016

our seasonal contest themes, this week we're asking you to vote for
your favorite creepy crawly fabric designs. Most are more cuddly than
creepy, but there's still plenty of great material here for Halloween
decorating ideas. 

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The participating designers this week are:

1. A Bug's
(After)Life by violet's_pet_spider

2. A Spider
In Disguise by holladay

3. A Sting in
the Tail – The Scorpion Creeps Across the Night Sky by inscribed_here

4. AA Allens
Ugly Buglies by candyjoyce

5. angry_spider
by d'lee-d'laa

6. Ant
Calligram by blue_jacaranda

7. ants by tat1
8. antspurple
by julienbuxton

9. Arachnoscope
by the_fretful_porpentine

10. arise by

11. Arthur's
Creepy Crawlies by ravenous

12. Baby Bat!
– Halloween Fun – © PinkSodaPop by pinksodapop

13. Bee Spots
Bright by hollypicthall

14. Beetle
Argyle Halloween by smuk

15. Beetles by

16. Beetles
and Snails by effiedee

17. BigBugs by

18. Bit By a
Preppy Spider by shala

19. Black cats
in masks by tullia

20. Blue Bugs
by countrygarden

21. Bondage
Spiders by glindabunny

22. boo_ by

23. brains by

24. Brrrrrrr
!!!!!!! by demigoutte

25. Bug Eyes
by chovy

26. Bug Slug
by donna_kallner

27. BugEyed by

28. Bugs by

29. Bugs under
the Spotlight by sketchcreative

30. butterflies
and bugs by elizabemmenswilson

31. Butterfly/florals
by nailatex

32. Caged
Crawlies by oceanpien

33. Candy Corn
Crawlers by ilikemeat

CREEPERS by krussimages

35. candy_corn_gummy_worms_and_spiders
by bnid

36. cap003 by

37. catdesign
by oscarwilde

38. Checkerbugs
by sufficiency

39. Crawlies
don't have to be creepy by ebygomm

40. Crawling
Flying Creepies by jennartdesigns

41. Crayony
Crawlies by saartje

42. Creep and
Crawl by graceful

43. Creep
Crawlies, purple by wiccked

44. Creepy
Brown Bugs by edmillerdesign

45. Creepy
Cocktail Hour by kayajoy

46. Creepy
crawlers by bitsofbobs

47. Creepy
Crawlies by linsart

48. Creepy
Crawlies No. 1 (Orange & Purple) by the_vampire_triplets

49. Creepy
Crawlin' Cuties by risarocksit

50. Creepy
Crawly CANDY! by sammyk

51. Creepy
Crawly Creatures by meglish

52. Creepy
Crawly Gallery by 7layershelley

53. Creepy
Crawly Halloween by jenniferfranklin

54. Creepy
crawly party by cjldesigns

55. Creepy
Crawly Top Trumps by lisa_brown

56. Creepy-crawlies
by isabella_asratyan

57. Creepy-crawlies
by alexsan

58. Creepy-crawly
Halloween by de-ann_black

59. creepycrawliesdamask
by cherished_dreams

60. CreepyCrawlyFinal
by krisruff

61. Creepy_Crawler_Fabric
by adrianne_nicole

62. Creepy_crawlies
by moirarae

63. creepy_crawly_candy
by roxiespeople

64. Creepy_Crawly_Halloween
by beebumble

65. Creepy_rev02
by verminbury

66. Dandy
Shoes by jwitting

67. Dapper
Spiders ~ On Green by retrorudolphs

68. Dizzy
Pumpkin by amyelyse

69. Don't Bug
Me Swirl by kari_d

by maihi

71. EEK by

72. Ew Ew Ew
Cockroaches! by owlandchickadee

73. Eye See
You by ashbeedesigns

74. Eyeballs
and maggots – Color Blocked! by shelleymade

75. eyes in
the dark by hmooreart

76. fall_halloween
by priti

77. fisheyes
by linda_glass

78. Fly_Away
by manneckart

79. Framed
Hollywood Hunks by belindabilly

80. FrankenBot
by kate_legge

81. Funky
Creeping Critters by rhondadesigns

82. FunSkulls
Purple Background by lauralvarez

83. Fwarbnids
by j__troy

84. Gear Ghoul
by synamin

85. geospider
by spiffing_design

86. Germs!
Creepy, crawly germs – eeeew! by dianef

87. Glamorachnidivas
by dnbmama

88. glamorous
spiderweb by kociara

89. GMcreepcraw
by gmm59

90. godzillatoile2
by ctaylor863

91. Greenbottle
blue tarantula repeat by hakuai

92. Halloween
by pink_finch

93. Halloween
by bbsforbabies

94. Halloween
Blues by woodsdesigns

95. Halloween
Cat Alicia by susangainen

96. Halloween
Scary Eyes by sterlingrun

97. Halloween
Spiders by andibird

98. Halloween
Spiders at University of Texas by susaninparis

99. halloween-stof
by mandrake

100. HalloweenTreats
by jpdesigns

101. halloween_creepy_crawlies
by glimmericks

102. Halloween_Crows_and_Bats
by sandie_tee

103. Happy_Bats_M_2
by ecepelin

104. head_not_tail_edited_colour
by g-mana

105. I Swear!
It's a Perfectly Normal House Until the Full Moon! by boris_thumbkin

106. Icky
Insects and Creepy Critters by jordan_elise

107. Ink Blot
Scorpions by paragonstudios

108. Jamjax
Spiders Spin by jamjax

109. Jeepers
Creepers by milliondollardesign

110. Jeepers
Creepers by arttreedesigns

111. Jewel
& Black Beetles by pond_ripple

112. JimmyJibblies
bugboo by dahbeedo

113. jumping
spider by emherzog

114. kellys-creepy-crawlies2-ed
by kfrogb

115. Knitting
Spider by susanm45

116. Kooky
Spooky Critters by robyriker

117. Ladybugs
on the night window by melachmulik

118. LaraGeorgine_Creepy_Crawlies
by larageorgine

119. lightsaber_repeat
by jeffee

120. Little
Creeps by einekleinedesignstudio

121. Little
Plum Spiders by meduzy

122. LOLA B.-ed
by tinak

123. lolahallowwen
by wizard_of_art

124. Lolita
Bug: Green by jayrock

125. Long-horned
Beetle by flyingfish

126. Lord Of
The Flies by whimzwhirled

127. mac's bugs
by weavingmajor

128. Memento
Mori 2 by the_cornish_crone

129. Meredith
and Delany are kind of creepy by vo_aka_virginiao

130. Mesmerizing
snakes by petitspixels

131. Midnight
Dollars by joancaronil

132. Mila
Creepy Butterflies by nekanen_fabrics

133. Monarch
Wing Blocks by eyespotdesigns

134. monarch_kaleidoscope_3
by aquakej

135. monsters
by azbeen

136. narrow_bugpeach6
by imkirkwood

137. neon_crawlers
by bosun

138. Neuroentomology
for Beginners – Bee View by chaos_katie

139. Norwegian
Old School by sydama

140. not-so-creepy
by cindypie

141. not_so_creepy_crawlers_alphabet
by lfreud

142. On the Web
by designtrends

143. Orange
Spiders by hbelldesign

144. orb weaver
by annaboo

145. Out of the
pond! by lingsy

146. Pastel
crawlies by akwaflorell

147. Pathogenic
Bacteria by ninky

148. polka_teeth
by ju-ju_swagger

149. Pumpkin
Head by kel_marie_n

150. pumpkinandcrawlers
by artbox

151. pumpkins_and_spiders_and_ghosts_oh_my
by mejo

152. Rainbow
Rhino Beetles by 3o'clockbadger

153. Raven
Skull Gothic Halloween by keyholett

154. Red Bed
Bug – Transforming Toy by shiro

155. Redback
Spider on Black by little_fish

156. Scarab by

157. Scary
Spiders by pattyryboltdesigns

158. SCARY
WORDS by bluevelvet

159. Scrollwork
Creepy Crawlies Iron by modgeek

160. Scurry by

161. Sex
Trafficking design by breekerle

162. Silly
Halloween by bojudesigns

163. Silly Jack
Trick-or-Treat Bag by katiame

164. simple
skull and heart repeat black by policunha

165. Skull and
flower. by panova

166. Skull
Raven Flower Damask green by mariafaithgarcia

167. Skulls
(Black and White on Orange) by chichiland

168. Skulls in
Red by gabriel_garrod

169. Skully
Spider by amy_g

170. Slate
Mitosis by mewack

171. Slimy
Monsters by nicoletamarin

172. Slithering
snakes by su_g

173. Smile and
say "CREEPY" by bzbdesigner

174. snakeseyes
by melhales

175. Spicy_beetle
by aava

176. spider by

177. spider by

178. Spider Art
by blondfish

179. Spider
Castle by mongiesama

180. Spider
Love by garwooddesigns

181. Spider
Paisley by periwinklepaisley

182. Spider
versus Fly by oakleigh&sam

183. Spider web
(night) by kirpa

184. Spiders by

185. Spiders
make me scream! (after Edvard Munch) by bippidiiboppidii

186. Spiders,
Bats & Cats by ninjaauntsdesigns

187. SpiderSquish
by caitlinrose

188. spiderweb1
by ceese

189. spiderwebby-01
by holly_akkerman

190. SpiderwebGlory
by catail_designs

191. Spiderwebs
and tree rings by walk_with_magi_studio

192. Spiderwebs_and_Skulls
by mammajamma

193. spider_lace_color
by stella12

194. spiral
spiders by sef

195. Splash by

196. Spooky
Spidery Night by robin_rice

197. spring by

198. stag-beetle
bugs in watercolor texture black and white by katarina

199. sugar
skulls by boneyfied

200. Sugar
Skulltula by leighr

201. Swarm. by

202. Sweet
Spider Stew by sara_berrenson

203. tapeworm
cream by fleaflea

204. tentacle
sailor girl by dirtangel

205. The Creepy
Crawling Highway by wendyg

206. The Living
Brain by glanoramay

207. The
Skeleton Mama by nahuatlv

208. They creep
me out – small – golden pumpkin by victorialasher

209. Things in
Jars by giantpeanut

210. This is
creepy ! by fantazya

211. Those
aren't flowers! by chris

212. Tipula by

213. Trick Or
Treat G2 by oceanpeg

214. Tricky
Treats by pi-ratical

215. Twin
Jellies by riverwalker_arts

216. ugandensis
beetle green by fabricfaeries

217. Ugly_bug__2
by robbrez

218. Unexpected
guest by chicca_besso

219. Untitled_artwork_2012-09-22__16
by ve

220. Vintage
Creepies (with novelty names) by lusyspoon

221. VultureBlack5Swatch
by obsessive_creative

222. Walking
ants stripes by mariao

223. Walking in
the Spiderwebs by onestitchdesigns

224. Who
sneezed? by bonnie_phantasm

225. Zombie
Culture by tailorjane

226. Zombie
Splatter fabic by kiwicuties

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