Attack Of the Zombie Softies

OCT 4, 2012 updated May 30, 2016
Halloween is one of our favorite Spoonflower holidays, and — as regular voters know — plush toy patterns are one of our favorite contest challenges. So this week it gives us special pleasure to bring together softies and zombies for a zombie plush toy contest. Vote. Vote for your lives. 
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The participants this week are:

1. Abe Lincoln as the Zombie and
Vampire Killer by vo_aka_virginiao
2. Adorable
tattooed zombie little boy by fantazya
3. Attack of
the Zombie by tailorjane
4. Autopsied
Zombie Doll by onestitchdesigns
5. Bon
Appetit my Love by paragonstudios
6. bunny_blue2
by stella12
7. Chubby
Zombie Shark (cut & sew) by leighr
8. Contagiously
Cute by saartje
9. corporate
zombie by sef
10. Creepy,
but yet sweet zombie doll by katarina

11. Cupcake
Zombie! by modgeek
by bippidiiboppidii
13. deady by
14. evil
zombie twins by connielou
15. Gimme a
B-R-A-I-N-S! Zombie Cheerleader Doll by risarocksit
16. Halloweeny
plushies by amel24
17. He's a
dead Mr.Potato Head by lusyspoon
18. Headless
Halloween by kel_marie_n
19. Hello
Zombie by forgotten_fortune
20. I heart
brains-Annabelle by joojoostrees
21. Little Red
zombie plush by loz76
22. Little
Zombie Annie (plushie pattern) by leeleeandthebee
23. Marie
Antoinette Decapitated Zombie Plush Doll by fentonslee
24. Mister
Zombie by bora
25. Monster
Love Wubie Zombie plush by tracydw70
26. Monster_Blue
by cyntia_abrigo
27. Mr. 9to5
Zombie Plush Toy by Patty Rybolt Designs! by pattyryboltdesigns
28. Mr.Zombie
and Plushy Braaaaiiiiins snack! by candyjoyce
29. My Heart
Will Go Owl by european-skies
30. My little
zombie dolly (with her spooky friends on 1 yard panel) by cjldesigns
31. My zombie
best friend by akwaflorell
32. Owl Zombie
by blondfish
33. owl_verison3
by lifebytrailanderror
34. Peacoquette
Is A Zombie Mommy! by peacoquettedesigns
35. Qwibble_cutnsew
by artaboutlife
36. Rip it's
head off! by moirarae
37. Run For
the Cure Zombie2012 by nikky
38. Spoonflower-zombie
by melissacornet
39. Sugar
Mouse Zombie Pillow by kdl
40. sweet_zombie
by chicca_besso
41. Target
Training by susanpolston
42. The Wicked
Witch Of The West by tscho
43. Tiki
Zombie Plushie by dejachic
44. Very
Voodoo Zombie Doll by glanoramay
45. Zev_the_Zombie
by roxiespeople
46. Zip-Up
Zombie (Click to see sewn up pics) by happysewlucky
47. zOmBAMA
doll by glimmericks
48. Zombees
are Here! by owlandchickadee
49. Zombey_Plushie
by kfrogb
50. zombie by
51. zombie by
52. Zombie
Baby Ella – View full yardage for outfits and accessories by wendyg
53. Zombie
Bride Baby Chew Toy by whimzwhirled
54. Zombie
Chihuahua Dog Dollie / Doll / Plushie by amy_g
55. Zombie
Computer Stuffed With Viruses (get 3 viruses on a swatch) by mongiesama
56. Zombie Cut
and Sew Doll by jenniferfranklin
57. Zombie
Doll Pattern by kiwicuties
58. Zombie
Dolls by pond_ripple
59. Zombie
Eyeball Soft Toy Hanging Dice by shelleymade
60. Zombie
Incognito by thebon
61. zombie
kittens by annaboo
62. Zombie
Matryoshka Plushie by eeniemeenie
MOMMY needs her coffee by bzbdesigner
64. Zombie
Monkey Plush Doll by staceyjean
NURSE CUT & SEW DOLL by bluevelvet
66. Zombie
Plush by jadegordon
67. Zombie
Plush Monster by emily_caraballo
68. Zombie
Plush Set by kfay
69. zombie
rutabagas plush toy 2 by mojiarts
70. Zombie
Skelly Panda and Casual Green Ghoul ~ Reversible Doll by retrorudolphs
71. Zombie
Teddy Bear by bbsforbabies
72. Zombie
Teeth Boy by verycherry
73. Zombie
Wilson by kiwiandsteve
74. zombie zoo
dice kit by scrummy
75. zombie-plush02
by zombielover
76. zombie11
by doychinnoxdoychev
77. zombiecorn
by deb-o-rama
78. zombieplushies-finished
by jenniferdenty
79. zombies
just wanna have fun! by eat_my_sweet_dust
80. zombie_4_front_back
by jalb
81. zombie_cat
by sasd
82. zombie_gnome
by lerhyan
83. zombie_kitty
by crystalef
84. zombie_plushie_copy
by miss_ella
85. ZomBunny
by jwitting
86. ZombyBearDoll-1
by grannynan
87. Zomcat by
88. Zom_B_copy
by chovy
89. Zooey the
Zombie Doll by mandipidy

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